Fraud and Employee Benefits Plan

March is Fraud Awareness Month. As advisors, clients and employees both make us aware of the inconveniences that are experienced when claims are reviewed or their practitioner is audited for credentials.

According to Benefits Canada, nearly 95% of all benefit plans have been affected by fraud. According to the Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association nearly 20% of all claims are fraudulent, depending upon geographic location.
New Product Lines come to the Canadian Primary Care Market

It is hard to believe but it has been almost been a year since Medical Mart and Medline forged their unique partnership. Now, with our alliance strongly solidified, Medical Mart has added a vast manufacturing capability to our already strong distribution presence in the Canadian Healthcare market and customers are already starting to see the benefits.

Not only do we distribute all of the very best products and brands across the country but, now, we also manufacture our own exclusive line of high quality products as well.

Leadership Effectiveness in Non-Profits: The Role of Fundersthree
Why does the importance of managing people resources matter just as much, probably more, than managing financial resources? Because competence translates financial resources into increased profit. Isn't that the whole logic of the financial advisor vs. money under the mattress model?

Leadership effectiveness is a key metric of organizational competence and success within the non-profit sector. Strong and diverse leadership capabilities collectively leverage funding pools into increased social capital - where the social value of services provided to the community is greater than production costs.

Within the context of risk mitigation, are there different questions funders should ask of recipients specific to 1) governance and 2) human resource effectiveness in order to gauge leadership effectiveness?

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pillarsPillars of the Community
The Gairdner Foundation, recognizes and celebrates the research of the world's best and brightest biomedical researchers through Canada's most prestigious medical prize, the Canada Gairdner International Award.

Since its establishment in 1959, more than 350 Canada Gairdner International Awards have been given to scientists from 15 countries; 84 of whom have subsequently won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The Gairdner Foundation aims to raise the calibre of scientific discussion in Canada and inspire the next generation of scientists to make life-changing discoveries through its recognition the world's most creative and accomplished biomedical scientists.

Join Gairdner for breakfast, networking and a celebration as they reveal the seven 2017 Canada Gairdner Laureates. 

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pharmacyAsk the Pharmacist: Dosing
Supplements: Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Many people across Canada and throughout the world take supplements daily because of an inadequate intake of certain nutrients from their diets alone or to prevent or alleviate various deficiencies or ailments they may have.

What people don't realize is that supplements themselves may cause side effects and interactions with drugs they are taking. Even medications they take may decrease or increase the levels of certain vitamins and minerals in their body, requiring supplements to correct the deficiencies.

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eventsUpcoming Events
ASSOCIUM has a Calendar of Events, and we offer exclusive use to our ASSOCIUM GAIN members!

We welcome and encourage you to send us your event information so that we can post it for you - complimentary for ASSOCIUM GAIN members. Let us help you get the word out to the public about the initiatives you'd like them to know about! We can add a link to your website for more information about your event and your organization. This is ideal for upcoming galas, festivals, performances - any event you want to invite the public to.
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Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector ( GAIN). Recently this service has been expanded to include private small business under the Advantage banner. Our goal is to help your organization access preferred pricing for products and services as well as resolve any purchasing issues you may encounter.
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