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June 2023

What is an EPSMS?

Shutdowns and any stoppage of a business can be a devastating loss of production, time, and customer satisfaction.

Intelli-tech offers Fike’s Emergency Power Shutdown Management System or abbreviated as EPSMS

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Fike Fire Monitors

Fike is proud to announce the latest addition to its family of fire suppression solutions: Fike Fire Monitors.

These automatic water cannons offer precise suppression for difficult-to-reach fires, often within just 15 seconds of detection. They are frequently combined with Fike flame detectors to create the ultimate early warning, water-based fire suppression solution.

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How much does your business spend each year on NFPA- and OSHA-required fire watch?

Now you can drastically reduce these costs with an affordable and easily portable solution.

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Fire Suppression

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