ISSUE 64 | MAY 29, 2020
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PA gets federal funding to fight food insecurity
Pennsylvania will receive over $50 million in federal funding to reduce food insecurity during the pandemic.

The funding will go to distributors, who will then deliver food to nonprofit service providers throughout the commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is joining a federal pilot program that will allow participants in the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to order groceries online.

‘Desperate’ PA childcare industry to receive $51 million lifeline
Pennsylvania is beginning disbursement of $51 million from the federal CARES Act to childcare agencies.

Officials are aiming to help the commonwealth’s childcare industry resume services as counties begin to reopen.

Further funding will be available following a state study of the pandemic’s impact on care providers.

Schools relieved with PA budget poised to avoid education cuts for now
The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently passed a bill that would protect the commonwealth’s schools from budget cuts for the next 12 months.

The majority of the state budget will be reconsidered in five months, but legislators hope to keep school funding relatively stable.

Nonetheless, schools are still expected to face eventual financial difficulties due to the pandemic.

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Economic and Policy News
More postpartum Medicaid coverage could yield benefits
A new analysis from the Urban Institute examines how lack of affordable, accessible health insurance affects the well-being of new mothers and their children.

The study found that one in five uninsured new mothers had unmet medical needs due to the high cost of care.

According to the authors, expanding the availability of Medicaid for mothers after pregnancy could be a step toward resolving this problem.

The pandemic is driving America’s schools toward financial meltdown
Education leaders throughout the United States are warning that the coronavirus pandemic and resulting loss of revenue could create a devastating financial crisis for the nation’s schools.

Nearly half of school funding comes from state governments, and with unemployment approaching 15 percent of the labor force, some states have lost up to a third of their tax revenue compared to last year.

For seniors, COVID-19 sets off a pandemic of despair
Older Americans are suffering from isolation and uncertainty sparked by the ongoing public health crisis.

Although some states are beginning to ease restrictions, seniors are still encouraged to stay home, because they are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Experts are concerned that this extended period of social isolation will negatively impact seniors’ mental health.

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