ISSUE 131 | November 4, 2021
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Philadelphia ‘villages’ allow seniors to age in place
Penn’s Village, a small nonprofit, is part of a national network that provides companionship, transportation, technical support, and home repairs at the neighborhood level to support seniors aging in place.

Fundraisers, grants, and membership dues pay for associated costs.

Retired professionals who belong to the community also support other members by offering special services. 

Incidents of child abuse soared in 2020
The Department of Human Services (DHS) has reported that the number of fatalities caused by child abuse grew 43 percent and the number of near-death incidents increased 24 percent from the previous year.

Violence caused most of these deaths and injuries, though many also resulted from ingesting drugs and general lack of supervision.

The Family First Prevention Services Act, a new state program that uses federal funds to treat parents’ mental health or substance abuse issues while teaching parenting skills and avoiding the foster care network, has been implemented. 

Neighborhood cleanup helps reduce gun violence
Many efforts to reduce gun violence focus on at-risk people – not at risk places.

A research team found that cleaning up and adding greenery to vacant lots in Philadelphia directly influenced declines in gun violence - up to 29 percent in one neighborhood.

Researchers are currently studying the impact of repair to blighted properties in neighborhoods vulnerable to gun violence.

In the Spotlight: The Institute has studied regional opportunities to age in place, as well as the incidence of child abuse in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Follow the link and click on the red box labeled 'Housing.' Then scroll down to access the publication about aging in place. To access the publication about child abuse, scroll down after clicking the red box labeled 'Health and Health Care.'

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Economic and Policy News
Ohio county launches on-demand transportation pilot program  
A transportation service is now available to residents in Wayne County, Ohio, at a cost of $2.50 per trip.

This shared ride program will make multiple pickups and dropoffs for people going in the same direction countywide.

Vehicles are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but the service is available to anyone in the county who pre-registers.   

Unbanked and underbanked could save money with USPS services
The unbanked and underbanked often live with limited income, and use check cashing services and payday lenders to meet their banking needs.

In doing so, they pay high fees and interest rates.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is piloting this type of business in several locations on the east coast, however, and lower fees and rates will alleviate some of this financial burden if the program continues. 

South Carolina homeless shelter offers on-site legal assistance
A Charleston homeless shelter has received funding to hire lawyers and offer on-site legal services to clients.

Individuals receive assistance with civil matters such as eviction and disability cases.

The organization operates according to the ‘housing first’ model, which prioritizes rapid housing while connecting clients with needed services and resources.

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