ISSUE 222 | September 8, 2023

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Art enhances medical education at CHOP


A group of medical illustrators at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia helps patients and their families understand the human body and how surgical techniques help resolve health issues.

They use 3-D models, animations, and graphics to do so.

These certified artists are specially educated in areas of physiology, anatomy, and similar biomedical areas. 

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Multi-use trails present possibilities for cycling tourism   


NEPA is home to dozens of trails available for cycling and mountain biking.

They present a network of recreational opportunities with potential to bolster the region’s tourism sector.

Furthermore, continued investment in this infrastructure will likely enhance resident mobility and public health overall.

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Agriculture sector fuels economic growth in PA 


Ninety-five percent of leafy greens are sourced from California and Arizona, leaving few fresh lettuce options for people living along the country’s east coast.

Little Leaf Farms, based in Carbon County, aims to resolve this issue.

The greenhouse facility has received $3.5 million in state funding, with bipartisan support. 

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Economic and Policy News

Guaranteed income may help improve health of young families

Pilot programs offering guaranteed income are rising in number across the country.

Early evidence suggests that supporting financial stability alleviates poverty-induced stressors that harm physical, mental, and developmental health.

Pregnant women of color and their young children are particularly vulnerable to these negative impacts, along with other traumas such as neighborhood violence and environmental pollution.

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App helps younger generations understand finance


Adolescents and young adults generally receive little financial education.

Frustrated with this issue, a group of college students launched a software application called Zogo.

This financial literacy tool has flourished, partnering with hundreds of banks, schools, and other institutions.


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Wastewater tracking reveals public health problems 

Early in the pandemic, officials in Delaware’s New Castle County developed a leading wastewater monitoring system to track spikes in COVID-19 infections.

They are now attempting to use the same technology to learn more about drug use.

Similar efforts in North Carolina and Montana indicated that presence of high-risk substances was exponentially more prevalent than previously estimated.


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Research Spotlight: A broadband study is currently underway in Pennsylvania. Findings will inform the 5-Year Action Plan and Digital Equity Plans, being prepared by the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority.

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