ISSUE 230 | November 3, 2023

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River Access Is Now 'Accessible' in Wayne County


White Mills River Access Park is Wayne County’s first handicap accessible access to the Lackawaxen River.

The project is part of the Wayne Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance, which connects communities along the Lackawaxen River by water and walking trails, providing both recreation and education to the local community.

The new access will yield economic benefits for the area, and may even support residents' safety by allowing for water recreation during hot summer months.

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Health Survey Links Fracking to Cancers and Other Health Issues

Recent research links hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas to an array of health issues, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and birth defects.

This edition of a “compendium” of scientific, medical, government, and media reports on the industry’s health effects references almost 2,500 papers that add to evidence that fracking has an array of negative health impacts.

Many of the reports were based in Pennsylvania, which produces more natural gas from fracking than every other state except Texas and has a relatively high population of about 12 million people, allows ample opportunity to explore the effects of fracking on public health (compared to sparsely populated fracking states such as Wyoming).

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PA House Passes Anti-Hate Legislation Package

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed an anti-hate legislation package in consideration of the recent rise in hate crimes nationwide.

The package contains three bills aimed at educating, training, and implementing processes to protect those who may be targeted for their race, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, and more.

This comes after FBI-sourced data revealed that hate crime incidents in Pennsylvania have risen exponentially in the last three years.

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Economic and Policy News

Neurodivergent-Friendly Spaces Allow People with Diverse Abilities to Work and Play

We Rock the Spectrum offers a neurodivergent-friendly space for children with autism to play, connect with peers and behavioral tech trained staff, and express themselves freely.

Play teaches children how to manage stress, socialize, and develop self-regulation and cognitive skills.

The organization also offers work opportunities for adults with disabilities; NEPA's own Coffee Inclusive also offers employment to individuals with diverse abilities. 

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Study Finds Change in American News Consumption

Americans are following the news less closely than they were a few years ago, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis.

This decreased engagement comes amid changes in news consumption habits, declining trust in the media, and high levels of news fatigue.

These changes have occurred across demographic lines, including education, gender, race, ethnicity, and political party affiliation.


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Cherokee Reservation Medical School Will Improve Access to Care in Rural Areas


Oklahoma State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation’s physician training program is the only one of its kind on a Native American reservation and affiliated with a tribal government.

The program in Tahlequah aims to increase the number of Cherokee and other Indigenous physicians, and to expand the number of doctors from all backgrounds who serve rural or tribal communities.

NEPA's rural communities, like many others, also face barriers to healthcare, such as long travel and wait times. 

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