ISSUE 139 | January 12, 2022
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WV provides real time insight into births of PA residents
Unlike Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, West Virginia officials track births in real time and identify up to eight substances to which infants may be exposed.

Data is recorded using umbilical cord tissue as soon as 12 hours after birth.

This data also shows that many women from rural PA counties travel across state lines to deliver.

MSA Fair Market Rents aren’t so fair
The 2021 Fair Market rent for a studio apartment or efficiency is $614 per month – a rate that a pre-school teacher earning an average of $24,000 annually in Northeastern Pennsylvania would be unable to afford.

The Fair Market rate is $714 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, $877 for a two-bedroom apartment, and $1,132 for a three-bedroom apartment.

In reality, it is difficult to find a one-bedroom apartment below $1,000 monthly.

PA personal income exceeds than pre-pandemic income
Personal income is the sum of all income from wages, social security, retirement contributions, property income, and all government subsidies.

Pennsylvania’s 2021 personal income is 2.9 higher than it was prior to the pandemic (nationally, personal income is 4.1 percent higher).

Growth is positive for state government because it leads to increased tax revenue.  

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Economic and Policy News
Project amplifies American voices during crisis
The American Voices project uses an interview process to study the impact of the pandemic on people, communities, and systems.

Its Monitoring the Crisis series is co-sponsored by the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Boston.

Researchers want to know how individuals and families cope with everyday life amid uncertainties brought forth by the pandemic. 

Thought leaders share ideas for community economic success
The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis compiled evidence-based strategies that help people build wealth.

Solutions include public policy reforms and new savings vehicles.

The content also covers Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Baltimore elevates homegrown entrepreneurship 
The Baltimore Economic Development Corporation created a catalyst for successful small-scale manufacturing.

This vehicle consists of short-stay pop-ups, where the city’s home-based businesses can use physical storefronts to sell products.

The space is located in a downtown opportunity zone, where program partners also offer education and support to the budding entrepreneurs. 

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