ISSUE 224 | September 25, 2023

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Schuylkill County honors boxing champion 

The 2023 edition of the Indicators Report was the first to include a chapter covering arts, culture, and heritage.

It highlights the value of historical markers, which are present at locations to tell stories of notable people, places, events, and innovations.

A new marker in Schuylkill County commemorates professional boxer Muhammad Ali and his former training facility, Fighters Heaven.

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New advocacy center aims to enhance response to elder abuse

Telespond Senior Services, a day center located in Scranton, is growing.

The Senior Advocacy Center will assist residents of six northeast counties who are aged 60 years and older and who have experienced abuse.

They may receive shelter, legal counsel, health examinations, and protective services.

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Infrastructure officials rethink repair efficiency 


After the partial destruction of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia, state officials and professionals are pursuing more efficient measures for infrastructure improvements.

The rapid rebuild demonstrated that such improvements may indeed be accomplished in the absence of typical processes involving red tape and long waiting periods.

Furthermore, evidence suggests that highway closures for necessary repairs often do not cause the congestion and chaos that many anticipate.

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Research Spotlight: The annual Indicators report now contains data specific to arts, culture, and heritage. Use the following link to take a closer look.

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Cleveland neighborhood becomes a thriving ecosystem


A dead-end street in Cleveland was once recognized as a prime location for illegal dumping.

Local residents have since transformed it into a rich food ecosystem associated with specialized training and apprenticeship programs.

The Rid-All Green Partnership includes acres of farmland, a farmer’s market, a composting station, and a community kitchen.

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Grantmaking activities support asset building

The Kresge Foundation and the Equitable Food Oriented Development Collaborative (EFOD) have awarded $6.1 million to cities nationwide.

This funding, which follows $2 million granted in 2020 and 2021, aims for economic enhancement and asset building through affordable food and agriculture initiatives in Black and Indigenous communities and other communities of color.

It will support infrastructure, fund management, technical assistance, coaching, and policymaking.


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Housing manufacturers find promise in Connecticut  


Connecticut’s workforce has gained a reputation for advanced industry capabilities, largely due to an abundance of technical programs at the college and university level.

Approximately 4,400 dynamic manufacturing organizations employ 162,000 workers in the state.

They are among the most productive and most education in the nation – ranked third and fourth, respectively.


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