ISSUE 236 | December 14, 2023

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New State-Wide Curriculum Pilot Program Celebrates Those with Disabilities

Dunmore is among 10 Pennsylvania schools chosen for the Disability Inclusive Curriculum Pilot Program.

This program, which will take place over three years, will include lessons about disabilities in all aspects of learning.

Some areas of focus include unified sports, kindness, and will inspire children to ask questions and display empathy both in and out of the classroom. 

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PA Humanities Awards $2.25 Million to Arts Nonprofits, Inclusion Programs

To mark its 50th anniversary, Pennsylvania Humanities has awarded $2.25 million to 24 nonprofit arts groups around the state in a new “Wingspan” grant program.

Among the recipients are BIPOC-led organizations, organizations serving the rural community, and Philadelphia based arts groups.

The goal is to make the humanities, which include arts, history, and social studies, accessible to everyone, making a stronger sense of community and expression.

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PA Whole-Home Repairs Program Demand is Rising Amid On-Hold Funding

The PA Whole-Home Repairs Program is facing a stall in funding, leaving hundreds unable to get help.

Founded last year with a budget of $125 million, the program is designed to offer income-eligible homeowners grants to repair electrical, heating, plumbing, and other home damages, as well as to help homeowners with disabilities make homes more accessible.

The overwhelming demand has caused a pause in operations as state lawmakers must agree on additional legislation, causing an increasing backlist of applicants. 

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Economic and Policy News

The Global Refugee Forum Can Markedly Improve Refugee Economic Inclusion

The Global Refugee Forum gathers international representatives to monitor and implement support for sustainable solutions to worldwide refugee movements.

A study from the United Nation shows that more than 29 million refugees exist under its mandate, leaving the discussion for inclusion into employment and innovation open.

Several studies in Europe suggest that the economic inclusion of refugees in their host countries can bolster entrepreneurship, innovation, and increase the likelihood that refugees may return to their home countries to aid with reconstruction. 

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High Costs for Housing and Care Cloud Retirement for Older US Adults

A housing crisis is looming over the United States as its population ages and its economic patterns shift.

The Census Bureau projects that in the next ten years, the age of citizens over 65 will be more that those under 18.

In addition to rising care costs and the struggle to find affordable housing, both nonprofits and the federal government are working to propose protective measures, such as grants, shared-housing, and rent forgiveness.


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LA County Invests in Free Virtual Mental Therapy for K-12 Students

Los Angeles County is offering free mental heath services to K-12 public school students in a pioneer program to combat the rising mental health crisis among youth, primarily in underrepresented areas.

The program has received $83 million to implement telehealth and other therapy services, helping to spread accessible care for students struggling academically, emotionally, and more.

Services include one on one therapy sessions, mediation, academic and behavioral coaching, many of which are bilingual; progress will be tracked and assessed over the next year. 

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