Ricotta Salata
Easter Special!
Item #3786 (2/8lb) - $0.50 off/lb
Fratelli Pinna is a 4th generation family-owned creamery on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Their sheep milk Ricotta Salata is versatile and delicious. Made by lightly salting and aging fresh ricotta curds, this smooth, savory and nutty Ricotta is dense yet soft, and crumbly but not dry. Shave onto a beet salad or bake into a savory pie or quiche!
Fratelli Pinna
Grated Pecorino Romano
Item #80220 (12/8oz)
$5.00 off/cs
Fratelli Pinna grated Pecorino Romano DOP is now available in 8oz cups! This traditional Italian sheep milk cheese is aged for 8 months, until it reaches peak grating flavor. A delicious savory and piquant addition to any pasta dish! Click here for more information.
Solona Feta Crumbles
Item #55451 (4/5lb) - $2.99 per lb
Soft, creamy and slightly tangy, this Wisconsin-made Greek-style feta adds a savory fresh flavor to any dish. Bake with olive oil and chopped onions until warm and serve with crusty artisan bread.
Vermont Creamery
Cultured Butter Sticks
#40423 Unsalted; #40424 Sea Salt
18/8oz sticks - 10% off
*not stocked
These new sticks are crafted with fresh Vermont cream and are available in both Sea Salt and Unsalted. An 82% butterfat content, gives this butter a high smoking point perfect for sautéing and baking!
Vermont Creamery
Item #40072 (12/8oz) - 10% off
*not stocked
Mascarpone is a ridiculously rich and velvety Italian-style cream cheese. Versatile and delicious in both savory and sweet dishes; add to a Tiramisu, or fold into a risotto.
Vermont Creamery
Crème Fraîche
Item #40002 (12/8oz) -10% off
*not stocked
Crème fraîche is a deliciously rich cultured cows' cream with a creamy texture and slightly tart, nutty flavor. The rich taste and unique cooking advantages bring depth of flavor to dips, baked goods, soups and more!
Jasper Hill
Vault 5 Cave-Aged
#7064 (1/40lb); #7064-10 (1/10lb)
$1.15 off/lb
*not stocked
Hand-selected vats of young Cabot Creamery cheese are cave-ripened in 'Vault 5'. Batches are released when the perfect balance of bright, deeply brothy and salted-caramel flavors meet a supple, crystalline texture. The sweet-savory balance of the cheese makes it an excellent match with charcuterie and apple preserves.
Jasper Hill Harbison
Item #7005 (9/9oz) - $9.00 off/cs ($1 off per wheel)
Harbison is a soft-ripened spruce-wrapped cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind. This award-winning spoonable cheese has woodsy, sweet, lemony and vegetal flavors.
Jasper Hill Eligo
Item #7033 (4/2lb) - $1.50 off/lb
*not stocked
A buttery brick-shaped blended cow and goat milk cheese with mild goat flavors and a little funk from a rosy, orange natural rind. Eligo is the first Jasper Hill cheese to use expertly crafted goat milk from their partnership with the new dairy in town, Bridgman Hill Farm. Preserved lemon, mild green olives and toasted almonds make for nice accompaniments.
Carr Valley Bread Cheeses
(12/6oz) - $3.00 off/cs
Bread Cheese is Wisconsin-made, modeled off of a traditional Finnish cheese called ‘Juustoleipa,’ translating to "cheese bread". This perfectly pre-toasted cheese is made to be heated in a pan, in the oven, on the grill or in the microwave until warm and gooey.
Plain Bread Cheese #1031; Goat Bread Cheese #1031-1; Jalapeño Bread Cheese* #1031-4; Chipotle Bread Cheese* #1031-2; Garlic Bread Cheese* #1031-3; NEW Bacon Bread Cheese* #1031-5; NEW Pizza Bread Cheese*
*not stocked - items that are not stocked require a two week lead time
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