Integrating Door Hardware
Integrating door hardware with other pieces of security hardware should not be rocket science. Following the steps to getting the right kind of security and security notification you want is key.
  1. Develop your strategy. Knowing the theory of operation for your opening to be is a critical first step to integrating door hardware. Is delayed egress required? Will an alarm sound if the door opens? Will the hardware signal a DVR and capture an event on video, or trigger a remote horn or light?
  2. Select an integration distributor. These distributors should either employ or partner with an integrator that can help you with everything from strategy development to installation and support. The distributor and/or integrator should have knowledge of the products and be able to demonstrate the suggested products.
  3. Fine tune the details. Decide who you want to be notified when the door is opened, and how you want to be notified. You can get a notification that pops up on your phone or have the alert sent to you via e-mail. You can turn on all alerts for everything your camera detects, or choose only certain types of activity to receive notifications about.
  4. Select and order the products. The distributor and/or integrator should be able to give you cost estimates and order the products you need.
  5. Install the products. The integrator should be able to install the products, or provide the contact information for an qualified, trained installer.
  6. Find support. Even the best systems will have issues at some point in time, whether the fault of the product or a faultless problem. Finding the right support will help get your security back up and running.
Did You Know?
Detex has many integrated door systems called EasyKits. These pre-integrated systems come with all the items necessary, addressing applications such as, automatically operated swing door systems, delayed egress and outdoor weatherized delayed egress as well as electric dogging for lockdown and other integrated door security systems. Call today with your question about an integrated door security system and see how a Detex EasyKit can help solve your challenge.
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