Roth's Private Reserve
Item # 1880 (1/18lb) - $5.00 off/lb
Light and crumbly, Roth's Private Reserve is made with raw cow's milk and cellar-aged for over 6 months in Monroe, Wisconsin until it is perfectly perfect. Its tangy flavor transforms on the tongue, turning sweet with rich honey and butterscotch notes. Fine crystals offer a surprising crunch to this raw milk masterpiece.
Fratelli Pinna Medoro
Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP
Item # 80055 (2/6lb) - $.50 off/lb
Medoro is an award-winning hard sheep milk cheese imported from Sardinia. Aged for at least 120 days and brushed with olive oil, Medoro is subtly sharp, fruity and nutty with notes of burnt caramel and the distinctive tangy finish of fresh sheep milk.
Jasper Landaff
Item # 7007 (1/9lb) - $1.15 off/lb
Landaff has a natural rind and a semi-firm paste with subtle aromas of cave and grass. Its balanced complexity harmonizes a bright buttermilk tang and savory brown butter notes. Landaff is exceptional on a cheese board but versatile enough to use in the kitchen - it melts beautifully.
Vermont Creamery 4oz logs
all 4oz goat logs  (12/4oz) - 15% off
Vermont Creamery’s first product, fresh chevre, is made with fresh goat milk from Vermont family farms. Distinguished by a simple, mild goat milk flavor, these 4oz chevre logs come in 8 delicious flavors.
Classic (40150); Herb (40275); Smoky Pepper Jelly* (40279); Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon *  (40276); Pepper* (40267); Wild Blueberry, Lemon & Thyme *  (40278); Clover Blossom Honey *  (40277); Everything  think everything bagel  (40280)
Vermont Creamery
15% off all aged cheeses
Vermont Creamery’s award-winning aged cheeses are distinguished by their wrinkled, Geotrichum rind and smooth, delicate interior.
Cremont* # 40366 (6/5oz); Bijou # 40365 (6/(2/2oz)); Bonne Bouche # 40347 (6/4oz); Coupole* # 40363 (6/6.5oz); Fresh Crottin* # 40304 (12/2.5oz); St. Albans* # 40001 (9/2.8oz)
*not stocked  - all Vermont Creamery items that are not stocked require a two week lead time
Promotion effective on orders placed 1/1/20-1/31/20. Offers only available to customers in good credit standing. Promotion cannot be combined with any current sales incentive.
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