Fratelli Pinna
Truffle Brigante
Item # 2760 (3/3lb) - $.50 off/lb
Earthy black truffles from Umbria are added
to sweet, grassy and fresh Sardinian sheep milk, creating the sophisticated aroma and refined Italian personality of Brigante with Truffle. Just add bread, olives and Prosecco for a classy picnic lunch.
Solona Feta
Item # 55451(4/5lb) - $2.99/lb;
# 54128 (1/28lb) - $2.25/lb
Soft, creamy and slightly tangy, this Wisconsin-made Greek-style feta adds a savory fresh flavor to any dish. Try baking with olive oil and onions and serve with crusty artisan bread. Available in crumbles (4/5lb) and in brine (1/28lb).
Roth Flavor Ups
Blue Cheese Crumbles
# 56704 (12/3/1oz) - $2.25 off/cs
not stocked
Add a kick of flavor to lunches, salads and burgers with new Flavor Ups™ blue cheese crumbles. These convenient, single-serve cups preserve freshness, reduce food waste, and make it easy to add big flavor on the go!
Roth GranQueso
Item # 3166 (2/6lb) - $2.00 off/lb
Roth's award-winning GranQueso® is inspired by Spanish and Portuguese cheeses. Each wheel is hand-rubbed with cinnamon and paprika, resulting in an alluring reddish-orange rind. Served alone or on a cheese board, everyone is sure to gravitate to its unique flavor .
Jasper Hill
Cabot Clothbound
Item # 7004 (1/32lb) - $1.00 off/lb
Made by Cabot Creamery and carefully aged in the Jasper Hill Cellars for the highest quality, Clothbound is an approachable but complex natural-rind, bandaged cheddar. The texture is crumbly with a nutty aroma and a deeply savory flavor.
Sartori Tennessee Whiskey
Item # 2362-4 (4/5lb) - $7.99/lb
Tennessee Whiskey BellaVitano ® is full of spirit and a smooth sweetness. Wheels of rich and creamy BellaVitano are bathed in Tennessee Whiskey to create a new classic cheese. Breathe in that clear country air and savor the sweet life.
LaClare Raw Goat Cheddar
Item # 2017 (1/5lb) - $1.00 off/lb
This sweet, fresh, fruity raw goat milk cheddar is made on the LaClare family farmstead in Wisconsin. As this cheese ages it becomes rich, nutty and increasingly complex. Slice, shred, or cube and use in place of any traditional cheddar. This raw goat cheddar has enough legs to stand alone on any artisan cheese board.
Vermont Creamery
Crème Fra î che
Item # 40002 plain; 40230 vanilla (12/8oz) - 10% off
vanilla not stocked
Crème fraîche is a deliciously rich cultured cows' cream with a thick, creamy texture and a slightly tart, nutty flavor. The rich taste and unique cooking advantages of crème fraîche bring depth of flavor to dips, baked goods, soups and finishing sauces.
Vermont Creamery
Item # 40072 (12/8oz) - 10% off
Mascarpone is a ridiculously rich and velvety Italian-style cream cheese. Versatile and delicious in both savory and sweet dishes; add to a Tiramisu, or fold into a risotto.
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