ISSUE 212 | June 23, 2023

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Report recognizes salary issues in child care and early childhood education 

A survey conducted by Children First PA indicated that early childhood educators earn approximately $12.43 per hour.

The unstainable wage leads to high turnover in an environment that struggled with a workforce shortage even prior to the upsets of the pandemic.

This challenge is especially problematic because the childcare workforce supports the workforce as a whole.

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Multiple factors contribute to rural school closures     


Dozens of Pennsylvania schools have shut their doors in the past decade (nearly 40 in the north-central area alone), with most closures occurring in rural areas.

A shrinking student population, funding limitations, and growth in charter school enrollment are primary drivers of these closures.

The share of state funding allocated to public schools is among the lowest in the country, with districts in poorer communities struggling most.

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Organization aims to expand recreational resources amid budget depletion


Revenue from Philadelphia’s sweetened beverage tax was anticipated to support more than 150 public service projects, but the Rebuild initiative may fall short of half the expected impact.

The current year has been the most productive since the onset of the initiative in 2017, however.

Rebuild leadership is relying on transparency and robust fundraising to continue operations.

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Economic and Policy News

Oklahoma facility offers innovative inpatient care to children     

Mental health care is typically administered in two ways – outpatient services that allow people to access support during the day and then return to their homes, and inpatient services that require people to live in a facility while receiving care.

As such, children in need of inpatient treatment are separated from their families or caregivers.

The Grand Lake Mental Health community behavioral clinic is addressing this issue by offering a short-stay home in which children may stay with their families while they receive treatment and their families receive support.


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Intentional presence enables women of color to elevate Chicago neighborhoods  

Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings (MASK), a Chicago-based group consisting primarily of Black women, distributes meals and provides free summer camp for children as means of violence prevention.

The organization’s vision is to maintain a street presence that interrupts crime and facilitates friendships among the city’s youth.

Their “method of injecting good vibes in troubled areas” has also enabled access to economic development opportunities and avenues for professional skills growth.


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NYU investigates the nuances of transit project costs   


The Transit Costs Project is conducting research to explain why public transit costs in the U.S. are more expensive than similar developments in other countries – and why such costs vary significantly among communities in the nation.

The team has compiled a database of information spanning more than 900 projects in nearly 60 countries.

Their analysis has revealed issues such as poor utilization of labor-saving technology and politicization of project management and decision-making.

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