ISSUE 234 | November 30, 2023

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Economic and Policy News

PA Farmers Receive Over $676,000 to Grow Their Businesses


PA’s Very Small Meat and Poultry Processor Grant allows for the allocation of federal funds into local agriculture development.

The Commonwealth is the only state that has its own Farm Bill to help the vast number of local farming business expand their outreach.

NEPA and Central PA were recently awarded $231,000, which can be used for education, certification, and financial development. 

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Legislative Updates Address Eviction Records and More

State representatives have introduced legislation to seal eviction records, a groundbreaking move in home accessibility and employment security.

This relief would be associated with the Clean Slate Law, which seals certain non-violent records in order to assist individuals who have preserved cleans record at length to keep steady employment.

Other updates could involve zoning reform and analysis of current opportunities and obstacles to the housing market. 

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PA Communities Fill the Top Five Best Places to Retire 

Harrisburg has been named the best city to retire in the U.S.

It is followed by Reading, Lancaster, Scranton, and Allentown, with more PA cities ranking in the top 20.

This is the first year that one state has taken all five highest ranks, thanks to affordability, health care, and recreation, as well as accessibility to urban areas.

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Economic and Policy News

Local Governments Are Designing Innovative Reparations Programs

Communities across the U.S. have begun to formulate reparations programs in order to combat long-lasting repercussions from institutional racism.

The ripple effects of slavery and Jim Crow laws still have negative consequences today; they are reflected in employment, wealth, higher education, and small business ownership.

For example, states such as Illinois and California have instated grants and social programs that can be used for home ownership assistance and other initiatives.

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Traditional Media Formats Continue to Lose Audiences - with Some Exceptions


According to a Pew Research Center survey, the face of traditional news media consumption is changing.

The study shows a steady decline in TV, newspaper, and radio media consumption, which have previously dominated the media market.

The use of podcasts, social media, and websites have been on the rise, although some recognizable news platforms such as CNN and Fox maintain steady audiences. 


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Medicaid’s ‘Unwinding’ Presents Challenges for People with Disabilities

The U.S. is currently dealing with the fallout of the Medicaid “unwinding,” which is the mass review of recipient eligibility.

The process has created a number of administrative and economic issues, leading to termination of benefits for those who rely on the coverage.

Pregnant people, individuals with chronic conditions, and those recovering from accidents or other medical services are among the most vulnerable to Medicaid fluctuations.

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