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Insuring Your Child Care Business
There are risks that you will face as a business operator. They may be financial, medical, legal, or property to name the more common. Risks are generally dealt with through insurance. Insurance is complicated to understand and subject to frequent change.
Three Key Legal and Insurance Tips
You can never eliminate the many risks associated with caring for children; injuries to children, damage to property, car accidents, and law suits.
Staff Management: Hiring and Orientation
Well-trained and experienced staff are the key to early care and education program quality. But every director knows that finding these teachers is a huge challenge. Skills in recruiting, interviewing and orienting new teachers are ones that every director needs. During this course, you will learn practical and effective techniques to help you find teachers with the right fit for your program’s particular needs.
Upcoming Training Events
All face-to-face training events have been canceled until further notice. If you are registered for any of these events, members of our team will be reaching out to you with more information.We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions about offering future face-to-face trainings later in the year. Check out our Training Calendar to learn about the variety of online, self-paced courses that we have available. T hank you for your understanding and flexibility during this uncertain time!
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