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The Impact of Intentional Leadership in Retail: DiSCovering Your Communication Style

Changing your personality is difficult. Changing your choices in how you communicate is not. It simply requires being 100% present and intentional when interacting with people, and not being so quick to make assumptions based on how you perceive a situation.

Because sometimes your lens—your perception—is distorted, and that means it doesn’t always reflect reality.

Your communication style, like GPS in your phone or car, rests quietly in the background of your mind, influencing your choices as a leader in terms of how you approach problems or engage team members, depending on how you perceive them or the situation. We all have choices in how we respond, and, at times, we have to move out of our comfort zone and natural reactions to meet others with different styles where they are.

The good news is that your style is your style and should be celebrated—and, if you want to, you can always choose to behave and communicate differently. We call that flexing.

In our leadership programs, we raise the level of personal insight about what style strengths are as well as the limitations that may be holding a participant back or influencing their decision-making. Those “aha” moments are powerful. The key is bringing them into the context of everyday retail realities and work performance. Understanding styles and then learning how to apply those insights to improve collaboration, productivity, and results is where the big impact occurs.

While a plethora of style assessments are available for use in leadership training, we’ve found the DiSC® assessments to be particularly impactful for retail leaders. The Everything DiSC® on Catalyst profile and other assessments are foundational to all of MOHR Retail’s leadership and negotiation programs.

Not only is DiSC easy for participants to complete, comprehend, and apply to their life right away, Everything DiSC® on Catalyst teaches people to better understand themselves and others, sparking culture change that lasts. The insight they gain becomes the motivation for them to prioritize and focus on the communication skills we teach that will naturally require them to flex their style.

What’s exciting about the Everything DiSC® on Catalyst platform is that it gives participants real-time insights and tools through the “Your Groups” site to improve working relationships while they’re occurring.

This ability to compare styles in the moment not only keeps people engaged with the concepts after the training, it also makes it easier to interact with their work community on a daily basis so they can be more collaborative, stretch to meet the needs of others, and appreciate and value the differences of others, creating more productive teams.

Read more about communication styles, the Catalyst platform, and how you can leverage these resources to develop intentional leaders with the interpersonal skills and insights to drive results.

Mary Beth Garcia, CEO

P.S. As a licensed distributor of DiSC, MOHR Retail can work with your organization to bring all DiSC applications, including Workplace, Management, and Agile EQ, to your teams through other training you are developing internally. We can also provide just the DiSC survey to DiSC trainers, and we offer DiSC debrief as a standalone training workshop to strengthen departments and enable work teams to be more cohesive, collaborative, and productive. Get in touch to learn more.

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