Wichita Wurlitzer
February 2019
Instruments of Peace
Instruments of Peace is a collaboration of ARISE Ensemble and the Wichita Wurlitzer. The evening’s goal is to foster unity using music, a medium that transcends the barriers of culture, language, and geography. The program will feature music rooted in our nation’s history providing a common foundation to move forward in peace.
ARISE Ensemble, (African-Americans Renewing Interest in Spirituals Ensemble) is comprised of music and history-minded individuals, For the past 30 years ARISE has kept alive the almost forgotten songs of their forefathers and mothers. These songs, and the stories that accompany them, chronicle the struggles, conflicts, secret communications, and victories of a people who refused to be extinguished.
The Wichita Wurlitzer, originally installed at the "Crossroads of the World" in the Times Square New York Paramount Theatre in 1926, came to Wichita in 1968. 2019 is the Wichita Wurlitzer's 51st year in in the heart of America. Out of more than 10,000 instruments built, Wichita is home to the finest example ever conceived and achieved.
Audience comments from previous shows
  • I've been to several Wichita Wurlitzer events and am never disappointed
  • So impressed, had a smile on my face the entire show and was thoroughly entertained all evening!
  • OMG what an incredible experience!
Wichita Wurlitzer Associates
$3,175 donated towards $15,000 goal
Visit Wichita Wurlitzer's webpage for the latest Associates donations and to make donations. Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc. owns and maintains the instrument. There is no paid staff and no government fucnding, Donations, concert and recording revenue has restored, installed, and maintained the Wurlitzer for 50 years. Send checks to Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc., 2475 N Greenleaf St., Wichita, KS 67226-1535
Wichita Wurlitzer YouTube Channel
Have you visited the channel? October 25, 2018, the first video was posted. Ten videos are currently published and have accumulated more than 3,400 views totaling 170 hours. Nine videos from the May show are available along with Clark Wilson's Tour of the Wichita Wurlitzer including pictures and videos of the Wurlitzer. Click on the image to the right to listen to Over the Rainbow.