Integrity, Healing, and Inspired Creativity - Moon 8
The 28 day Dreamspell 8th Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity, Healing and Inspired Creativity began on February 7th and will end on March 6th. The 8th Moon focuses on finding the Truth of our Hearts, and the Larger Picture that this Truth longs to Serve as we each and together Break Free from outmoded past paradigms to blossom forth creating our Sacred New Stories.

The 8th Tone (Galactic) of the 13 Tones of Creation begins the movement out from the Sacred Pause at Center (Resonant Tone 7), and invites us to engage life in new and exciting ways. During this Moon, however, more reflection before action may serve us well as we stand on the threshold between that Sacred Pause and a major New Beginning.
We might ask ourselves: What inspires me? What brings me great Joy? What allows my Divine Child to express the Art of Living in Magical Alignment and Attunement? What brings me a sense of harmony and beauty within which I, in turn,  reflect without?
The energy of this Moon supports a time for Deep Diving into Great Mystery and for Flying High above old Story for a new and objective Visionary Perspective. It invites us to look deeply within ourselves with observer eyes for anything that might unconsciously be influencing our lives. Its a time of meeting life as we are where we are, and a time of Receptivity, Openness, Flexibility and Flow - this is what will birth a new octave of Freedom.
Its a time to find (or find anew) that Sacred Sanctuary of Peace and Love within, a space of retreat when quieting mind and emotions is needed, a space to nurture the Heart.
Its a time for acknowledging how far we have come and for embracing the promise of the new , the Butterfly's Promise;  for knowing that we have the strength and endurance to do whatever will be asked and required of us. And lest that sound too serious, to have some fun along the way too. Its a Fragile and Delicately Beautiful Time as well as a Time of Great Power and Strength.
Its a time for Embracing and Embodying Magic and for discovering the Wormhole within that has the potential to transport us beyond anything that we could have Imagined or Dreamed; it's a time for giving thanks for the Blessing that is our Life. Let us be midwifes for ourselves and each other as we prepare each and together to birth our Selves and the World anew.
"Through a Portal of Transcendence
Opening within
We glide through the Source-Field - Dreamfield
Where infinite possibilities exist NOW.
Join me, Enter the Mystery
As Whirling Wheels of Splendor Spin into Stillness
We dance co-creatively in greater realities
Upon star trails of unpattermed potential
Awakening in the dream
We ARE the Harmony of the Stars"
Entering a Sacred Garden

Keynotes of this Moon - What feels most resonant and Relevant for You?
Healing the Timeline through first Loving and Accepting ourselves: Radical Self Love and Acceptance
Re-Birthing the Magical Child
Re-Igniting Passion and Creativity 
Re-Evaluating Beliefs and Path
Utilizing Life Experience and Understanding to Inspire, to Support, to Teach,  to Love Unconditionally: Finding and Discerning how to Share the Gold within
Devotion to Sacred Work
Drawing Strength and Inspiration from the Breath of Spirit
Honoring Uniqueness in Collaboration
Singing the Song of the Soul
Bridging Worlds
Deep and Wide Reflection; Deep and Wide participation in Life
New Beginnings and Adventure
Love in the Little Things
Transformation, Transmutation
Becoming the Change and Making Magic
Nurturing the energy that comes from Trusting Intuition
Loving and Supportive Connections ; Companions of Destiny
Harmonizing and Radical Trust

There's an intensity lingering that will continue for awhile. It feels important to find the time to laugh with friends and loved ones, or have a good chuckle to yourself! Find time to nurture, to spend time in nature, in supportive community. What makes you feel relaxed, cared for, loved, honored, healthy, whole? How might you share this nurturing with others?

Words From the last Issue, Moon 7:
 "For the last four years as a collective (beginning March 1 2012) we have been finding our authentic expression and/or tweaking what was once an authentic expression that we have outgrown, then working and playing toward birthing and being PRESENT in our everyday lives. Fully Embodying our Divine Design. Putting our Insides Outside!  - Simply Being - Re-Membering - What an incredible journey it has been learning these unique life dance steps for ourselves.

On March 1 2016, during the next Moon, the Trinities of rotating Mayan Solar Tribes and Tones will Change ushering in a new 4 year Seed Cycle. Are you feeling it? For now lets just say that this is a Time of great Transformation. Hang on Tight to Center and Rise to the Occasion - Pause and Breathe Deeply. There's Magic in the Gaps that a Pause creates. New Opportunities are on the horizon. Centering and being at Home within ourselves is essential on this Sacred Journey as is the ability to Show Up and be Present for life as it magically unfolds. We are bridging worlds...honoring the ancient, while creating anew - forging new territory...inside out"

It is during this Moon (on March 1) that energy shifts dramatically as the Trinity of Kin threesomes that have been rotating together each day for the past 4 years change. The new threesomes will be rotating together until March 1. 2020. I'll be writing more about that shift soon; most likely sometime after mid March. This Moon offers a transitional preview.
Healing and Holding the Rainbow
I am one who is allowing Healing to transcend Space and Time



Freedom, Wonder, and De-Light
Butterflies are preparing for Re-Emergence
in Flowery Fields Blooming Anew

"We can draw great comfort from the fact that deep within the
 DNA of each and every one of us lives the constant reminder of the infinite possibilities of a life lived in the name of love"
~Richard Rudd

For Freedom -- John O'Donohue

As a bird soars high
In the free holding of the wind,
Clear of the certainty of ground,
Opening the imagination of wings
Into the grace of emptiness
To fulfill new voyagings,
May your life awaken
To the call of its freedom.

As the ocean absolves itself
Of the expectation of land,
Approaching only
In the form of waves
That fill and pleat and fall
With such gradual elegance
As to make of the limit
A sonorous threshold
Whose music echoes back among
The give and strain of memory,
Thus may your heart know the patience
That can draw infinity from limitation.

As the embrace of the earth
Welcomes all we call death,
Taking deep into itself
The right solitude of a seed,
Allowing it time
To shed the grip of former form
And give way to a deeper generosity
That will one day send it forth,
A tree into springtime,
May all that holds you
Fall from its hungry ledge
Into the fecund surge of your heart.

~ John O'Donohue ~

(To Bless the Space Between Us) 



The Cosmic Seed takes root in me

to follow my joy will set in Free 

I enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility

Joyfully and with an open Heart


Sacramentally Rooted I/We Stand!





With Love and Gratitude for the Journey
Sarah Gallant

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