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MARCH 2019
We live in a world of online; a world of social media, texting, and imagery; a world in which the phone, once used solely as a means of voice to voice communication, is now rarely used for voice conversations, unless that voice is Siri. Users can tune out their surroundings and become isolated in a crowd of people.

WITHIN MINISTRIES roots go back to the days when a phone was just a phone, to a time when many young women were isolated at home with small children and no second car. Fast forward to the online world of today. Yet women continue to face obstacles which can easily lead to isolation. " Human to human, face to face, voice to voice is vital." Now as much as ever. This is a core value of WITHIN MINISTRIES. If you've experienced Grace Within or Ministerio de Mujeres en Crecimiento Personal, you have likely experienced the value of gathering in person and of hearing how you were missed if you were absent.

As you enter into the season of Lent, we invite you to reflect on the value of interpersonal communication and on the value of being present. Read a story of friendship and how to be intentional in choosing human to human, face to face, voice to voice. Reflect on Mary as a model for Lenten spirituality. Seek ways in which you can dig deeper and make this Lent more meaningful as you prepare for the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Christ.

As you read and reflect with us throughout 2019, consider your own core values and what you can do to strengthen them and empower others to do the same.
Human to human, face to face, voice to voice is vital.
from Bringing to Life Grace Within
I had breakfast this morning with one of my best friends. We meet pretty regularly—both one on one and with a larger circle of friends—and it’s time I look forward to and treasure. We met at our church’s Moms Group when our 22-year-old daughters were just 18 months. In addition to supporting one another through the typical busy (and joyful and intense) days of family life, we’ve seen each other through... Click here to continue reading. 
Lent is the season of renewal. Are you prepared?

There is no one “right” way to journey through Lent. Each person is different, each year is different, and each year is different for each person. What matters more than WHAT you choose to do to enhance your spiritual growth is that you DO. Choose an action that sets these days apart from the rest of the year. Add a ritual to your meal or bedtime routine. Fast from an unhealthy behavior and feast on kindness. Practice alms-giving. Enhance your prayer life. Walk the Lenten journey with Mary.

Mary is a beautiful model of spiritual growth. From her presence as a compassionate friend to pregnant Elizabeth, to her birthing the Son of God, to her companionship for those grieving Jesus’s death on the cross while bearing her own deep sorrow, Mary displayed a wisdom beyond her years, and we can learn much from her.

Click here for a six-week mini-reflection on Mary, a Model for Lenten Spirituality .

Additional resources: 

Emptying Your Cup: Finding Peace through Letting Go, a favorite for women seeking a morning or evening of Lenten reflection.

Lent: A Season of Renewal, offering rituals and reflections for enhancing faith development and strengthening family interaction.
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