Roth Grand Cru Surchoix
Item #2410 (1/18lb)
$1.00 off/lb on pre-orders
Grand Cru Surchoix washed rind Alpine-style cheese and 2016 World Cheese Champion, will be in limited production this year and we are offering it exclusively on a pre-order basis. The first wheels of 2021 will be released in May, subsequent wheels will be released in July and September. Reserve your wheels today! click here to learn more
Fratelli Pinna
Santa Teresa
Item #1864 (2/5lb) - $0.50 off/lb
Santa Teresa Pecorino Sardo Dolce DOP is a sheep milk cheese imported from Sardinia, Italy. Highlights of lemon and thyme are balanced by the creamy texture of this delightful cheese. A great addition to any cheeseboard, alongside a glass of dry white wine, like Sardinian Vermentino.
Real Swiss Grure AOP
Item #920001 (1/70lb wheels);
#920002 (1/17lb quarters)
$1.00 off/lb
Aged a minimum of 5 months, this savory and slightly sweet cheese is rich in flavor and steeped in traditions dating back to 1115. As versatile as it is delicious, grate Gruyere to melt into fondue, sprinkle on a kale salad or bake into a mac & cheese.
Real Swiss
Cave Aged Gruyere AOP
Item #920010 (1/70lb wheels);
#920011 (1/17lb quarters)
$1.00 off/lb
Certain things only get better with age, and
Gruyere is one of those things. Cave Aged for at least 12 months, each wheel develops rich brown butter and deep caramel flavors, and a smooth dense inner paste. The refined nature of this cheese calls for fruit, a baguette, and a glass of bubbly.
Marieke Mature Gouda
Item #34020 (1/16lb) - $1.00 off/lb
Marieke Penterman and her team handcraft traditional Dutch Goudas based on authentic cheesemaking methods of Marieke's homeland, the Netherlands. Raw cows milk from the family farm is used to create this award-winning cheese which is aged for 6-9 months. Marieke Gouda Mature is rich and bold with a subtle bite and caramel notes.
NEW Jasper Hill Eligo
Item #7033 (4/2lb) - $1.50 off/lb
*not stocked
A buttery brick-shaped blended cow and goat milk cheese with mild goat flavors and a little funk from a rosy, orange natural rind. Eligo is the first Jasper Hill cheese to use expertly crafted goat milk from their partnership with the new dairy in town, Bridgman Hill Farm. Preserved lemon, mild green olives and toasted almonds make for nice accompaniments.
Jasper Hill
Alpha Tolman Precuts
#7001-6 (12/6oz) - $10.20 off/cs
*not stocked
Inspired by alpine cheeses, Alpha Tolman has a buttery, fruit & nut flavor when young, developing bold meaty, caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The texture is dense and pliant, easily portioned and ideal for melting (hello fondue!).
Vermont Creamery
10% off all aged Cheeses
Vermont Creamery’s award-winning aged cheeses are distinguished by their wrinkled, Geotrichum rind and smooth, delicate interior.
Cremont* #40366 (6/5oz); Bijou #40365 (6/(2/2oz)); Bonne Bouche #40347 (6/4oz); Coupole* #40363 (6/6.5oz); St. Albans* #40001 (9/2.8oz)
Vermont Creamery Dips
10% off goat cheese dips
*not stocked
Seriously snackable, smooth and flavorful Fresh Goat Cheese Dips made with milk from family farms. These dips boast the simple flavor of fresh goat cheese with a smooth and spreadable texture perfect for dipping and spreading. Available in Classic, Garlic & Herb and Red Pepper & Lemon. Packed 6/5oz cups.
*not stocked - items that are not stocked require a two week lead time
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