As I see it. . .

Since 2000, printed circuit board factories have closed by the hundreds in North America. Without PCBs, ‘chips’ are useless. As a matter of national security, we must take decisive action to encourage investment in the total rebuilding of our entire domestic microelectronics ecosystem.

Looking back, we see how short-sighted offshoring was in a rush to save money. No one, at the time, thought of the high penalties of shifting manufacturing to the areas with the lowest labor costs.

Now we face the inevitable day of reckoning when we must radically reform our industries and bring manufacturing home.

Patrick Redfern
1@5 Insulectro Gets Passionate About Education
2@5 Creeden Explains: "When should OEMs engage with Fabricators"
3@5 Antenna from PCB Traces
4@5 Isola Hosts Summit Interconnect for Open House in Chandler
5@5 DuPont ICS Passes Sustainability Milestone
Growing to Support PCB Manufacturers
PCBAA Continues Strong Growth
PCBAA, the Printed Circuit Board Association of America, welcomes their newest members: DuPont and Nano Dimension.
Existing members include AGY, Calumet, Insulectro, Isola, Summit Interconnect, TTM Technologies, Denkai America, MacDermid Alpha, Pacothane Technologies, and Rogers Corporation.
The Printed Circuit Board Association of America is a consortium of companies, representatives, and enthusiasts who are advocating for U.S. manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Insulectro is proud to support PCBAA's effort as a founding member.
We encourage you to not stand on the sidelines but get involved to support PCBAA's three main objectives:
  • Support the Domestic Production of PCBs
  • Enhance Domestic Supply Chain Security
  • Advocate for Initiatives that Create Fair Market Conditions
This organization is your voice in Washington.
Visit today to learn more about membership. See below for more information and a link to inquire about membership.

Ken Parent Speaks Out!
Goodbye 2021 - With Gratitude
Gratitude! As I reflect on our accomplishments and our future opportunities, I would like to wrap up my 2021 PumaNews™ contribution with gratitude.

Insulectro has built its team with new talent through great hiring and integrating new teammates through several acquisitions. This was in the era of the “Great Resignation” that has impacted everyone in our industry. 

Our customers have supported us through some big challenges. Our suppliers continue to show their appreciation for what we do by stepping up and putting our customers high on their priority lists. It is the people in the business that am grateful for!
The experienced and talented people in our business that I get to work with continue to amaze me. There is so much motivation around me that we continue to GSD (Get Stuff Done) at a pace that makes me very proud of our Teammates and the people I work with. 
I am not referring to motivation at only the Insulectro teammate level, I am talking about the people I interact with at our customers that are dealing with their challenges yet strive for improvements on so many fronts. Our suppliers have supported us to new heights by bringing new people in to support our customers helping to overcome many challenges in 2021. Also, a great gathering of minds in groups such as PCBAA, USPAE and PCEA with the people volunteering their time for the benefit of our industry.
People are amazing … in the last few days (and all year) I have had the privilege of working with several customers that are investing at levels not seen in decades.
I have witnessed people ….

…. that have been in the business for their entire career nearing retirement who still stretch for new heights and are excited about what lies ahead for us all, 

…. from the PCB freshman class of 2007 who lead great teams now and strive to share and build stronger teams by volunteering to educate the incoming freshman as well as the experienced motivated future PCB leaders and GSD’ers,
…. new talent coming into the business that are making a big difference because they enjoy being part of an exciting business…. building PCBs have a very significant impact on our lives and nation. 
For all of that I am grateful to you. 

Happy Holidays! I look forward seeing you at IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego to share my very optimistic outlook and vision for 2022. Season's Greetings from all of us at Insulectro!
Ken Parent
Chief Operating Officer| 949-587-3370
Visit Isola, DuPont, InduBond® and all of our
World-Class Supplier/Partners in MegaBooth #3233
i-Connect 007 Interview with Publisher Barry Matties &
Managing Editor Nolan Johnson
Insulectro Passionate about
Education Programs
Ken Parent, Chris Hunrath, and Michelle Walsh discuss their educational and training vision, programs that they are bringing to the industry, and why. There’s a gap, they say, in the talent pool from entry level to engineers. 

“There’s a huge demand now,” says Chris Hunrath. “The quicker we can fill that gap and train new people, the more PCBs can be built and more of the new products and technology will be accepted into the industry.” We are living in a people-constrained business today. 

Nolan Johnson: How is the talent pool changing?
Chris Hunrath: The reason Insulectro has become so passionate about education is the way it supports our industry. Helping our customers and our suppliers by providing our resources for educating people that are coming into the business at different levels has become a common theme throughout COVID times. Although COVID remains a challenge, domestically, people are starting to travel again. With customers staffed 20, even 40 people short of where they’d like to be, it is really constraining our ability to sell more materials, and for our customers to ship more circuit boards.
We decided that we are going to take a more active role in helping develop that talent. 

At Insulectro, for example, we’ve brought people in from other industries—such as food and beverage, and cabinet woodworking—with transferable expertise to fill gaps in our company, but we must educate them to the nuances of our industry as well. There is a need for introducing PCB materials and PCB processes at a very entry level, to even a higher level of education for new products that are changing the capabilities and the technology in circuit boards. 

The talent gap is throughout the whole business. A lot of talented engineers that have been in the business a long time are looking for new products and processes to bring solutions to their customers. It just can’t happen fast enough, right? There’s a huge demand. The quicker we can fill that gap and train those people, the more our new products will be accepted into the industry, and the more products our customers will be able to ship to their customers. That’s where I see the talent pool being in need education and how I see it changing. . .
Hit the Link! Watch it Online
Forming Components with PCB Materials
Last week's OEM Forum presented possible SUPPLY CHAIN WORKAROUNDS.

Using PCB traces to form everything from antennas to resistors has been done for decades. Material advancement has opened the possibility for creating even more types of components.

The push for greater speed and density, combined with shortages, it makes sense now more than ever to look at integrating devices into the PCB.
Our guest speaker was Bruce P. Mahler Vice President & General Manager at Ohmega & Ticer Technologies, LLC. He received his BS degree from California State University, Northridge. He has more than 40 years of experience in the electronic packaging industry. Mahler has five patents related to electronic packaging and interconnects and has published numerous articles and papers on a variety of subjects within the electronic packaging field.

With Bruce's help, Insulectro's Chris Hunrath, Angel Cartagena, and host Ron Murdock will dive into three technologies for forming resistors and capacitors. Our presentation will include both the mature methods/materials and some new ones.
Our Team is Your Team!
We Want to Help with Your Challenges
December is always a fun month to look forward to. We finally start to feel the chill in the air and hopefully a little rain in California, the holidays are coming which means family celebrations, and a little down time to rest and recharge for the exciting New Year ahead. December is also the time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the accomplishments of our Teams. 

Despite the many challenges in 2021 including supply chain, pricing pressures, shipping logistics, and inability of face-to-face engagement with customers and suppliers, there is so much to be grateful for this year including the health of our teammates, integrating new teammates and product line additions through two acquisitions- ECEMS and Focus Tech, and returning to working together in the office after 14 months of work from home.

We are also grateful for our customers and the continued investment and strength of the North American Electronics market, the partnerships we have with the best Suppliers in the industry, interest in the Training and Education materials our teams have compiled to share our knowledge and support to the industry we love, and our ability to share product solutions to customer challenges, both virtually and hands-on.
Looking beyond the end of the year, our Product Management Team has started the preparations for the January IPC show, and look forward to continuing our tradition with Educating through Insulectro Power Chats @IPC - 13.5 Min- All You need to Know
2020 IPC APEX EXPO - Packed Houses for Insulectro Power Chats

Our Supplier partners are key in addressing the current technology challenges and how their products enable solutions. We look forward to once again meeting in person, learning more about our customer challenges and connecting together to develop solutions. 

Enjoy this holiday season with your work colleagues and family, take the time to reflect on this past year, and let us know how we can support you in 2022!

Michelle Walsh
Vice President of Product Management| 949-587-3251

Geoff Shouts: "Some Like It Hot!"
Pyralux® HT - Thermally & Dimensionally Stable
Pyralux® HT a high temp flexible adhesive that enables flex designs to withstand up to 200C environments. With an IPC service temperature of 225 C, the High Temp nature of this product allows your flexible designs to operate in harsh thermally demanding environments.

HT is thermally and dimensionally stable to run continuously into the rigid section of a PCB, no need to apply in coverlay areas only. This can enable many high speed applications in rigid flex designs that need to send signals from one rigid section to the other while eliminating cable loss.

This is primarily due to the ability of the Pyralux® HT material to withstand the lamination cycle of many traditional epoxy resin systems and the low loss nature of the Pyrlaux® HT. 
HT adhesives may be used as a Coverlay, bond-ply or sheet adhesive.
Geoffrey Leeds
Flex Product Manager | 760-814-3727
I-Connect 007's Happy Holden
Happy's Tech Talk: Induction Lamination

Excerpt reprinted from I-Connect007's PCB007 Newsletter.
See link below to read Happy's intriguing article.
Multilayers have been around about as long as the printed circuit. The industry has always used heated hydraulic lamination presses to produce these multilayers, with the introduction of vacuum assist in the 1980s.

But recently, with the encouragement of GreenSource Fabrication, induction lamination has been perfected by Chemplate Materials of Spain. Chemplate had introduced the use of induction-pinning by optical alignment of innerlayers for multilayer stackup in the early 2000s. This was to go with another innovative way to laminate innerlayers together—the Italian CEDAL resistance-foil vacuum-press, which had some early adopters.

The induction vacuum lamination press (InduBond® X-Press) from Chemplate is a very compact machine. That stems from its innovative use of magnetic flux to induce heating in the stainless-steel caul plates of the multilayer stackup vs. electric, steam, or hot-oil heating of the press platens. . .
A Part of Your Team!
Building on this Year's Success
As I look back on 2021 which was challenging for all, I am grateful that we were able to persevere through it all. The Insulectro family is a tight knit, well bonded team of professionals who believe in the importance of People. Not only our own, but equally as important, our customers.

We focus daily on how we can make our customers better, faster and smarter in their daily operations by continually assessing inventory, focusing on technical support, and looking forward at the next product line that will bring them value.
Our customers are our extended family and their success and perseverance drove incredible successes in our Printed Electronics business segment in 2021!
As we look to 2022, as we have even greater expectations to grow with our customers, we will:
  • Become more nimble
  • Increase stock availability
  • Increase focus on Customer intimacy
  • Bring Technical solutions to our customers
  • Invest in Technical resources and equipment

Our goal is for our customers to make Insulectro their first call which we believe will be their only call as success will be bred through service and support before, during and after the sale. 
Our Printed Electronics team is here to provide a one stop solution for:
  • Ink
  • Dielectrics
  • Advanced Substrates
  • Adhesives
  • Tolling services
  • Design and Engineering support

All for applications like Heaters, Membrane Touch Switches, IN-Mold applications among a few, Market focus for Medical , Automotive Defense and Aerospace as well as Industrial and Transportation segments. 
Even though we still live in a challenging environment, we are here to meet with you, traveling and having face-to-face reviews and getting to know each other better every day is what we do.

We look forward to 2022 and helping you achieve your strategic plans one opportunity at a time. We thank you all for helping us achieve our goals in 2021. Let's do it again next year.
We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season from our family to yours!
Bob Lee
Eastern Regional Sales Manager - Insulectro Printed Electronics
Supply Chain Manager
Gilbert Beas Joins Insulectro Team
Insulectro announces hiring of Gilbert Beas as Supply Chain Manager, effective immediately. Beas has held a number of supply chain and procurement positions in the southern California region for such companies as Cevians, NPI Services, Premier Nursing Services, as well UNCL - a men's fashion brand started in Los Angeles.

Gilbert graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Global Business.
This month I want to highlight a person and product offering not a branch, Eduardo “Ruben” Zambrano our Equipment Service Technician. Ruben and his Puma shirt were clean before this day started. Ruben came on board with us in August 2020 after working with our own Kevin Barrett for 7 years servicing pumice scrubbers, deburr machines, planarizers, and a wide variety of horizontal wet process equipment in the PCB and Metal Finishing Industries.

After bringing Kevin on board in December 2019 it did not take long for him to open our eyes on just how much need there was to help our customers keep their equipment running and their short staff maintenance crews. We have always known that unless our customers processes are running properly they will not be profitable and if they are not profitable then we have lost a valuable customer.
This eye opening revelation, from Kevin’s perspective on equipment, made us realize how much we need our customers to also keep the equipment running and running efficiently no different than a process or from a material supply standpoint. As you can see from this pic, he has seen some very tired pieces of equipment screaming for help!
Ruben works out of our Chicagoland Branch has been traveling from coast to coast for us the last 16 months and we have heard nothing but appreciation from those he has serviced. He not only helps customers but he also supports our conversion equipment in the Bloomingdale Branch with regular PMs on each piece of equipment to make sure we do not have downtime. Ruben is always happy to be in the machine, under the machine, or on top of it and in it at the same time. Please let us know how we can help you. Have a Great Holiday Season from all of us in the Central!
Take care and see you next month.

Trey Adams
Regional Vice President, Sales
@Mike Creeden
When Should OEMs Interface with Fabricators?
The simple answer is always at the beginning of the CAD layout phase.

To achieve our “End Goals,” we need to start all hardware development with all the required perspectives from all our team members. This should start with the “End User” to ensure we design and build to the required specifications.
The best success in the creation of a printed circuit board is to encourage a team approach for product development. This is best achieved by enabling a concise product specification, providing all appropriate resources, adherence to established development processes, collaboration, and communication. This is intended to ensure that all known expectations are met and ensure that all issues when discovered can be researched and resolved.

It is important that everyone is informed of the common goals and interact with a professional manner. This should include a representative of the customer, representing the end-user. This may be represented by several different means, such as an actual end-user, or a higher tier contract representative, a product or architectural specification.

Next, there should be all members of your development team and everyone throughout the entire planned product life cycle, including your fabrication and assembly supply chain, with the common goal of meeting the end-user’s needs.
At the beginning of the layout effort before any build phase, a critical interface with the manufacturing engineering team should occur. This effort secures the selected material’s availability, and its process readiness. This also ensures that all layout feature sizes are reviewed for optimal performance and producibility metrics.
Build Phases:
  • Proto – Initial phase to ensure working circuit, built to production goals
  • Pilot – Production shop floor implementation, New Product Integration (NPI)
  • Production – Long term reliability, quality, producibility and yield/cost
Production Criteria:
  • Production Yearly Quantities
  • Product Life Expectancies
  • Environmental and End Usage Requirements

It is important to design to the end production criteria and not immediate prototype criteria. All boards will be prototyped, regardless of production quantities. Prototype costs do not affect the cost margin of the product because it does not reoccur; therefore, do not set your design criteria to prototype criteria, rather set the criteria on production needs.

For the production build phase, the PO should be locked in early, to ensure that the design and engineering efforts meet the highest, “IPC Producibility Levels.” Focus should always be centered on this method and the criteria for achieving highest producibility levels.

The OEM interface with the fabricator should be incorporated at the earliest levels, i.e., the prototype phase and this should be in line with the production fabricator’s capability and materials. If this effort does not occur during the prototype phase and is low in its producibility level, then it will never be transformed at the production phase because the circuit is already characterized, “As Designed” and may not be able to change without a redesign.

Thus, any low producibility factors would be locked in. This equates to lower yield, higher costs, and reliability concerns. All these have the potential equate to long term product and company viability.
Prototype Criteria – Development boards, similar to low volume production boards, the cost is not the major factor rather performance and reliability are.
Many circuit boards are never built in high volume production so the entire effort of interfacing with your fabricator might be skipped, and this is a poor decision. Another scenario is the selection of the fabricator is often performed by purchasing department.

This often assumes that every fabricator’s capabilities are the same and that simply is not a reality. Therefore, they are not making a technically appropriate decision, rather they are making a cost schedule decision.
Often what occurs is the “OEM Interface with Fabricator” effort is skipped or is happening at the very end of the CAD cycle when completed Gerber Files are readied for quote and manufacturing. This is the worst time to be checking fabricator’s producibility guidelines, thus establishing feature sizes, material specifications with availability.

At this point, it is often too late to incorporate any producibility improvements. Also, in this situation if you do not secure a preliminary quote and lock in a PO commitment at the beginning of the CAD layout, you will not be partnering with the fabricator who will build this board.

If you engage with a fabricator’s engineering and CAM team to secure a stackup, meaning you engineer with one fabricator and then build with another you may not be engineering correctly to the other shop’s capabilities. The other concern is you are exercising them and then not building with them, and they might not take your call next time you call, knowing that you’ll just shop it around.
At Insulectro, with our Design Education Program, we are eager to freely support signal-integrity reviews of design circuits prior to fabrication. Also, we are ready and eager to create one or several training sessions for the OEM or your fabrication team.

These will be tailored to meet the exact needs of the audience, brought by a technically appropriate presenter, with specific content to further your team’s success and provide that edge to meet the needs of advancing technology trends.

Contact any of our Technical Account Managers or call any of our branch offices to schedule your Virtual Training Session soon.
Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Mike Creeden CID+ MIT
Technical Director, Insulectro Design & Education| 949-587-3370

Chris Hunrath on Future Tech
Antennas Built into the PCB
It should be no surprise to anyone that PCBs often contain printed antennas. They may be on the surface, one layer deep or even further inside the stack-up.

In the PCB industry, we tend to think of High Speed Digital for great transmission line properties inside the board and RF for signals externally. They are often used together and while having different structures, both benefit from lower loss.

Wireless systems are everywhere, and we have come to expect all our devices to connect seamlessly. The same system that uses HSD will also have to deliver RF.

Antenna size, shape and structure will vary with the need (bandwidth, dielectric material, signal strength, etc.). While these are technically 3 dimensional, the application in a PCB structure is better imagined as 2D. A microstrip patch antenna is simple example.
In some ways, the typical PCB make-up lends itself well to antenna structures as the foil imaging process can render all kinds of shapes. If the “real estate” allows, multiple antennas can be added to the same PCB. This is common in mobile devices.
It’s important to note at this point that sometimes an antenna is unintentionally created in the PCB resulting in unwanted signals. Something a designer should always be on the lookout for.

In past news articles, I have talked about new materials enabling technology and advanced designs. Low-loss materials for RF materials continue to advance. In addition, there are other materials that enable construction options, incorporate resistors and low-loss encapsulants.

Here are some examples:

  • Using paste interconnects to stack PCB antenna structures has proven to be cost-effective and reliable especially for large format arrays.

  • Thin film printed resistors can be directly incorporated into both internal and external antennas. You can access our recent webinar on printed resistors from

  • The new KA series dielectric is a screenable low loss polyimide and an alternative to parylene for selective protection of fine line antenna traces and or thin film resistors.

We are always on the lookout for innovative products for PCB design and manufacturing.

We will be at IPC Apex in 2022 with our “Technology Village” (Booth 3233) and “Power Chats” on many topics. I hope to see you there.
Chris Hunrath
Vice President of Technology
Welcome to December’s edition of our monthly PumaNews™ magazine! East Coast Edition.
The Holiday Season is a special time of year where families and friends can celebrate and express our gratitude and blessings.
It is also a time when we think of those less fortunate and to pay it forward when we can.
My December article is dedicated to expressing the East Coasts sincerest gratitude for your support, loyalty, and trust, that you our customers have placed in Insulectro.
We are looking forward to serving you in 2022!
From our Insulectro family to YOURS we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Years!

Ron Murdock
Director of Sales - Eastern Region/ Canada
Chandler, AZ
Isola Unveils New State-of-the-Art Headquarters
Isola joined Summit Interconnect to unveil its new global headquarters with an open house. The grand opening event included presentations from Isola’s executive team, luncheon, Q&A session, VIP facility tours for our guests, including distributors, OEM’s, fabricators, business partners and Isola customers.
“Summit Interconnect extends our gratitude for our customer event hosted at Isola & Insulectro on December 5th. The new Isola facility was extremely impressive, with a level of automation that builds confidence in your consistent quality. Isola’s enthusiasm for supporting the N. American market is critical is our sustained execution high reliability PWB’s.” said Gerry Partida Vice President of Technology.
The new Isola global headquarters, which houses manufacturing facility, R&D, analytical services and corporate offices is located in Chandler, Arizona.  The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art research laboratory and the most recent addition, our new lamination and fabrication facility which was designed to serve US fabricators need for quick turnaround and prototype business. The building has been designed to utilize a mix of advanced technology, custom automation to reduce lead times and to promote an incredible amount of flexibility for our PCB customers.
The new headquarters features an 118,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and houses a wide variety of associates that support the company: including Isola technicians, chemists, engineering, product development, manufacturing, customer service, billing and collections, finance, IT, legal, human resources, business development, marketing, sales and executive team.
“We could not be more proud of our new facility” said Sean Mirshafiei Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Isola is excited to welcome our customers, associates and partners to our new home.

"In addition to our new facility, Isola operates several manufacturing facilities, R&D laboratories and regional offices around the world; including South Carolina, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China."
About Isola
Isola is a leading global material sciences company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets laminate materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards, which provide the physical platforms for the semiconductors, passive components, and connection circuitry that power and control virtually all modern electronic products. Isola operates a network of factories worldwide.

Norm Berry
Director, Laminates & OEM Marketing| 603-365-6953
News from the DuPont Chemistry Desk
Making Connections
One of the most important roles that Insulectro has as the leading distributor in the North American PCB market is making connections.
This concept of connection can include our technical experts connecting with fabricators and OEMs through our OEM FORUMS. It can be connecting our suppliers with fabricators to address the latest challenges that increasingly sophisticated designs require.
Connections also include metallizing non-conductive materials to connect layers within PCBs, including plated through-holes, microvias and blind vias. In this case, as high-performance substrates become more utilized by design engineers, our role with the chemistries that we supply becomes critical to ensure that the process is optimized to meet the materials and end-use performance requirements.
Insulectro offers a team of product experts that encompass all aspects of PCB manufacturing. Whether standard PCB sub-assemblies, flex, or rigid-flex, we work with our fabricator customers, suppliers and OEMs to tailor our offerings to build better boards, faster.
From a metallization standpoint, this can be the choice of conditioner to match the substate matrix, or the combination of desmear and plasma cycle parameters to ensure the integrity of the bond. Choosing between electroless copper processes and direct metallization technologies is an informed decision based on the application. There is not typically a one-size-fits-all approach, and the technical prowess of Insultectro’s team offers expertise in all facets of PCB fabrication.
If we can help you make connections, whether with suppliers, OEM’s or metallizing through-holes and vias, please reach out to me and we’ll organize a team to GSD!
I wish all a safe and joyful Holiday Season.

Paul Welter
Director of Sales, DuPont Chemistry | 612-309-8745
The DuPont Chemistry Line
With the acquisition of East Coast Electronic Material Supply (ECEMS) in late March, Insulectro has brought another best-in-class product line to our customers. The addition of the DuPont Electronics Imaging & Interconnect Solutions (ICS) chemistry line, which was legacy Dow Chemicals before the Dow-DuPont merger, adds a complimentary piece to an already robust Insulectro product offering.

DuPont ICS is innovating new metallization technologies across many platforms:

Electroplating Applications
  • Microfill™ EVF-III for advanced via filling and through-hole plating
  • Microfill™ LVF-IV for next generation SLP applications

  • Copper Gleam™ PPR-II for high aspect ratio pulse plating
  • Electroposit™ EP-1600 for high aspect ratio DC plating
  • Copper Gleam™ HS-200 for horizontal DC plating in FPC applications
  • Copper Gleam™ ST-920 for DC vertical continuous plating (VCP)

IC Package Substrate
  • Microfill™ SFP-II & Microfill™ LVF-IV for advanced SAP applications

Making Holes Conductive

Electroless Copper Solutions:
  • Circuposit™ 3350-1 Vertical Electroless Copper
  • Circuposit™ 4000 Horizontal electroless copper for FPC/RFPC
  • Circuposit™ 6700 Horizontal Ionic Catalyst for Advanced HDI applications

Direct Metallization Solutions:
  • Next Generation Crimson™ & Conductron™ palladium-based systems
  • Next Generation Graphite 2000™ carbon-based system

Duraposit™ SMT-88 & Aurolectroless™ SMT 520

Process Chemistries:
DuPont offers a full line of cleaners, developers, strippers and other ancillary products to support printed circuit applications.

General Metal Finishing:
Full line engineering, decorative and precious metal offerings

As you can see, through this addition of the DuPont ICS chemistry line, Insulectro is now providing chemistry and technical support to the general metal finishing, plating-on-plastics, and wire plating industries, which we see as an area of growth.
Chemicals & Controllers
Focus Tech Chemicals
Insulectro continues to offer Focus Tech processing chemistry for you PCB processing needs.
Products Offered
  • Dryfilm Developing Chemistry
  • Dryfilm Stripping Chemistry
  • Tin Stripping
  • Alternative Oxide
  • Equipment Cleaners
  • Waste Treatment Chemistry
  • Plus, a variety of Process Chemistries

Control Equipment
Focus Tech offers chemistry control equipment to help manage the different chemical processes in the manufacturing process.
  • Specific gravity controller                             
  • Conductivity Controller
  • Colorimeter controller                                  
  • Cupric Etch Controller
  • Custom controllers with availability to connect to TrueChem software         

Jeff Johnson
Product Manager - Dryfilm/Chemistry/Paste & FAE | 720-260-3696
As our customers add new teammates, we have been able to provide onsite training on processes, especially around lamination.

Even though there are many material types available now, most share process principles such as heat rise, cure time and temperature and pressure requirements.

When this is onsite, we can demonstrate the tools as well as the process. These events have been well received.

We continue to look for ways to help our customers build better circuits faster. Our team is committed to delivery and service. If you are in the area, we would be happy to show you around.

Chris Hunrath
Vice President of Technology
Advanced Substrates
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) - Transparent, Thermoplastic Films
Insulectro is well known as the largest supplier of materials used to manufacture printed circuit boards. This includes our rapidly growing substrate division making Insulectro your one-stop shop for printed electronics. 

In addition to being a first in class supplier, product specialists at Insulectro have in depth product knowledge offering process consultations and onsite training to ensure the very best products are selected for each critical need. Insulectro readily stocks an ever-growing assortment of substrates and this month we are highlighting Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) films.
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) films are transparent, thermoplastic films or sheets that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, laminated, welded, or metalized to be used in a wide variety of applications. They are used for their high temperature low friction properties, wide-ranging chemical resistance, and a very high UV transparency with a relatively high breakdown voltage. FEP films are available in 4 grades, Premium, Welding, Mold Release, and High Molecular Weight. 
Some of the characteristics that make FEP films a great substrate for printed electronics include:
  • Continuous service temperature ranges from -400° to 400°F (-240 to 205°C)
  • Superior anti-stick and low friction properties
  • Chemically inert and solvent resistant to most chemicals
  • Outstanding dielectric properties over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures
  • Excellent light transmission and clarity

To learn more about this remarkable substrate, please feel free to contact me.

Jeff Crawford
Advanced Substrate Specialist | 484-947-8050
A Look Back
“Getting Stuff Done” in 2021 Retrospect
As I reflect on 2021, year two of the global pandemic era, there are too many success stories across our Operations and Supply Chain teams to highlight in one article.  The resolve of every teammate to stay focused on “Getting Stuff Done” amidst unprecedented global supply chain challenges has been remarkable.  

There are however many notable achievements within our World Class Manufacturing areas of focus that deserve a special “shout out” here to recognize the amazing efforts of the team in 2021.

Safety First, ALWAYS
  • 10 of our 11 North American Insulectro locations went a full year injury-free in 2021!
  • Reiterating Safety as our most important value and our top Operational priority going forward

Spotless Facilities (5S)
  • Marked improvement on housekeeping and “tour-ready” cleanliness every day in all locations
  • Very positive unsolicited feedback from both supplier and customers during recent visits to our sites

Uncompromised Quality
  • Passed our annual ISO certification audits at CAC, LCOA, and Insulectro New Hampshire
  • Non-conformances significantly reduced from prior year, with a focus on root cause investigation/corrective action

Customer Service Mindset
  • Continued in-stock availability of key materials despite extreme global supply chain challenges
  • Operational Continuity at all our North American facilities to provide uninterrupted order fulfillment

Engagement, Teamwork & Communication
  • Successful integration of ECEMS and Focus Tech Chemistry into our Insulectro family
  • Engaging site teams to make visible and drive solutions to key problems (e.g., San Jose laminate room redesign)

Building Talent
  • On-boarding, cross-training, and developing several new teammates to build capability and improve execution
  • Building a culture for more engagement at all levels, using LEAN mental models and WCM principles

Asset Management
  • Another record year of new equipment installation to drive improved quality and delivery results for customers
  • Focused effort to expand distribution and manufacturing presence and capabilities in both Phoenix and Canada
Every Operations teammate at every site deserves an immense level of “kudos” for how they showed up every day despite all the pandemic challenges and concerns to fabricate, package, and ship product to our customers. 

The leaders of these sites kept their teams focused and dialed in to “Getting Stuff Done” every day: 
  • Felix Martinez (LCOA/CAC/Forest Grove, Aurora, Chandler)
  • Matt Swanson (CAC-Chicago)
  • Jaygee Gozum (San Jose and Lake Forest)
  • Dino Lucchesi and Pete Medrano (Minneapolis & Chicago)
  • Mike Plouffe and Mark Jones (New Hampshire, Dallas, and Canada)

Thanks also to our Ops Center of Excellence corporate-wide support resources:
  • Dave Klebba
  • Ryan Linfield
  • Rob Graham (Safety/Quality/Training)
  • Brandon Miller (Engineering)

I want to also want to recognize each of the Supply Chain Team (under the leadership of Montse Barcelo) that worked rigorously to continue to fight through supply/availability issues to continue to support our customers’ needs through the year: 
  • Sharon Newman
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Robert Ernst
  • Bruce Gassett
  • Beth Abbott
  • Clarice Cordero

I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this world-class Operations and Supply Chain Team. Our people are indeed our greatest resource, and we have the best people anywhere!  Look forward to great things and what we’ll accomplish together in 2022!

Wishing everyone in the Ops and Supply Chain organization a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the time with family and friends and take an opportunity to celebrate all you have accomplished in 2021! 

My sincerest “thank you” to all of you!                        

Jason Shuppert
Vice President of Operations
Milestone Reached
DuPont ICS Prioritizes Sustainability
DuPont Interconnect Solutions
DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS) — a part of the Electronics & Industrial (E&I) business segment — recently announced it has achieved the milestone of having 95 percent of its global operations powered by renewable electricity.

This achievement is an important step in the ICS business ambition of Zero by 2030, with the goal of reaching carbon neutral operations for the global ICS business segment by 2030. This is also a significant step forward on DuPont’s corporate Acting on Climate commitment to source 60 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and deliver carbon neutral operations by 2050.
“At DuPont ICS, we want to be a leader in making impactful change by acting on climate,” said Avi Avula, DuPont Vice President, General Manager, ICS. “We are taking OneStepGreener toward our business aspiration of Zero by 2030, by switching our electricity that is sourced from fossil fuels to renewables.

"Sustainability is embedded in our vision, and as a total solutions partner, we are innovating in new ways for our customers. We also are taking action in our footprint to enable the entire value chain to reduce its carbon footprint as part of actions supporting the UN Climate Change Conference COP26,” said Avula.

“Achieving our sustainability goals means leading by example and partnering with suppliers and customers who are also committed to a sustainable future,” said John Singer, Vice President, Integrated Operations, DuPont Electronics & Industrial.

“We are designing our new products with rigorous sustainability principles and we are developing programs to further reduce water consumption in our manufacturing facilities. We are not on this journey alone, and we encourage all our supply chain partners to join with us.”  
This commitment propels ICS to a leadership position in the electronic materials industry and demonstrates how the company can deliver on its sustainability-driven business goals. DuPont is proud that their customers’ devices ranging from the Mars Rover to the next generation 5G smartphones and advanced automobiles — use printed circuit boards, antennas, connectors, thermal management, and shielding systems enabled by the use of renewable electricity.
Printed Electronics Wearables
Technology that's Increasingly Integrating into Daily Lives
Part Three - Fitness Applications
One of the most exciting technologies and benefits of this current era is the advancement in Wearables Technology. Within the Wearables Technology, you will find Printed Electronics Wearables. Insulectro is proud to offer the DuPont™ Intexar™ materials for printed, stretchable electronics, hence PE Wearables.
When it comes to fitness and the science of athletic performance, PE wearables technology has a lot to offer. If you’re into doing sports and maintaining fitness, you’ll know that many advances have been made to improve athletic performance, even if just for marginal gains.
Fitness trackers have been used for quite some time now, and PE wearables complement this existing technology by integrating muscle contraction sensors in various fabrics, resulting in smart garments. The sensors in the smart garments can monitor things like physical activity and vital signs, which can be used not only by physical therapists but also by personal trainers.

This approach helps a personal trainer facilitate designing a custom training routine for their clients to reach specific goals such as speed, endurance, strength, and power balanced from left to right muscles.
For instance, a cyclist that wishes to improve their overall efficiency and power output can benefit by seeing on their smartphones an image and data of what muscle groups are balanced while pedaling. This also complements power meter output numbers (right & left leg) and the intensity of each muscle group engaged.

Likewise, strength training is a proven concept as long as the person conducting the exercise has a good form and uses the correct set of muscles prescribed. Otherwise, the person can get injured and most likely will have to postpone the training (big no-no).
For example, when doing exercises with a kettlebell, it’s important to contract several muscles needed for balance and gain strength and prevent injuries. Therefore, the sensors in the Smart garments can monitor the muscles being contracted and help provide awareness to the athlete during specific strength training movements and efforts applied.       
Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about the DuPont™ Intexar™ line. We look forward to providing you with the best-in-class service and product selection for your application needs.

Angel Cartagena, MBA
Printed Electronics - Product Specialist | 919-924-6238
The Southwest region is a very busy place not just from a volume perspective but the pace of change in general. 

The market itself looks to be growing as PCB fabs are buying new equipment, updating or expanding their factories and buying more materials for producing boards. 

However, the biggest challenge for our customers has been finding people – not unlike a lot of businesses these days. But, there has been for some time now a lot of people movement from shop to shop as factories work to keep up with demand while trying to retain and build bench strength in talent and skill sets. 

Something that is gaining attention for us at Insulectro is training and our unique ability to help our customers across many processes because of our product line breadth and our depth of resources. Many of our customers are hiring people new to the industry whether they’re recently graduated from college or just looking for a place to work where they have a worthwhile career path. 

But given the current business environment finding time to train and the internal resources to do it is not easy. More and more often we are being called in not to address a process issue reactively but to proactively train people, usually younger people or people with little to no circuit board knowledge, on basic PCB 101 stuff on up to intermediate and advanced topics. 

This part of our service model, technical support, is taking on a new meaning right now and it’s pretty cool.  

We thank you customers.

Sean Redfern
Technical Account Manager - Southern California
A Super Matchup!
Make Your InduBond® Press
Sit Up & Take Notice
Bacon and eggs. Black and tan. Mac and cheese. Bert and Ernie. InduBond® and Copper-Steel-Copper!

Bonded Copper foil including VLP profiles onto a Steel carrier ensures that not only the low-profile topography is protected but the surface is clean, free from causing signal integrity defects as all FOUR edges are sealed. It's a star performer in an InduBond® press!
Carrier foil is available from 1µm up to 5µm, now CSC bridges that gap offering foils from 6µm to 140µm.

CSC is available in 8 mil which has twice the image transfer resistance as 15 mil aluminum AND can replace up to SEVEN standard 62 mil steel separators. Those separators not only cause circuit surface imperfections impacting trace lines but reduce stack height allowing more panels per lamination cycle.
I've got a lot to tell you about this matchup!

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Shikoku's Glibrite!
Eliminate Pumice Scrub (GB4300)
ELIMINATE PUMICE SCRUB! It’s time to stop mechanically scrubbing circuit boards and start etching them. With Shikoku’s Glibrite system you can achieve better and more uniform soldermask adhesion.
With just 15uin of etch you can get more micro topography resulting in more surface area for soldermak to stick to. This process also works great for dryfilm adhesion on plated subs and shinny foil inner layers.

With only 15uin of etch there is minimal degradation of signal integrity. If you are ready for your next big step in process improvement, contact us to let us show you how we can help.
For more information on Shikoku chemistry, please contact me or your local Insulectro TAM.

Jeff Johnson
Product Manager - Dryfilm & Chemistry | 720-260-3696

The People
Behind the Puma

Meet Mika Fregeau
Inside Sales Manager
I’ve been in the PCB industry for 15 years. I was previously employed at MFLEX for over 8 years as customer service representative. MFLEX was responsible for design and manufacture the flex circuit boards for RIM Blackberry, Motorola Droid and Apple IPHONE. 

Mobile phones have transformed from flip phones to smartphones. It was amazing to see the advanced technologies.
Then I joined Insulectro in February 2015 as ISM (Inside Sales Manager). 
We have many product lines and they keep growing but I enjoy learning the new things.   

Everyone at Insulectro is so nice and always helpful. I am very happy to be a part of the Puma family.

Mika speaks thoughtfully. . .
Are you more into food or convenience and why?
Food! Makes me happy even just looking at…
Describe a time at work when you were at wit’s end.
When ATP (Insulectro's automation tool - 'Available to Promise') went live.
What’s your go-to play vacation and why?
Las Vegas. Always fun.

If you could change careers tomorrow and money was no object, what would you go do?
Make and sell custom T-shirts, magnets and crafts.

Who is a role model for you and why?
Rachel Moreno at Insulectro – her knowledge and great customer service
What’s the perfect Netflix night for you?
Every night, watch Asian dramas
What do you like most about your co-workers?
Very nice and friendly
What do you like most about your customers?
They are nice.
What advice would you tell a new teammate at your company?
People are very nice here.

What’s the last thing you’ll say on the day you leave the company?
Made it.
Is there anything you binge on? Food, movies, vacations, etc.?
Slots game.

Name three traits that describe you.
Patient, Happy, Optimistic

How would you describe your sense of humor?
Give some advice for your next boss.
I am easy going.
Insulectro Unleashes the
Incredible Power of 5
Contact your Insulectro or Isola sales representative for more information.

Norm Berry
Director of Laminates & OEM Marketing| 603-365-6953 

Become a Puma!

Help us map out the future of Printed Circuit Board and Printed Electronics!

Join our Puma team and be a part of our growth.

Business Development

Click on the ad (left) to see various positions we are recruiting.

As advertised in i-connect007's PCB Magazine
Insulectro Unleashes the
Incredible Power of 5

Click-Out our
Pyralux® Flexible Laminates Selector Guide. . .
(click on product name)

The standard copper clad laminate systems for any flex or rigid flex designs.
The standard copper clad laminate systems for any flex or rigid flex designs.
Single sided flex copper clad substrate
Standard acrylic adhesives for building multi-layer flex designs. Offered as coverlay, sheet adhesives and bondplys.
Standard acrylic adhesives for building multi-layer flex designs. Offered as coverlay, sheet adhesives and bondplys.
An epoxy-based adhesive system demonstrating both low loss and high reliability, specifically designed for OEMs and PCB design manufacturers. Offered as coverlay and sheet adhesive.
High temperature flexible adhesive system with an MOT of 225C.
Teflon®/Laminate system offered as a clad laminate or bondply. Ideal for RF designs.
Embedded resistance double sided laminate

Geoffrey Leeds
Flex Product Manager | 760-814-3727
Insulectro Unleashes the
Incredible Power of 5

It's Not Too Late!
Past OEM FORUMS Available for Viewing

You probably know by now our one-hour OEM FORUMS have garnered rave reviews and great attendance. Have you missed one and want to catch up?

All OEM FORUMs from our library are available by clicking on the box to view our complete library on VIMEO.
JUNE 24, 2021
Undisputed Made-in-America Industry Leader
Pacothane® THERMOPADS™
THERMOPADS™ can be used in any high temperature lamination that requires the use of Exotic high Tg substrates. Whether you are using DuPont's Tk or your requirement is an LCP build, Thermopad with THERMOFILM™ offers the best conformable package with its robust attributes eliminating the uncertainty and negative impact of generic alternatives.
  • Operating Temperatures up to 600°F (316°C) for extended press cycles
  • Thickness is .044" (1.117mm)
  • Predictable Control of Heat Rise excellent Thermal Conductivity due to Select uniform fiber distribution and controlled thickness and weight specifications of the Press Pad Design
  • Uniform pressure throughout the pressure load
  • Maintains flexibility and minimal brittleness when used with THERMOFILM™ to increase 3-Dimensional Conformance minimizing X-Y-Z axis stress on circuits
  • The smooth surface of both THERMOFILM™ and THERMOPADS™ allows superior conformable properties against the differential surface of the circuit under high temperature conditions

PACOTHANE TECHNOLOGIES® and INSULECTRO – don’t work with those who follow – join those who lead!

PACOTHANE TECHNOLOGIES® Proudly Produced in the USA with American Labor and American Materials!

For all your needs and challenges in lamination, give us a call! With our broad product offering we have the solutions you need. We like to make your life easier!

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - Pacothane® Products | 949-922-6819
And, don't forget, recently published Pacothane® Product Sample Guide available. Contact me for details.

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - LCOA® | 949-922-6819
CAC® Inc
Superior surface quality,
supporting thinner foils  
Remove those hard to clean, defect causing and throughput limiting separator plates.
  • Reduce stack height - More panels per book per opening, CSC 7.5x thinner than separators
  • Eliminate surface defects as the factory finish copper surface and profile is protected
  • Production Efficiency gains by reducing the overall mass to heat AND cool in a cycle
  • Layup Efficiency – No separators to clean, resurface or polish - labor intensive & costly
  • Consistency in press stack mass CTE to copper & prepreg with CSC
  • Increase quality assurance as image impressions and FOD concerns are minimized
For additional information, samples, or data sheet, please contact me.

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Drills, Routers, Endmills!
Let Kemmer Improve Your Board Quality

The PCB industry has seen a significant increase in the need for endmills. Insulectro’s Kemmer line has a complete product offering of single, two, three and four flute designs for various applications and material types. Currently stocking endmills from .50mm to 1/8”.

Kemmer Tech-Centers are continuously reviewing endmill designs and carbides, through a series of tests to ensure that we meet the increasing quality requirements of all material types and applications.
Please contact your local Insulectro branch for additional product information and availability.

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - Drill & Business Development - Canada | 949-922-6819
Design Education - An Insulectro Priority
Insulectro Sponsors New Design Trade Association
Printed Circuit Engineering Association™ (PCEA) is an international network of engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers, and anyone related to printed circuit development.

Our mission is to promote printed circuit engineering as a profession by encouraging and facilitating the exchange of information and the integration of new design concepts through communications, seminars, and workshops.
If you are a professional serving in the printed circuit industry from any associated discipline, you are encouraged to join. Membership is free and you’re encouraged to be involved as we all seek to collaborate, educate and inspire one another. Visit the web-site at:
As advertised in i-Connect 007's PCB Magazine.
Copper Complexity - Not All Are Created Equally
Neither Are Supply Chains!
Remember to Use Your Available Tools
During times of uncertainty with external factors impacting business decisions it is important to utilize all the resources and support available to meet those important dates.

In this column previously I’ve discussed material attributes of both loose and bonded copper foil to aid in the design process. Whilst that information supports the creation of the Printed Circuit Board, it can also support the assembly process in terms of operator efficiency during the press stack creation and breakdown process.

The 62 mil separators not only require regular maintenance in the form of cleaning and polishing to prevent trace line damage, but they also take up valuable space within the lamination press impacting throughput. Furthermore, they consume significant amounts of time to incorporate and subsequently remove during breakdown when you perform a time study and look at the weekly and monthly values.

Using a bonded aluminum or steel to your desired copper foil simplifies the process, saving valuable time and requires a single operator. Ensuring your limited resources are deployed to maximize throughput.

It is important to use regular separators next to the press pads but utilize CAC or CSC on the internal copper layers.

From a supply chain perspective, CAC and CSC are both domestically produced in California and supported by our domestic material partners.

Key Points to Remember:

Loose foil is available from 6 µm up to 140 µm (4oz) in a variety of grades covering 1,3,7,8 and 11 and profiles such as LP, HVLP and VLP2 with same day and next day delivery as options. 

Bonded foil from CAC Inc is produced in Southern California in a clean room environment and can incorporate any loose foil option in steel or aluminum construction.

Hope to see you in person at IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, January 25-27, 2022.
For further assistance, connect with me by email, phone, or in person!

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Fine-tuning Operations
Is Trying to “Stretch” the Most Out of Your Consumables Hurting You?
Shur-loc, IBC Brush and Equipment Service are being recognized by customers as key contributing factors in Insulectro helping them to increase their departments efficiencies in areas of their facility.
When it comes to screen tension…..too little is not good and too much is not good either!

Through extensive testing, Shurloc has mastered the optimal tension when screening Soldermask on automatic screen printers.
  • Too little of mesh tension will allow the mesh to move under the squeegee causing soldermask to flow into the holes. It will also cause the mesh to retract very slowly off the surface of the panel

  • Too much tension could cause the squeegee to flex during printing and leave a heavier deposit on the outside edges of the panel. Not to mention the extra mechanical stress needed from the machines mechanical system.

  • Shurloc and experienced screening department supervisors have pinpointed the optimal tension so you get the best performance across the board, or should I say “panel?"
Contact your Insulectro Account Manager to see how the Shurloc frame system can better assist at your facility!

Shurloc can custom fit most any size frame to your application.

  • Ease of use, “anyone” can learn to stretch a frame.
  • Continuous consistent tension throughout the frame
  • Frames can be stretched in a matter of minutes
  • Ready for use immediately (no more leaving frames/mesh settle out for hours and then have to re-tension before use.)

Are you overusing your debur brushes?


On a previous article I had mentioned about how you could overuse your pumice brushes and the depletion in performance when doing so.

The same can also be said when overusing your debur brushes as well!
The ends of a silicon carbide grit brush bristle are cut at a specific angle and need to be installed for the correct rotation. The bristles are also cut at a specific length as well. These bristles have a certain amount of flex to them. The shorter they get, the more aggressive they can become on the surface of the copper.

If it is a manual machine, the pressures must be monitor consistently to get the best results and must also be monitored on when a brush change is needed. 

If it is a fully automatic machine, then the combination of thickness reader, rpm compensation from brush wear and width reader will assist in the brush performance and then automatically tell you when you’ve met the life of the brush, not the maximum adjustment!
Please contact us for a brush quote and see how our Equipment Services can be tied in to optimize your machine’s performance!

If you did happen to catch the “5 Reasons to Call Insulectro” for your Service needs! Well….here’s a few more to think about!
The calls for Preventative Maintenance Programs and Equipment Rebuilds are increasing as customers understand the benefits this brings to their equipment’s overall performance and up time.
With 20 years of experience, we take machine rebuilds seriously!
Remember that we can assist in your equipment needs through the following:
  • Equipment Reviews and Audits
  • Service and support
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Also, do you have a used piece of equipment you’re looking to get installed? We may be able to assist here as well!

Ruben Zambrano
Field Application Engineer
Cell: 847-345-3759
Please reach out should you like to discuss any of these topics further.

Thank you.
Kevin Barrett,
Product Manager & TAM| 847-489-1356
Today's Copper Foils
for Tomorrow’s Applications!
Tailored to meet market trends such as compartment miniaturization, vehicle electrification and increased connectivity demands require improved characteristics of both wrought and ED foils.
Focus on wrought solutions such as:
  • Low profile height (Rz) for signal integrity, as low as 0.4µm
  • Consistent profile height across the web which does not change when ordering thicker foils
  • Alloy foil with Increased tensile strengths which can exceed 700Mpa
  • Grain structure in terms of large crystals and uniform orientation improves fatigue resistance and provides excellent vibration resistance.
  • Thermal resistance to withstand hostile environments for automotive applications.
Wrought foils released to IPC 4562A in grade 5, grade 7 and grade 8.
Call us to find out more – we love to talk about this stuff!
Give us a call to discuss how CAC can help you
make better circuits faster.
Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Copper Foils | 203-219-7989
Hard to Process Metals?
Our Beck's Light Gauge Process Is What You're Looking For
We enjoy processing metals that most shy away from. 

Our specialties include:

  • 0 temper aluminum for deep drawing
  • One Side Bright aluminum for the auto or name plate industry
  • Clad Heat Treated Aluminum for the aerospace industry
  • Litho Sheet for the printing industry
  • Bright Annealed and Polished Stainless for the appliance industry
  • Soft Copper
  • Coated Products (aluminum or steel)
  • Titanium

In other words “Jewelry”. We are a white glove, hand stacking operation giving us the ability to inspect each sheet or piece.

We have been qualified by many top Stainless and Aluminum producing mills as well as a long list of metal distributors. Many of our customers have their own cut to length equipment. Generally for a wide range of gauges. 

Because our leveler was built for light gauge, we can correct flatness issues other larger roll levelers cannot. Quite often we get used to free up our customer’s line time by running the lighter gauges or more difficult time consuming jobs.
Call Matt to find out more about our Beck's process and all that CAC® has to offer.
Matt Swanson
General Manager, Toll Processing
CAC®, Inc.| 847-331-7644
Everyday Materials You Need, On Our Shelves Every Day
Insulectro recognizes the importance of maintaining adequate inventory to begin work. Designers know when you need it, you need it. Using the link, you can see what PumaFast™ and standard materials we stock to get you up and running.

Covid-19 has not stopped our ACT! initiatives!

We have successfully collaborated on many ACT! opportunities.

We are delivering on Technology, Design and Education while you can bank on the sales results!

We are virtually taking our ACT!
to another level!

Insulectro and our partners are moving the chains to help our customers exceed performance goals. Our team of professional and technical resources are now offering our customers access to design and education services.
This is a Game Changer!
Our ACT! Initiatives combined with our design and education services provide our customers a total solutions package with a one-stop-shop option.
Our customers now have total access to not only our Insulectro foot print, best in class products, materials on the shelf when you need them; but also the expertise to deliver solutions from design to delivery…FAST!
Call me and to set up a VIRTUAL ACT! with your customer.

There's a reason I'm smiling.

Ron Murdock
ACT! Manager & Technical Account Manager
To be the easiest company to do business with. . .

Insulectro has a program for continual improvement, all designed to make ourselves as user-friendly as possible to our customers, their customers, and our suppliers. Speed Matters, so we focus a lot of attention on getting you the materials you need as quickly as possible.

Our PumaFast™ Program lists current inventory of everyday materials you need every day.
Best-in-Class Materials
from our Premier Suppliers