CCJ ONsite: D5-D5A Users Group 2012

Update #1


Rotor issues top topic at the 501D5-D5A Users' 16th annual meeting 


Robust presentations and group discussions at the Charlotte (NC) City Center Marriott last week, complemented by tours of three manufacturing and repair facilities, combined to make the 2012 Annual Meeting of the 501D5-D5A Users a valuable learning experience. A significant portion of the technical exchange between the OEM and owner/operators, and among the two-score users in closed sessions, focused on rotor-related issues-vibration in particular. more

JASC fluid control technology delivers top reliability in space and on Earth


Ever wonder why Schuyler McElrath is able to speak before user-group meetings about the high reliability of JASC (Jansen's Aircraft Systems Controls Inc, Tempe, Ariz) liquid-fuel check, three-way purge, proportioning, and other fuel-system valves for frame engines without contradiction? The short answer: JASC's powerplant components are inherently reliable because of the company's culture of perfection that underpins its aerospace successes. more 

California clean energy, and the rest of the West

Arguably, California is attempting to implement the nation's most ambitious clean energy plan. But the state has never existed as an island in the context of energy. Some of its water comes from other states (via the Colorado River, for example), and water is of course critical to electricity production. Hydropower from the Pacific Northwest provides a significant share of the state's electricity. An insignificant amount of natural gas is sourced in California, but the state has the third highest consumption of that fuel for electricity production. more

501D5-D5A Users on tour at Liburdi, Pioneer, Siemens

You could call this the "Year of the Shop Tour." Most of the user groups dedicated to gas-turbine owners and operators are getting out of the classroom for a half day or so to see firsthand what's going on in the manufacturing centers and repair shops serving the industry. Hundreds of millions have been invested in expanding and upgrading these facilities over the last several years to satisfy global demand and to transition, to the degree possible, from worker-intensive processes to automated machining centers, high-technology nondestructive examination (NDE), etc. more

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Managing Critical HV Electrical Plant Risk


The next installment of CCJ ONscreen (June 21) focuses on best practices to detect and manage critical electrical asset risk for improved plant performance and availability presented by Doble Engineering. details
Session topics include:

* Transformer Reliability Assessment & Failure Mitigation
* On-line Generator Condition Assessment - EMI Diagnostics
* Circuit Breaker & Switchyard Maintenance Best Practices
* Update on NERC PRC-005 Requirements

T3000 Users Group formed


Owner/operators attending the mid-February meetings of the 501F and 501G Users Groups expressed "great interest and enthusiasm" in forming a T3000 User Group, said Mark Winne, plant manager, Millennium Power, Charlton, Mass, and vice chair of the G users. It didn't take long: The group was established and the first meeting was held in Alpharetta, Ga, May 16-17. There were 49 attendees representing 37 sites and a broad mix of technologies-gas/oil, combined cycle, coal, hydro, and solar.








Upcoming meetings for GT owner/operators


There are still six user group meetings on CCJ's radar screen before the end of the year. Check out the updated schedule and links to conference information. Hope to see you there. more  





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