Fratelli Pinna
Brigante di Capra
Item # 2759 (3/3lb) - $.50 off/lb
In the land of sheep, goats are often forgotten. Brigante di Capra reminds us that Sardinian goat milk makes for some delightful cheese! This mild and creamy gem imparts a clean, herbal taste - perfect for snacking or melting on a panini.
Roth Gran Cru Surchoix
Item # 2410 (1/18lb) - $2.50 off/l b
Gran Cru is a washed-rind Alpine-style cheese crafted in authentic copper vats using the finest Wisconsin milk. Only a few wheels - the best of the best - meet the stringent requirements to become Surchoix. This World Champion cheese has a deep and complex flavor that makes it the winning centerpiece of any cheeseboard.
Wisconsin 12 Year Cheddar
# 42141 Yellow, # 42140 White
(1/40lb) - $8.99/lb
This 12 year aged cheddar is a Wisconsin masterpiece. Smooth, rich and sharp with a crystalline crunchy bite, this aged-to-perfection cheddar is best enjoyed on its own with a glass of Bordeaux.
*Pallet qty discount available* (45cs/pallet)
Jasper Hill
Cave Aged Cheddar Cuts
# 7032 (12/6.5oz) - $1.80 off/cs
not stocked
Special batches of Cabot Creamery cheddar are sent to the Cellars at Jasper Hill for expert ripening. Aging is complete when the perfect balance of savory depth, lactic brightness, and salt caramel sweetness is achieved. A sophisticated 12-month aged cheddar in perfectly sized 6.5 oz cuts.
Jasper Hill Winnimere
Item # 7012 (5/13oz) - $3.75 off/cs
Winnimere is a decadent cheese made only during winter months with rich raw Ayrshire cow milk. Young cheeses are wrapped in strips of spruce and after 60 days of aging, this cheese is spoonably soft with notes of bacon and sweet cream. Winnimere is best enjoyed by peeling away the top rind and diving in with spoon and some friends.
Sartori Asiago Quarters
Item # 2368-4 (4/5lb) - $5.75/lb
This is a wonderfully mild and versatile grana-style cheese, justly famous for its nutty flavor, pungent aroma and creamy finish. You’ll find it enhances just about everything from soup to nuts — including pizza, pasta, salads and flatbreads.
Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter
10% off
Item # 40096 (6/6oz) Sea Salt Basket, 40134 (6/8oz) Unsalted Roll, 40118 (6/8oz) Lightly Salted Roll
Vermont Creamery's cultured butters are made in the traditional European style in small batches from fresh, Vermont cream. Churned to 86% butterfat; just add bread!
*not stocked  - items that are not stocked require a two week lead time
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