Be prepared to answer these 12 questions on your upcoming commercial insurance renewal

Commercial Insurance pricing and limit availability was under pressure leading up to our current operating environment. As carriers now grapple with what may lay ahead, the pressure has cranked up even that much more.  
As your company contemplates it’s next commercial insurance renewal, be prepared to proactively answer these questions:
o    Do you have any confirmed or suspected Coronavirus/Covid-19 cases? If so, how are you managing those?
o   Are you following state and federal guidelines?
o   Please describe how you are monitoring the evolving state/federal guidelines? (is there an assigned individual/task force)
o   Do you have a policy with respect to transferring and/or accepting residents that are suspected or confirmed to be positive with Coronavirus/Covid 19? Please describe
o   Please describe screening of staff? (Asking about travel, contact with confirmed/suspected cases, displaying symptoms, taking temperature, etc) Wh at is the frequency of screening? How are you managing the results?
o   Are you experiencing any staffing shortages? Do you have contingency plans in place that attempt to address this?
o   What is your policy for visitors, specifically ‘essential’ visitors? (Please describe any restrictions, screening efforts, etc? See the staff screening prompts)
o   Is there a communication plan for family members in place? Please describe
o   Have isolation areas been established? Please describe
o   Have group activities and communal dining been suspended?
o   Does the facility document environmental controls (cleaning procedures) being employed, including the date these controls were completed?
o   Is personal protective equipment available to all staff? Is wearing PPE mandatory? Please confirm that PPE has been properly fitted?
Heffernan continues to be here to help our clients and their industry peers  navigate and advocate  in the senior living insurance marketplace. Please visit our resource center and reach out to us. We think we can help!  
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