ISSUE 87 | December 7, 2020
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Philly’s alternative to landlord-tenant court is preventing eviction
This summer, Philadelphia mandated that landlords use a mediation-based Eviction Diversion program with tenants at risk of eviction due to pandemic-related hardship.

The program aims to help tenants and landlords reach agreements instead of going to court.

The number of mediations taking place each week has increased for the last two months, and many of those mediations have led to agreements. 

Financially distressed PA towns faring better than expected, while others struggle
A survey by the Pennsylvania Economy League found that the pandemic has prompted 23 municipalities to consider applying for Act 47, a state program that assists financially distressed communities.

Meanwhile, some communities already enrolled in the program have been surprisingly resilient despite the pandemic’s economic effects.

Research Spotlight: Interested in learning more about the pandemic's impact on local municipalities?

Program to aid nursing homes falling short of goals, some officials say
A state program called the Regional Response Health Care Collaborative Program provides clinical, educational, and administrative support to long-term care facilities.

However, some nursing home officials say that they have not received sufficient assistance in areas like staffing, protective equipment, and COVID-19 testing. 

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Economic and Policy News
Work-based learning may advance equity and opportunity for America’s young people
The path from high school to a good job is often difficult and unclear.

Postsecondary education is helpful, but it is not accessible to everyone and it does not always equitably connect students with the labor market.

A report from the Brookings Institution explores how work-based learning though internships and apprenticeships can be an effective means to economic opportunity.

Urban Institute presents equitable framework for housing policy solutions 
The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened housing instability throughout the United States, with a loss of low cost units and many families at risk of eviction.

A new report from the Urban Institute explains how it may be possible to learn from past crises, such as Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession, to formulate better and more equitable solutions now and in the future.

Most parents leaving TANF face low-paying and unstable jobs, recent study finds
The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is intended to provide temporary financial support for parents so they can find work and escape poverty.

According to a new study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, most TANF recipients continue to work in low-paying jobs after leaving the program – partly because they lack work supports like childcare and transportation.

The authors outline the steps states could take to improve outcomes.

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