ISSUE 216 | July 28, 2023

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Philadelphia measures impact of plastic bag ban 

Philadelphia’s single-use plastic bag ban has been enforced since April 2022, and the city commissioned a study to explore the ban’s impact after one year.

The research revealed that use of 200 million plastic bags had been eliminated and use of reusable and paper bags grew exponentially.

The true environmental impact of the ordinance remains unclear.

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Volunteers help launch adaptive cycling program


Regional nonprofit Individual Abilities in Motion has launched the Bike Buddy program, which connects participants with adaptive cycles and buddies to help them use the cycles confidently.

Cycles are available for individuals with lower extremity impairments and for those with balance issues, along with electric tandem bikes for people with visual and other impairments.

Increasing mobility in this matter may positively impact social determinants of health by enhancing exercise and reducing social isolation.

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Elementary after-school program elevates nursing   


The healthcare sector needs more nurses and more diversity, which is why the National Black Nurses Association developed the eight-week Mini Nurse Academy.

It is an after-school program through which nurses teach elementary students of color about the basic principles of the profession.

North Philadelphia’s George Meade School hosts this program along with institutions in nine other states.

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Economic and Policy News

Analysis explores growing prevalence of AI   


A recent report by Pew Research indicates that approximately one-fifth of the nation’s workers are particularly vulnerable to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

In many of these cases, however, AI is likely to be beneficial.

High-wage occupations typically requiring college education and analytical abilities are most exposed to AI. 

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NY city rent control measure stands but rent reduction effort does not


Earlier this year, Kingston, New York’s Rent Guidelines Board agreed to freeze rents for new one- and two-year apartment leases.

The decision applies to 1,200 rent-controlled units covered by the Emergency Tenant Protection Act.

Attempts to mitigate the housing crisis via rent reduction have been blocked, however.


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Transit adjustments to help local communities  


Neighborhoods surrounding a high-traffic port in National City, California face more air pollution than up to 97 percent of the state overall.

These neighborhoods are primarily home to low-income communities of color.

The San Diego Transportation Equity Working Group has responded by leading residents in the identification of 10 priorities for improved transit and air quality.


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