WhitePaper - Integrated Paralleling Solutions - by Mike Kirchner, Technical Support Manager at Generac Power Systems
Parallel power solutions have always offered the standby generation marketplace significant advantages; however, the implementation of these solutions has been traditionally limited to mission critical applications and large kilowatt projects.  This was largely due to the constraints involved with implementing traditional paralleling solutions: cost, space, lack of single source responsibility and significant levels of complexity..
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Successful Solution
Pack More Power Into a Smaller Space

Application Background:  As part of the expansion plan of IHnetwork's IP transit network, an existing warehouse was purchased in a small Industrial park in Chatsworth, CA. A complete renovation including new incoming utility service, structural upgrades, electrical distribution, provisions for HVAC upgrades to accommodate the new servers and UPS systems was required to bring the facility up to operational readiness. Critical back up power was a necessity but with limited space available, the need for future expansion capability, and a tight budget, all challenged the client for a realistic solution.   Click here to read full successful solution
A Look Back at the Engineering Symposium
A Look Back at the Engineering Symposium

With a ballroom at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center filled to capacity, nearly 200 power engineering professionals were fixated on the latest innovations in standby and emergency power. Generac hosted its 10 th Annual Engineering Power Symposium. The three-day event is designed for the practicing engineer to walk away with a better understanding of generator sizing, application and code compliance.
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