ISSUE 242 | February 1, 2024

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Allied Services Receives $2 Million for Pediatric Rehab Centers

Allied Health Services has announced a $2 million grant for the expansion of pediatric rehab programs, including the building of more centers.

The grant, provided by the AllOne Foundation and Charities, comes as a solution to the growing inaccessibility for chronic illness and rehabilitative care in rural areas.

Two rehab centers, named in honor of late attorney John P. Moses, will receive funds to scale up programs and operations in Wilkes Barre and Scranton. 

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Disables Pennsylvanians Can Save $18000 Through PA ABLE


The PA ABLE program will allow statewide residents with disabilities to store money in a tax-exempt account, and use it for qualifying disability expenses, such as therapy and other programs or services.

Launched in 2017, the reach of this program has expanded to include up to 6 million eligible applicants.

Working Pennsylvanians will also be able to apply via the ABLE to Work act, expanding financial agency for disabled residents.

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Soon-to-be Mothers Find Support Through Healthy MOMS

Local nonprofit Healthy MOMS has announced its expansion into Pike County after receiving a $600,00 grant.

Working with their parent organization the Wright Center, Healthy MOMS provides health, education, and social services for new mothers, primarily focusing on those struggling with permanent housing or addiction.

The expansion into Pike County will help provide accessible medical care for residents, as the county does not have a hospital, and is currently working on options for more available housing. 

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Economic and Policy News

Supporting Community-Based Organizations in Advancing Vaccine Equity 


In 2020, the CDC launched the Partnering for Vaccine Equity (P4VE) program to address racial and ethnic disparities in adult immunization rates.

Following its launch, P4VE directed $156 million to over 500 national, state, and community-based organizations to improve equitable access to vaccination.

The main goal of P4VE is promoting vaccine confidence and addressing barriers to vaccination opportunities, such as expansion of educational and outreach services, as well as to reduce medical distrust and increase community engagement.


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Native American Communities Have the Highest Suicide Rates, Yet Interventions are Scarce

According to a CDC-led research, Native Americans experience the highest suicide rates of any racial or ethnic group in the United States, especially in youths between 10 and 24 years old.

Factors such as systemic inequality, generational trauma, lesser funding, and scarce resources may contribute to the data gathered, with suicide prevention a priority among Native American communities.

Federal funding is aiming a series of services that reflect the traditions and specific needs of tribal communities, as well as services that combat the barriers of remote and rural communities.

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US Housing Reformers Make Case for a National Zoning Atlas 


This year, a national research collaborative has released a new mapping tool of the United States known as the National Zoning Atlas.

This tool will reflect a neighborhood view of zoning codes, citing up to 30,000 local governments to convert these codes into data.

By pairing this data with the Census and other mapping sources, researchers can look at lesser studied areas in a new light, and address issues on a more specific and effective level, with some states already using the atlas to drive social and political change. 

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