ISSUE 217 | August 3, 2023

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Green corridors enhance equity and vibrancy of Philly neighborhoods

The Philly Tree Plan is a strategic effort to grow tree canopies in the city’s commercial corridors throughout the coming decade.

So far, the 117 trees planted have diverted litter and provided shade to some of the region’s hottest areas.

The trees will help foster economic benefits in addition to environmental and health benefits. 

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Susquehanna County welcomes community center 

A donated building located on Forest City’s Main Street is now home to OUR Community Center.

It offers workshops, classrooms, common areas, and a coffee shop.

The facility’s initial lineup of programs includes an introduction to computer programming for adolescents, computer training for older adults, financial literacy education, and mental health support groups.

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Semiconductor plant finds home in Schuylkill County  


An electronics manufacturer is investing $300 million in a 96,5000-square-foot facility in Schuylkill County.

Required construction will create approximately 120 jobs, and operations will create 68 new jobs while retaining 289 throughout the next five years.

The Governor’s Action Team, composed of economic development experts, helped coordinate the company’s expansion to Pennsylvania.

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Economic and Policy News

California transforms traditional schoolyard design 

With average temperatures on the rise, many school officials must reconsider the design of schoolyards to better suit student health and safety needs.

Some of these traditionally hardscaped spaces are being replaced by greener ‘schoolyard forest’ options.

California is the first state to participate in the National Schoolyard Forest System.

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Strategic infrastructure investment can transform communities  

Federal investment in greener infrastructure has potential to produce benefits related to public health, equity, and sustainability.

Multiuse trail systems have proven successful in areas such as Atlanta, Louisville, and Dallas.

City Parks Alliance, a leader in urban park and recreation design, operates a directory of grant opportunities available for such projects. 


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Furniture donations make environmental and personal impact

Humble Design is a nonprofit with warehouses in five major U.S. cities.

Each of these warehouses is stocked with home furnishings for people emerging from homelessness.

Since 2009, the organization has furnished thousands of homes while diverting millions of pounds of furniture from landfills.


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Research Spotlight: Our Energy Task Force recently explored the potential for electric vehicle infrastructure in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This research also identified opportunities to secure federal investment.

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