ISSUE 226 | October 6, 2023

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Luzerne County Creek Restoration Receives Funding


Earth Conservancy received a grant of nearly $2 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to begin restoring the historic alignment of the Nanticoke Creek in Luzerne County.

Over the last century this creek has not flowed properly, affecting the local environment.

This project will reduce water pollution from underground mines and improve water flow for the local ecosystem. 

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Doctors are Trying to Change Healthcare's Massive Carbon Footprint


Staff and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) are working to reduce carbon pollution in the medical field.

Over 500 UPMC staff founded Clinicians for Climate Action, where they are rethinking hospital practices that needlessly generate carbon emissions.

Some of their efforts include reducing food waste and single use plastics, implementing reusable fingertip sensors, and phasing out desflurane (a gas 3,700 times more potent than carbon dioxide).

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Nonprofit Connects with Female Inmates in Luzerne County 

Linda Loop, founder and CEO of Dress for Success Luzerne County, has started a new program to empower local women.

She partners with prison officials to connect with recently released female inmates in order to provide them with necessary items and guidance on reintegrating into the community.

Loop has recently engaged current inmates in learning and self-discovery sessions, which include tips for job interviews and other career assistance.

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Economic and Policy News

Strike Looms for Thousands of Kaiser Healthcare Workers


Approximately 75,000 healthcare workers at Kaiser facilities across the U.S. have initiated a strike due to understaffing concerns.

It is the largest healthcare walkout in U.S. history.

Workers are demanding higher pay and better benefits amid a severe staffing shortage, which has been influenced by factors such as the pandemic and a surge in demand for medical care and routine procedures.

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Colorado Nonprofit is Breaking the Cycle of Veteran Homelessness and Suicide

Colorado-based nonprofit Houses for Warriors is launching projects to protect at risk veterans as they assimilate into civilian life.

Houses for Warriors transitional housing and connects veterans with service officers, online resources, housing vouchers, and mental health resources.

They are growing efforts to reach out with social and entrepreneurial programs for homeless veterans, whose risk for suicide is five times higher than the general population.


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App Fights Climate Change and Food Waste

Mobile app Too Good to Go is fighting food waste that contributes to landfill expansion and global warming.

Businesses in 17 countries and over a dozen US cities may use Too Good to Go to sell their unsold food for 60 percent - 80 percent off.

So far, over 250 million meals have been saved and plans are underway to expand app food selection to include more essential grocery items. 

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