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Thriving in the New Year
Welcome to our fifth-year publishing industry and company news in our PumaNews™ Magazine. Your support has been tremendous. Thank you!

As we begin the march into the Holidays, Insulectro has been busy with plans for 2023. Two hybrid teams of our company’s leaders and visionaries have met for strategic planning sessions this month to set the course for our efforts in both PCB and Printed Electronics.

Typical sessions focus on both “what’s working” and “what’s not working.” From there we map our strategies for continual improvement in all areas of our company.

Although the economic future can appear unclear, know that we are doing our part to help you and your business thrive in the New Year.
Patrick Redfern
PCBAA, the Printed Circuit Board Association of America, members include: AGY, Amphenol, Bowman, Calumet, Chemcut, Denkai America, DuPont, Harbor Electronics, Insulectro, Isola, MacDermid Alpha, Nano-Dimension, Pacothane Technologies, Rogers Corporation, Sanmina, Summit Interconnect, TTM Technologies, and Uyemura USA.
The Printed Circuit Board Association of America is a consortium of companies, representatives, and enthusiasts who are advocating for U.S. manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Insulectro is proud to support PCBAA's effort as a founding member.
We encourage you to not stand on the sidelines but get involved to support PCBAA's three main objectives:
  • Support the Domestic Production of PCBs
  • Enhance Domestic Supply Chain Security
  • Advocate for Initiatives that Create Fair Market Conditions
This organization is your voice in Washington.
Visit today to learn more about membership. See below for more information and a link to inquire about membership.

Another Step Forward for US Manufacturing
PCBAA Names David Schild Executive Director
The Printed Circuit Board Association of America named David Schild as the association’s first executive director.

PCBAA is a consortium of U.S.-based companies that support U.S. domestic production of printed circuit boards or PCBs. The association focuses on reshoring American high-tech manufacturing and building a resilient and secure domestic supply chain.

"David brings tremendous experience and enthusiasm to the association," said PCBAA Chairman Travis Kelly. "He will drive our efforts to educate, advocate and support legislation that will bring printed circuit board manufacturing back to the United States."

PCBAA President Will Marsh discussed how this new role positions the association for continued success heading into the 118th Congress: “David’s appointment is the latest milestone in what has been a two-year effort to build a strong and effective presence in Washington. I am confident PCBAA will continue to grow under his leadership.”

David Schild is the founder and managing partner of Three Rivers Strategies, LLC., a strategic public affairs firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Prior to establishing his firm, David spent several decades in the aerospace and defense industry, managing political engagement, employee communications, advocacy campaigns, executive coaching, and public affairs for TRW, United Technologies, and Raytheon.

David is a former adjunct faculty member with George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management where he taught "Political Action Committees and the U.S. Congress" from 2010-2019.

Ken Parent Speaks Out!
It's All About Partnerships!
A Priority for Us
As 2023 is fast approaching, I would like to update you on my vision for the future.

I will be working to make Insulectro more of a partner to our customers and suppliers. When we make it easy to do business for both our suppliers and customers, we seem to live a more rewarding and productive life

We have plans to drive simplicity into the business so we are easier to work with and deliver our products to you faster. 

Our focus on the core business will be vital to our success. However, we will continue to invest in our design education efforts and look forward to bringing you next generation products for the markets that we believe you need for your future success. 

We are expecting positive growth and investments in future circuits in both the PCB and PE markets. Our recent acquisitions of ECEMC, Focus Tech, and ETI are all coming together nicely and we have high expectations for 2023. 

Insulectro continues to be engaged in PCBAA and is rejoining USPAE due to the great work both of these organizations are accomplishing

Have a great year-end and good luck planning your 2023 goals and objectives.
Ken Parent
Chief Operating Officer| 949-587-3370

Livin' in a Material World!
Connecting Resources to
Deliver Customer Solutions
Supporting every process step in the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is critical to Insulectro’s vision of being vital to the design and manufacture of future circuits. 

Insulectro has the industry’s leading line card, representing world-class suppliers, and having a team of resources that are able to connect solutions with multiple product and equipment lines is how we deliver customer solutions

Recent examples include offering ETI equipment and process controls to support both DuPont and Focus Tech chemistry processes. Auditing the lamination room allows us to introduce best-in-class solutions using CAC, Inc. bonded copper, Pacothane Technologies® lamination assist products, Tadco plates, and consumables all while supporting Isola® rigid and DuPont™ Pyralux® flex laminates. 

Advancing the lamination room capacity, reducing energy consumption, and allowing higher lamination temperature control and automation are all enabled by the InduBond® lamination press. The drill room is another area where we can bring turnkey solutions utilizing the advances of the Kyocera Drill tool solutions along with optimized LCOA® drill backup and entry materials. 

In addition, for nearly two decades we have been offering customized Focus Tech Chemistries optimized for DuPont™ Riston® Dry Film imaging products. 
Connecting our world-class suppliers is exactly what we will be doing under one roof at IPC APEX EXPO 2023 as we intend to showcase our 1800 square foot Insulectro Technology Village.

This is the one place our industry comes together to learn, network, and share what’s new to support the industry’s evolving technologies. We are only two months away from sharing firsthand customer-driven education and solutions. Coming January 23-26, San Diego Convention Center. Stay tuned…..
Michelle Walsh
Vice President of Product Management| 949-587-3251
Celanese Completes Acquisition of Mobility & Materials Business
Establishes Celanese as the Preeminent Global Specialty Materials Company

Press Release | November 01, 2022
DALLAS, November 1, 2022 -- Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), a global chemical and specialty materials company, today announced it has completed the acquisition of the majority of the Mobility & Materials (M&M) business of DuPont.

“We are excited to welcome the M&M team to Celanese and I want to thank the teams that worked diligently to successfully close this acquisition today,” said Lori Ryerkerk, chairman and chief executive officer. “With the addition of M&M’s industry-renowned brands and product portfolios, we have established Celanese as the preeminent global specialty materials company.

As one team, we will be better positioned to elevate the growth trajectory of Engineered Materials and to create value for our customers and shareholders. We look forward to providing additional commentary on the acquisition as part of our upcoming third quarter 2022 earnings release and conference call later this week.”

The Company announced the acquisition of M&M in February 2022. As part of the transaction, Celanese has acquired a broad portfolio of engineered thermoplastics and elastomers, industry-renowned brands and intellectual property, global production assets, and a world-class organization.

About Celanese
Celanese Corporation is a global chemical leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. Our businesses use the full breadth of Celanese's global chemistry, technology and commercial expertise to create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the corporation.

As we partner with our customers to solve their most critical business needs, we strive to make a positive impact on our communities and the world through The Celanese Foundation. Based in Dallas, Celanese employs approximately 8,500 employees worldwide and had 2021 net sales of $8.5 billion. For more information about Celanese Corporation and its product offerings, visit

Forward-Looking Statements
This release may contain “forward-looking statements,” which include information concerning the Company’s plans, objectives, goals, strategies, future revenues, cash flow, synergies, performance, capital expenditures and other information that is not historical information. When used in this release, the words “outlook,” “forecast,” “estimates,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “projects,” “plans,” “intends,” “believes,” “will” and variations of such words or similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

All forward-looking statements are based upon current expectations and beliefs and various assumptions. There can be no assurance that the Company will realize these expectations or that these beliefs will prove correct. There are a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained in this release.

These include the Company’s ability to realize the anticipated benefits of the acquisition. Numerous other factors, many of which are beyond the Company’s control, could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed as forward-looking statements. Other risk factors include those that are discussed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Any forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date on which it is made, and the Company undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date on which it is made or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances.

Editor's Note:
The acquisition of DuPont's Mobility & Materials division includes the DuPont MCM brand of conductive inks and pastes now marketed under the Celanese Micromax™ brand distributed by Insulectro.

Micromax™ is a leading brand of printable, stretchable, and moldable functional thick film inks, pastes, and ceramic tapes. Micromax™ brand products are utilized for circuitry, interconnection, and packaging of electronic devices in automotive, passive components, telecom, consumer electronics, healthcare, and military applications featuring properties such as enhanced circuit density, improved thermal management, higher reliability, and other critical functionality.

Micromax™ represents over 60 years of experience in the development, manufacture, and sale of specialized electronic materials, and offers leading global customer support and product quality and consistency.

To learn more about Micromax™ and the Celanese Mobility Materials Division, please click link below.

The People Behind the Puma
Meet Mark Jones
Operations Manager
Londonderry, NH
BIO: "I was born and raised in Methuen, Massachusetts . I went to Methuen High School and was always involved in Sports. football, winter track and baseball. Senior Year, I was named all MCV linebacker. Looking back, best time of my life.

"Attended University of Lowell and majored in Criminal Justice. Was going to go into law enforcement then met my wife and we put the brakes on that path.

"In 1996 I began a third shift job at JJA in Hampstead, NH (original CAC), worked my way to warehouse manager until they moved the company to Arizona at the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004. February of 2004 I interviewed in Londonderry with Dan Diesel and the rest is history. Started as the warehouse supervisor and now the Operations Manager for the BEST branch in the company."
Mark Jones gets stuff done. . .
When you were child, what was the first job you wanted to have when you grew up? Cop

Name a couple of childhood nicknames? Jonesey

What did you think when you became a part of the Insulectro? What did I get myself into?

What are your three greatest strengths?   Leadership, Ethics and Time management

If your wife could change one thing about you, what would it be? To not keep my stresses bottled up inside.
What’s the most rewarding DIY project you have done? Rehabbed my home when we first bought it.

How would your teammates describe you? Hands on and honest

Are you more at home in jeans, a suit, or yoga pants, and why? Jeans, there is always work to do at home.

Favorite musical group?   Black Sabbath

Great weekend for you is? Spending time with my wife and dog Rusty.

Best car you had you miss?  85 Chevy Camaro
What’s your dream vehicle? 4 wheel drive pickup truck

What’s biggest regret you ever had? Not having kids when we were younger, kept putting it off.

If you could go anywhere in the universe where would you go first, and why? Wouldn’t matter where, as long as my wife Bernadette was with me.

What’s your beverage of choice? Water
If you had won the $2.0 billion dollar Powerball® lottery, what are the first three things you would have done? Find the best doctor for my wife, set my family up financially, and make large donations to the ASPCA and St. Jude Children’s hospital

In the owner’s manual for Mark Jones, what are the first three things on the CAUTION page? Don’t lie to me, don’t let me see you abuse an animal, and that’s about it.

How would you like to be remembered? That I made a positive impact on a person’s life.

Director of Sales - Midwest
Rob Schulz
Please welcome Rob Schulz to the Puma Team. Industry veteran Rob is our new Director of Sales for the Midwest Region. He has spent 10 years in the PC industry as North American Sales Manager and Facility Manager. For the last 2 years, Rob has been working as part of a team to build a brand new PC facility in the USA from the ground up.

As Rob puts it, "I have been in the board industry for many years as an owner and a manufacturer of PC boards. My focus has always been on understanding a customer's needs to provide the best possible service.

Activities I enjoy are, travel, live music, outdoor - hiking- boating - skiing - gardening - kayaking, cultural events, museums, and art. I find Insulectro a wonderful place to meet new people, learn, and be part of an exciting team of diverse individuals."

WCM: JIT/Customer Service
Leveraging Visibility & Standard Work for Better Execution
At Insulectro, our Corporate Purpose is “Enabling Our Customers To Build Better Circuits, Faster!”

“JIT” (Just-In-Time) Service for our Customers is a key pillar of our World Class Manufacturing culture. We work safely, with a focus on delivering a quality product, to fulfill orders at a pace that meets our valued Customers’ needs. 

We also have put much focus on engagement across all functional areas of Insulectro in the last year. We’re being intentional to encourage all our Teammates to “Make Problems Visible." 

At a recent Sales Meeting, we encouraged our field customer-facing team to provide feedback on chronic supply chain / operational issues that have the biggest impact on our ability to service our customers effectively.  

One of the issues that was highlighted was repeated occurrences of inter-branch stock transfers from Lake Forest, CA to our Midwest locations, where product/orders were at times not making it onto the truck.

Based on this problem being made visible, Felix Martinez, Director of Operations, and Jaygee Gozum, Lake Forest Operations Manager accepted the feedback and took immediate action. 

Our approach in Operations to solving problems is beginning to follow a standard four-step “Kaizen” event process: 
  • State the Problem  Define the Gap, Identify the Impact, Go and See the Problem
  • Have I Confirmed the ROOT Cause?   Identify Root Cause through “5 Whys” and/or Cause & Effect “Fishbone” Diagram
  • Have I Confirmed Cause & Effect  Small, Reversible Experiments on key process inputs, to prove hypotheses and Develop Countermeasures
  • Have I Confirmed Countermeasures  How will we “CHECK” if countermeasures are effective initially and ongoing?
“The gap was pretty well defined for us in the problem that was shared, so our first step was to ‘Go and See’ where the problem was occurring,” said Martinez.  “This always involves us going to the source of where the work is done, the ‘Gemba’, and talking to those who do the work

"For this particular problem, we went and spoke to both the Fabrication and Shipping Supervisors in Lake Forest to understand their standard work and tools that should support prioritizing, and not missing, branch transfer orders."

Jaygee Gozum added, “Once we went to the source and looked at the workflow screens for order prioritization, it was pretty obvious that we had some gaps in process, but also systems visibility. We were keying off certain fields on the system that were not populated with info that visually would indicate some branch transfer orders as belonging to part of an upcoming shipment. 

"As a result, we were treating these orders as stock jobs, and not putting the priority/emphasis on them to complete soon enough to meet ship dates. And, because we weren’t even getting visuals on our system screens that linked these jobs and the truck transfer orders, we did not have a process for following up and “checking” that we weren’t missing anything."

“It was clear we had an issue with our standard, and we had some gaps in our tools that needed to be addressed”, said Martinez. “We needed to bolster our daily process with “check” points to ensure we weren’t missing anything, and we needed to plot out system visibility improvements that would help us better tie jobs to branch transfer orders. 

"Since we’ve implemented new daily standard work in early October, we have not missed any branch transfer shipments. The key though is ongoing “checking” to ensure our countermeasures are working, so we’ve integrated a review/discussion of these orders into our daily leadership huddle meetings."

As an Operations team, we are beginning to utilize a Kaizen “Before & After” template to tell the stories of these type of improvement events. Below is the summary of the team’s efforts on this project:
Fantastic work with amazing before and after results so far Lake Forest team! Let’s keep the daily standard work “checking” happening to confirm there’s not more we should be doing.

You have done an outstanding responding to service issues that have been made visible and driving action! 

You’ve really embodied Insulectro’s Corporate Purpose of “Enabling Our Customers To Build Better Circuits, Faster!”
And thanks to everyone for another remarkable month.

Jason Shuppert
Vice President of Operations
Not All Copper Foil is Created Equally
Copper Foil is a Technology Enabler
Copper foil is a technology enabler.

Processing of high performance VLP2 copper foils requires attention and should be processed with care to ensure the integrity of the smoother treated profile. The make-up of these materials which improves electrical and signal performance often reduces adhesion and therefore peel strengths.
To improve copper peels, foil manufacturers have historically offered products with higher surface topography and/or enhanced chemical treatments. This trend is changing with the introduction of more RF and HSD (Radio Frequency and High-Speed Digital) materials. Foil profiles are trending downward on the internal layers and many of these materials are now produced with specialty foils with roughness numbers at or near 1 micron.

Conventional H Oz foil Rz at ~5 microns and reverse treat foils for core materials Rz in the 3 to 4-micron range. These smoother foils are being used on Outer layer applications to enhance the whole design.
It is now commonplace for core materials on RF and HSD products to be produced with what the IPC would define as VLP and even HVLP foils (Rz of <5.1 & 3 microns respectively).

IPC is working on an update of the 4562A WAM1 specification, to be publish during IPC 2023 in San Diego.
The low roughness levels on these foils can become problematic when used on Outer Layers of multilayer PCBs. This is due to the loss of adhesion that is inherent with the reduction in the mechanical bond created with more conventional foils (see diagram) roughness.

While these low roughness foils work to acceptable levels on core materials that will be encapsulated in a multi-layer stack or even in a sub lamination which will also be encapsulated later in the process, prior to final lamination. They can be problematic when used for external outer layers that will likely be subjected to special finishes (Si, Ni, Au) and/or ultimately the assembly process.

IPC sets definitive bond requirements for Outer Layer copper foils that must be met for a manufacturer to certify that a PCB meets IPC standards. Key when producing PCB for Military or Automotive applications.
Remember only pass foils through alternative oxide ONCE, removing 50-60 µin at most.
For further assistance, connect with me by email, phone, or in person!

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Laura Martin & Mike Creeden Are Always Teaching
Record Crowds at PCB Carolina
Laura presents PCB Fabrication 101

When your design files are sent off to fabrication, how do those files translate from digital to physical?
This past week Laura Martin Insulectro’s Director of Technology joint-presented with Nino Hardin, new Director of Sales for Summit Interconnect (Santa Ana) at PCB Carolina 2023.

The presentation covered all the basics for how a PCB is made once those gerber files are sent out for fab. With 100+ attendees, industry experts Laura and Nino reviewed the quintessential must-knows for PCB fabrication.

With an interactive crowd, Laura and Nino answered the designers' questions about what really is beneath that green ink! How fabricators select the right process to meet designers call outs. How can a designer control those decisions while balancing the needs of manufacturability with design compromise?

A shocking revelation was that most designers in the room had yet to visit a PCB fab! Any engineer, designer, or manager even remotely involved with hardware fabrication should take the opportunity to visit your PCB fab partner. It will go a long way to understanding how a PCB is made and what you can do to make that next design make rev 1 work.
Mike Creeden packs them in as he shares his vast knowledge of design.

PCB Carolina has been growing consistently for the past decade, and this year the show reached a milestone: more than 1,000 attendees. A frequent speaker at this annual event, Insulectro's Technical Director for Design Education Michael Creeden shared his vision for the importance of design.

Randy Fawcett, co-founder of PCB Carolina and president of the design bureau Better Boards in nearby Cary, North Carolina, congratulated Mike, "This year was packed more than any other year. Not many empty seats. You always bring them in!"

You can find an animated Mike Creeden, far right, in the picture below.
Tools at a Glance
End Mills and Routers and Drills, Oh My!
Insulectro is proud to be the newly signed exclusive North American distributor for Kyocera PCB products. Kyocera has a full line of products to support customer needs in both the drill and fabrication areas.

Highlighted in this newsletter are the multiple tool series available to support the various needs in the drill and routing areas. Below is a list of the countersink and scoring/engraving tools stocked and available at Insulectro to support our customers as they strive to provide outstanding quality to their customers.
Series 2002
Two-Flute Scoring & Engraving
Two flute scoring tool available with specified scoring angle.
Series 2400
Four-Flute Countersinks
Four flute countersink tool with specified countersink angle.
Have a challenging process issue? Reach out to us today and we will work with your team to provide a solution!
Need repoint services? We can support you with state-of-the-art automated pointing as well as manual.
Kyocera is unique in the North American market as they alone can design, develop, and manufacture drills, routers and endmills for specialty applications, quick turn requirements, and bring new designs faster to ever-changing market needs all right here in Orange, California USA. Along with our industry-leading backer and entry products, Insulectro has what you need to build better boards faster.
Please contact me for additional information, technical support, or process-related questions. Our Insulectro team looks forward to assisting in you!
Along with our industry leading backer and entry products from LCOA®, Insulectro has what you need to build better boards faster.
Please contact me for additional information, technical support, or process related questions. Our Insulectro team looks forward to assisting in you!

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - Kyocera Precision Cutting Tools | 949-922-6819
Pick a color! Any color!
Pick a color!
Any color!
The InduBond® XPress with its unmatched performance and footprint can now be ordered to display parts of your company colors as well.
With the InduBond® double-opening XPress, you have the capability to run two different materials that have two different heat cycles in one press load. Run your polyimide in one opening while running your 370HR in the other!

Reach out to us for a presentation and see how we can optimize your process and save big time on energy costs as well.
We have the machine to fit your needs with a proven track record of quality, performance and durability!
We have over 40 installations completed in the United States and Canada alone.

Lines include:
  • Plating lines
  • DES – With Hyper Etch Technology
  • SES – With Hyper Etch Technology
  • Immersion Silver/Tin
  • OSP
  • Desmear/PTH
  • Scrubbing lines – Debur/Pumice/Jet
  • Handling equipment

This equipment also has ease of access for operators and maintence to get to the mechanical portions, spray bars and rollers.
We have over 40 installations completed in the United States and Canada alone. Our service team is at your disposal, used and new equipment!

An example of equipment manufacturers we service:
  • Emergency Service 
  • Preventative Maintenance  
  • Installations
  • Rebuilds
  • Retro-fits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • Brushes
Please reach out should you like to discuss our equipment offerings further. Thank you.
Jon Pelletier
President, Equipment Technologies| 603-548-5304

Kevin Barrett,
Product Manager - Equipment| 847-489-1356

Geoff shouts: "Give me Space!"
The Universe is Under No Obligation to Make Sense to You
Space, the void, the final frontier. It is a harsh, unforgiving environment requiring the most advanced and reliable materials possible.

Outer space refers to the areas between planets, solar systems, galaxies, galaxy clusters and galaxy superclusters. There is little matter in outer space. It is a hard vacuum, without any air. This also makes it extremely cold.
These are the environments where Pyralux® materials deliver, year after year, design after design. Pyralux® LF adhesive was invented as a result of the space race in the ’60s and ’70s.

With that revolutionary material, Pyralux® Adhesives and Flexible Copper Clad Laminates have created a whole new market and method for designers to solve problems with flexible PCBs.
In the late ’80s, DuPont released Pyralux® AP (All Polyimide). FCCL was released ushering a new era of reliability trusted by NASA’s Mars Rovers to this day. AP and LF/FR adhesives have been and still are the go-to flex materials for any satellite-based PCB design.

With decades of flight time, these materials work in near absolute zero conditions or for millions of bend cycles on the surface of Mars.
If you need more information about how Pyralux® materials can buy you some flexibility for your next mission, please reach out. We can help make your next lift-off a success. 
Geoff Leeds
Product Manager, DuPont Flex Laminates | 760-814-3727
Innovative Advancements in Automotive Infotainment
Superior Electronic Devices Require
Ultra-thin DuPont Kapton® Polyimide Films
Vehicles today are, in many ways, high-powered computers on wheels. The industry is packing more and more functionality into vehicles – from connectivity and entertainment features to comfort and advanced mobility applications to ADAS system integration and autonomous driving capabilities.

While these enhancements improve the driver and passenger experience, they also introduce increased complexity to vehicles’ electrical architectures and electronics systems and put pressure on manufacturers to continuously enhance system performance.

To illustrate the level of advancement taking place in automotive electronics, consider a vehicle’s infotainment system. Not long ago, a CD disc changer was an innovative entertainment feature.

Today, vehicles feature ever-more-robust infotainment systems that provide passengers with unique and customized experiences. These systems include touch screens, music streaming capabilities, advanced navigation, voice-command capabilities, and even 360-degree camera views.

The challenge: Increasing functionality, power and complexity (in extreme and harsh environments) while decreasing the footprint.

The increased functionality of infotainment systems is creating unique challenges for engineers who are designing systems, components, modules and PCBs. First, PCBs aren’t getting bigger, but they still must accommodate more micros, connections and circuits. The result is a more powerful PCB (in effect, a “superior” PCB). While the PCB is crowded with components – which creates design and operability challenges – it drives higher performance in next-gen electronics.

Further, the stringent electrical and manufacturability requirements of automotive customers create a second challenge for PCB engineers. While new board design processes can help accommodate the many components that support increased functionality – and these processes have been successfully used in consumer electronics for decades – PCB manufacturers in the automotive industry must account for challenging specifications and extreme environments.
World's Most Dynamic Printing Event
Insulectro Visits Printing United Expo
The Printing United Expo is the most dynamic and comprehensive printing event in the world. Bringing together the entire printing industry in one place to experience over a million square feet of equipment, solutions, and the latest trends! Dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends and opportunities in both functional and graphic printing, Insulectro joined the event with distribution partner Coveme.

Polyester film is the heart of Coveme which has a deep-rooted and unique knowledge thanks to 60 years of experience in transforming this extraordinary material.

They treat, coat, heat-stabilize, laminate, and cut polyester film for a wide range of applications, and are proud that their materials make an essential contribution to the most technically advanced products of everyday life. 
Product developments conducted by Coveme are aimed at modifying and improving the characteristics of polyester film, making it higher performing and versatile, by transforming its intrinsic characteristics and adding important properties to that innate of PET.

  • UV resistance
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Hydrophilic properties
  • Release properties
  • Printability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-fingerprint properties

Coveme constantly invests in production capacity and efficiency. Their materials are the result of a lean and green manufacturing process, embedded in a total quality system.

Equipped with the latest technologies, 14 production lines in two production plants are run and managed by highly qualified personnel while being supported by three state-of-the-art R & D laboratories.

Please call 1-855-955-0200 with any questions regarding these product offerings or visit our E-Commerce site at
Visit our E-Commerce site at the LINK BELOW TO VIEW ALL OF OUR SUBSTRATES.

Jeffrey Crawford
Advanced Substrate Specialist

Chris Hunrath on Future Tech
Details in the design,
Ultra-HDI for PCB
As new materials and equipment enable the PCB fabricator to extend the limits of density, the signal integrity impact cannot be ignored.

This creates a need for SI testing that’s different than the tradition PCB structure. High resolution imaging combined with ultra-thin foils or additive metallization can make circuit traces taller than wide.

Laminating these types of circuits also brings another thing into play. When using prepregs, the resin will fill between the circuits without the glass as the fabric tends to “tent” the spaces. This changes the electrical properties when compared to the normal glass resin composite and likely result in a much lower Dk. This information does not show up on material technical data sheets.
As mentioned in previous articles, circuit features like this are not new. The change now is in the fact we are applying this to a much larger PCB format and thus much longer traces. Larger BGA pin counts (I/O’s) with smaller pitch are driving up density and layer count. This is in addition for the need for speed and SI performance.

Bottom line, we will have to calculate and with measurements, validate the impact Ultra-HDI has on performance of the PCB.

We will actively pursue information in this area, but we need input from designers, OEM’s and fabricators. Help us help you so we can provide the best information possible.

Let’s take PCBs to the next level.
Chris Hunrath
Vice President of Technology & Vice President of Sales - Western Region
@Mike Creeden
What does Industry Involvement look
like for each of us?
We each hold a position in our industry that is of service to our direct employer and to our greater industry as a whole.

Because I’m probably older than most, but still younger than some, I will share a few observations of how our involvement can benefit our employer, our greater industry, and lastly our own professional career path.
Your work ethic is based on the integrity you bring to your employer serving their greater needs, under their direction, and meeting their goals. How we interface with colleagues in our company is the first order of involvement that fosters growth and teamwork.

It also starts you on a path of serving the needs of the team while building leadership skills. If your position provides you the opportunity to be customer-facing or industry-facing, you have a chance to help the greater good of the industry at the same time your company benefits from your actions.

When done right, your actions are seen with an altruistic viewpoint which builds a company’s reputation. Lastly, your own profile in the industry can improve and it becomes a collection of all your involvements, contributions, and experiences. Therefore, value your reputation and profile in the industry, never burn a bridge, value all relationships you make, then let integrity and kindness be your guide.
When considering your industry involvement with your employer, you must make sure they see the value in your engagement and that they allow you to be involved. You should make sure that your choice of involvement brings value to them by means of technical knowledge brought back or industry exposure when you wear their branding during your participation.

Some suggestions to expand or improve your knowledge base might be as simple as pursuing education on YouTube or a podcast. There may be professional development courses you could receive through an industry class or a training center. There exists a full line-up of trade shows with technical conferences.

If you have the opportunity to attend a trade show with a technical conference, you will always do well to participate in the presentation, take excellent notes, and then reread the softcopy presentations that are made available. Too often we attend classes, and the information goes into one ear and out the other.

I think it is beneficial to take steps to retain the knowledge by re-exposing ourselves to the information multiple times. I heard it suggested by one of the panelists at PCB West that all technical conference attendees should provide a write-up to their management on the value of their investment in sending you to the event. This will help secure the justification and opportunity to attend future or similar events.
In the industry at large, we have opportunities to participate as a recipient of information and this is of great value in our professional growth, value to our company, and awareness within the industry at large.

The existing Subject Matter Experts (SME) are always looking for the next leader to pass the torch. So, I’m encouraging each of you to ask yourself if you have an aspiration to become an SME or a desire to share your knowledge base with the industry this puts you on a path to becoming a giver of information. Here at Insulectro, we have a motto we all aspire to and that is, “Always learning, always teaching.”
The idea of public speaking truly frightens most people at first, so to experience those feelings is very normal. However, once you equip yourself with a knowledge base, your next step is to start small and build up to speaking at a larger venue.

Another opportunity to be involved may be the potential to serve or just participate on an industry standards committee, such as IPC. I coined the phrase that best expresses the involvement in IPC as this, “IPC should not be considered as them, rather it is an us!” There are several industry associations where you may become a member and participate.

IPC provides company/corporate membership but not individual membership. SMTA has an individual membership at a minimal cost and various ranges of corporate membership. PCEA has free individual membership and various ranges of corporate membership.

With PCEA, as an individual, you can freely join a local or regional chapter and participate in the chapter meetings and begin your growth of industry involvement. In addition, there are several other industry associations that might suit your needs. 

Have an attitude of service whereby you volunteer to set up chairs or join the leadership core team. Who knows, maybe in a few months you could contribute as a guest speaker. One of the best values of participation is building your own collegial network as these relationships can be mutually beneficial for years to come.
Every journey begins with the first step. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is the overcoming of fear. So be bold, get involved in your industry, start small, dream big, and accomplish great things!
With our Design Education Program, we are eager to support signal-integrity reviews of design circuits prior to fabrication. Also, we are ready and eager to create one or several training sessions for the OEM or your fabrication team.

These will be tailored to meet the exact needs of the audience, brought by a technically appropriate presenter, with specific content to further your team’s success and provide that edge to meet the needs of advancing technology trends.
Contact any of our Technical Account Managers or call any of our branch offices to schedule your Virtual Training Session soon.
Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Mike Creeden CID+ MIT
Technical Director, Insulectro Design & Education| 949-587-3370
Welcome to the November Edition of
Insulectro PumaNews™ Magazine - East Coast Edition

As we begin the countdown to 2023, I have been reflecting on this year.
It marks a year of many challenges - in business and indeed in our personal lives.
The good news is our team continues to focus on getting the work done and taking care of business - YOUR business!
Through it all, our team is still “GSD” ing - ”Getting Stuff Done” 
We find solutions to problems and deliver what we promise. 
We do look forward to 2023 but we won’t stop doing the hard work in 2022.
We love all our customers and appreciate your business and the trust you placed in our hands!
Thanks from the East coast Team!

Ron Murdock
Director of Sales - Eastern Region/ Canada
Isola Shows PCB Materials for All Signals at Electronica 2022 IN Munich
Isola Group will be in Munich, Germany, for electronica 2022 with an assortment of circuit materials expected to meet or exceed the needs of the broad range of markets the international event serves.

Set for November 15-18, 2022 in the Trade Fair Center, Messe Munchen, electronica 2022 is the world’s leading conference and exhibition for the design and production of all things electronic, from consumer products to long-lasting assemblies built for space.

Isola Group will be in Hall B1, Booth #422 at the show. Isola’s material experts will welcome visitors with advice and guidance on the optimum use of the company’s most popular laminates and prepregs.

Like electronica 2022, Isola’s circuit materials cover a broad spectrum of markets, for printed circuit boards (PCBs) in everything from portable electronic devices and automotive safety systems to 5G base stations and small cells and Satcom systems.

The materials are “made for manufacturing,” formulated with characteristics that enable different circuit materials to be fabricated with compatible processes, even when they are used to form multilayer, multiple-signal PCBs with a blend of analog, digital, and power circuitry. Isola’s materials on display will include I-Tera® MT40, I-Tera® MT40 (RF/MW), Astra® MT77, Tachyon® 100G, TerraGreen®, TerraGreen® (RF/MW) and TerraGreen® 400G.
About Isola
Isola is a leading global material sciences company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets laminate materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards, which provide the physical platforms for the semiconductors, passive components, and connection circuitry that power and control virtually all modern electronic products. Isola operates a network of factories worldwide.

Norm Berry
Director, Laminates & OEM Marketing| 603-365-6953
DuPont Introduces SOLDERON™ GT-210
Delivers Unique Conductivity Performance with Low Contact Resistance
DuPont has commercialized several new products for the North American Automotive Market. This month I’m highlighting the SILVERON™ GT-210 High Durability Silver Process.
Silver deposits have highly desirable properties for today’s electronics with high thermal and electrical conductivity but exhibit poor wear characteristics. Various alternatives exist that offer improved wear, such as hard gold, or silver composites, but come with major cost or operational barriers. Hard silver, typically as silver-antimony alloy, provides a harder deposit but does not address the need for durability.
SILVERON™ GT-210 High Durability Silver delivers a silver deposit with unique performance by maintaining the conductivity and low contact resistance credentials of pure silver, while enabling tens of thousands of cycles with almost no wear. This allows designers and manufacturers to prepare parts with substantially thinner deposits, or to replace very costly hard gold, and where appropriate, to eliminate the use (and cost) of lubricants.
Features of the SILVERON™ GT-210, driven by the performance needs of the deposit, include:
  • High Durability without additional post-treatments = high insertion cycles
  • Low insertion force without additional post-treatment = high density interconnection
  • Excellent low contact resistance
  • Sustainable solution – low hazard bath, cyanide free
  • Enables silver-based reusable high-performance connector applications
DuPont developed a solution to address the growing market needs for a sustainable, environmentally friendly, ‘slippery silver’ process that is particularly suited for the Automotive EV Market.
Please click on the link below to visit DuPont’s™ next generation Automotive Solutions website:
If you would like to have a conversation or presentation to discuss how Insulectro can introduce you to DuPont’s latest metallization technologies, including the SILVERON™ GT-210, please reach out to me.

Paul Welter
Product Manager - Chemistry | 612-309-8745
The DuPont Chemistry Line
With the acquisition of East Coast Electronic Material Supply (ECEMS) in late March, Insulectro has brought another best-in-class product line to our customers. The addition of the DuPont Electronics Imaging & Interconnect Solutions (ICS) chemistry line, which was legacy Dow Chemicals before the Dow-DuPont merger, adds a complimentary piece to an already robust Insulectro product offering.

DuPont ICS is innovating new metallization technologies across many platforms:

Electroplating Applications
  • Microfill™ EVF-III for advanced via filling and through-hole plating
  • Microfill™ LVF-IV for next generation SLP applications

  • Copper Gleam™ PPR-II for high aspect ratio pulse plating
  • Electroposit™ EP-1600 for high aspect ratio DC plating
  • Copper Gleam™ HS-200 for horizontal DC plating in FPC applications
  • Copper Gleam™ ST-920 for DC vertical continuous plating (VCP)

IC Package Substrate
  • Microfill™ SFP-II & Microfill™ LVF-IV for advanced SAP applications

Making Holes Conductive

Electroless Copper Solutions:
  • Circuposit™ 3350-1 Vertical Electroless Copper
  • Circuposit™ 4000 Horizontal electroless copper for FPC/RFPC
  • Circuposit™ 6700 Horizontal Ionic Catalyst for Advanced HDI applications

Direct Metallization Solutions:
  • Next Generation Crimson™ & Conductron™ palladium-based systems
  • Next Generation Graphite 2000™ carbon-based system

Duraposit™ SMT-88 & Aurolectroless™ SMT 520

Process Chemistries:
DuPont offers a full line of cleaners, developers, strippers and other ancillary products to support printed circuit applications.

General Metal Finishing:
Full line engineering, decorative and precious metal offerings

As you can see, through this addition of the DuPont ICS chemistry line, Insulectro is now providing chemistry and technical support to the general metal finishing, plating-on-plastics, and wire plating industries, which we see as an area of growth.
Ormet® PCB-710
Eliminate Lamination and Plating Steps
Ormet® PCB-710 is a lead-free, copper-based, paste formulated for creating microvias in printed circuit boards. This can be done to replace stacked via designs with multiple lamination steps, or to bond subs together without requiring a through-hole drill to electrically connect the subs.
The Ormet® paste is processed at normal PCB lamination temperatures. The final product offers superior thermal and electrical performance.
For more information on Ormet®, please contact me.

Jeff Johnson
Product Manager - Dry Film/Chemistry/Paste & FAE | 720-260-3696
Riston® DI3000 Dry Film
Eliminate Donut Adhesion Issues 
DuPont™ Riston® DI3000 dry film is the next generation print and plate dryfilm. This is a dual wavelength film that is optimized for use on today’s direct imaging systems. This film delivers great resolution and optimal adhesion of small features like donuts and thermal reliefs, even on flash plated foil.

It is available in 38, 50, and 62 micron thickness.

Jeff Johnson
Product Manager - Dry Film/Chemistry/Paste & FAE | 720-260-3696
BEST Steel for Separator Plates in All Presses, including OEM, Burkle & InduBond®
Tadco is the only supplier of 630 Stainless Steel for lamination separator plates in the USA! Other suppliers try to imply they offer this quality steel, but 630 Stainless Steel is produced in Japan and is sold exclusively through TADCO through exclusive agreements with the manufacturer and the TADCO ownership team.

  • Product Description
  • Steel Type: 630 Stainless Steel FH (full hard) with a #6 polished finish both sides. Polishing direction is parallel to the length dimension of the plates.
  • Roughness: #6 Polished: Rz ≤ 1.0μm (for reference R max ≤ 1.2μm)
If required, Inspection Certificates concerning material composition, size of plates, and inspection standards will be provided.

For the thickness measurement, smaller plates will be measured at three points every 10 sheets, and larger plates will be measured at nine points.

Plates will be shipped with a foam sheet inner leaf between each plate.

Please call us for ALL your lamination needs! We offer the Highest Quality products available on the market!

Paul St. John
Product Manager – TADCO Products| 949-587-3391
A Super Matchup!
Make Your InduBond® Press
Sit Up & Take Notice
Bacon and eggs. Black and tan. Mac and cheese. Bert and Ernie. InduBond® and Copper-Steel-Copper!

Bonded Copper foil including VLP profiles onto a Steel carrier ensures that not only the low-profile topography is protected but the surface is clean, free from causing signal integrity defects as all FOUR edges are sealed. It's a star performer in an InduBond® press!
Carrier foil is available from 1µm up to 5µm, now CSC bridges that gap offering foils from 6µm to 140µm.

CSC is available in 8 mil which has twice the image transfer resistance as 15 mil aluminum AND can replace up to SEVEN standard 62 mil steel separators. Those separators not only cause circuit surface imperfections impacting trace lines but reduce stack height allowing more panels per lamination cycle.
I've got a lot to tell you about this matchup!

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Contact your Insulectro or Isola sales representative for more information.

Norm Berry
Director of Laminates & OEM Marketing| 603-365-6953 

Join our
Puma Team!

Help us define the future of Printed Circuit Boards and Printed Electronics!

Join our Puma team and be a part of our growth.

Business Development

Click on the ad (left) to see various positions we are recruiting.

As advertised in i-connect007's PCB Magazine

Click-Out our
Pyralux® Flexible Laminates Selector Guide. . .
(click on product name)

The standard copper clad laminate systems for any flex or rigid flex designs.
The standard copper clad laminate systems for any flex or rigid flex designs.
Single sided flex copper clad substrate
Standard acrylic adhesives for building multi-layer flex designs. Offered as coverlay, sheet adhesives and bondplys.
Standard acrylic adhesives for building multi-layer flex designs. Offered as coverlay, sheet adhesives and bondplys.
An epoxy-based adhesive system demonstrating both low loss and high reliability, specifically designed for OEMs and PCB design manufacturers. Offered as coverlay and sheet adhesive.
High temperature flexible adhesive system with an MOT of 225C.
Teflon®/Laminate system offered as a clad laminate or bondply. Ideal for RF designs.
Embedded resistance double sided laminate

Geoffrey Leeds
Flex Product Manager | 760-814-3727
It's Not Too Late!
Past OEM FORUMS Available for Viewing
MOST OF OUR OEM FORUMS available for viewing
JUNE 24, 2021
As A Replacement
PACO•CLUTCH™- for the Lamination of Flec & Multilayer Circuit Boards
PACOTHANE TECHNOLOGIES is the world's leading manufacturer of products to enhance and assist the production and quality assurance process for the lamination and manufacture of printed circuit boards [PCB].

Pacothane services the worldwide PCB and Smart Card markets, which include Rigid Multilayer, Rigid/Flex, Cover-layer Flex, Flexible Multilayer, Copper, and Un-Clad Laminates.
These circuit boards are integrated into a wide variety of applications and markets that include telecom, data communications, high-speed computing, mobile devices, military, smart cards, medical, and effectively all electronic products.

  • We develop and produce consistent, dependable, functional products that help to eliminate the hidden variables in PCB manufacture, reducing scrap rates and reworks
  • We provide uncompromising support to our distributors and their customers, through training, sales, and technical support

  • We help customers select the correct product for their specific application
  • We continuously improve functionality to reduce customers' finished product costs

Proudly Produced in the USA
with American Labor and American Materials!

For all your needs and challenges in lamination, give us a call! With our broad product offering, we have the solutions you need. We like to make your life easier! Training and on-site assistance are available through your Insulectro representative.

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - Pacothane® Products | 949-922-6819
And, don't forget, recently published Pacothane® Product Sample Guide available. Contact me for details.

Geraldine Arseneau
Product Manager - LCOA® | 949-922-6819
CAC, Inc.
Superior Surface Quality,
Supporting Thinner Foils  
Remove those hard to clean, defect causing and throughput limiting separator plates.
  • Reduce stack height - More panels per book per opening, CSC 7.5x thinner than separators
  • Eliminate surface defects as the factory finish copper surface and profile is protected
  • Production Efficiency gains by reducing the overall mass to heat AND cool in a cycle
  • Layup Efficiency – No separators to clean, resurface or polish - labor intensive & costly
  • Consistency in press stack mass CTE to copper & prepreg with CSC
  • Increase quality assurance as image impressions and FOD concerns are minimized
For additional information, samples, or data sheet, please contact me.

Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Foil & CAC® | 203-219-7989
Design Education - An Insulectro Priority
Insulectro Sponsors New Design Trade Association
Printed Circuit Engineering Association™ (PCEA) is an international network of engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers, and anyone related to printed circuit development.

Our mission is to promote printed circuit engineering as a profession by encouraging and facilitating the exchange of information and the integration of new design concepts through communications, seminars, and workshops.
If you are a professional serving in the printed circuit industry from any associated discipline, you are encouraged to join. Membership is free and you’re encouraged to be involved as we all seek to collaborate, educate and inspire one another. Visit the web-site at:
As advertised in i-Connect 007's PCB Magazine.
Shur-loc, IBC Brush and Equipment Service are being recognized by customers as key contributing factors in Insulectro helping them to increase their departments efficiencies in areas of their facility.
With a minimal cost and an immediate return on investment, the day you begin using the system and stretching……why wait?

  • Mesh panels ready to stretch into the Shurloc frame in minutes
  • Each mesh panel has a color-coded edge as well as the information stamped in one corner
  • Available in the common 22.5-degree angle needed for LPI or 90 degrees.
Contact your Insulectro Account Manager to see how the Shurloc frame system can better assist at your facility!

Shurloc can custom fit almost any size frame to your application.
  • Ease of use, “anyone” can learn to stretch a frame.
  • Continuous consistent tension throughout the frame
  • Frames can be stretched in a matter of minutes
  • Ready for use immediately (no more leaving frames/mesh settle out for hours and then having to re-tension before use.)

Going Beyond
the Tool Case

Are you running the correct pumice brush?
Are they being installed correctly?

Insulectro service can tie in brush changes with proper preventative maintenance needed for this equipment.

  • Too thin of a bristle will result in a softer brush that will require more pressure to try and achieve the proper copper surface needed for adhesion. This could also lead to nylon smear if your pumice concentration and pumps solution supply to the manifolds is not absolutely perfect!
  • With the IBC brushes, they have been engineered specifically for this application so, with the proper footprint, the pumice can be rolled and driven across the copper as it should, while minimizing the bristle contact with the copper surface.
Working with IBC for over the past 15 years, we’ve made sure their brushes are manufactured with the best possible specifications to give optimal performance in the printed circuit industry.
We can also perform regularly scheduled brush changes in your machine. We don’t just change your brushes and walk away. This piece of equipment will go thru a specific number of tests along with a review of other areas of the machine before we leave it to production. What we like to call as…….

Going Beyond the Tool Case!

Equipment Service
“Customers are beginning to see the difference in having us assist their maintenance staff in the ever-important preventative maintenance programs needed to uphold an equipment’s performance.”
  • Are you getting the best performance out of your equipment?
  • Is your equipment DOWN more than it is UP?
  • Let us lend a hand by assisting your maintenance team.
Remember that we can assist in your equipment needs through the following:

  • Equipment Reviews and Audits
  • Service and support
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

The calls for Preventative Maintenance Programs are increasing as customers understand the benefits this brings to their equipment’s overall performance and up time.

Also, do you have a used piece of equipment you’re looking to get installed? We may be able to assist here as well!

Ruben Zambrano
Field Application Engineer
Cell: 847-345-3759

Mike Engle
Field Application Engineer
Cell: 360-749-1756
Please reach out should you like to discuss any of these topics further.

Thank you.
Kevin Barrett,
Product Manager - Equipment| 847-489-1356
Today's Copper Foils
for Tomorrow’s Applications!
Tailored to meet market trends such as compartment miniaturization, vehicle electrification and increased connectivity demands require improved characteristics of both wrought and ED foils.
Focus on wrought solutions such as:
  • Low profile height (Rz) for signal integrity, as low as 0.4µm
  • Consistent profile height across the web which does not change when ordering thicker foils
  • Alloy foil with Increased tensile strengths which can exceed 700Mpa
  • Grain structure in terms of large crystals and uniform orientation improves fatigue resistance and provides excellent vibration resistance.
  • Thermal resistance to withstand hostile environments for automotive applications.
Wrought foils released to IPC 4562A in grade 5, grade 7 and grade 8.
Call us to find out more – we love to talk about this stuff!
Give us a call to discuss how CAC can help you
make better circuits faster.
Mark Satchwell
Product Manager, Copper Foils | 203-219-7989
Everyday Materials You Need, On Our Shelves Every Day
Insulectro recognizes the importance of maintaining adequate inventory to begin work. Designers know when you need it, you need it. Using the link, you can see what PumaFast™ and standard materials we stock to get you up and running.

Covid-19 has not stopped our ACT! initiatives!

We have successfully collaborated on many ACT! opportunities.

We are delivering on Technology, Design and Education while you can bank on the sales results!

We are virtually taking our ACT!
to another level!

Insulectro and our partners are moving the chains to help our customers exceed performance goals. Our team of professional and technical resources are now offering our customers access to design and education services.
This is a Game Changer!
Our ACT! Initiatives combined with our design and education services provide our customers a total solutions package with a one-stop-shop option.
Our customers now have total access to not only our Insulectro foot print, best in class products, materials on the shelf when you need them; but also the expertise to deliver solutions from design to delivery…FAST!
Call me and to set up a VIRTUAL ACT! with your customer.

There's a reason I'm smiling.

Ron Murdock
ACT! Manager & Technical Account Manager
To be the easiest company to do business with. . .

Insulectro has a program for continual improvement, all designed to make ourselves as user-friendly as possible to our customers, their customers, and our suppliers. Speed Matters, so we focus a lot of attention on getting you the materials you need as quickly as possible.

Our PumaFast™ Program lists current inventory of everyday materials you need every day.
Best-in-Class Materials
from our Premier Suppliers