Fratelli Pinna
Santa Teresa
Item # 1864 (2/5lb) - $.50 off/lb
Santa Teresa Pecorino Sardo Dolce DOP is a semi-soft sheep milk cheese imported from Sardinia, Italy. Highlights of lemon and thyme are balanced by the creamy texture of this delightful cheese. The namesake of Santa Teresa is Teresa Pinna - mother of the fourth generation of Pinna cheesemakers; making this is the perfect addition to your Mother's Day spread!
Uplands Cheese
Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Item #1309 (1/10lb) - $1.00 off/lb
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is a washed-rind, alpine-style cheese that is aged for 8-14 months. Pleasant Ridge is made only in the summer months with raw milk from grass-fed cows. Each wheel is brine-washed by hand to develop its signature rich, meaty flavors. One of the most distinctive and celebrated cheeses in the country!
Locatelli Pecorino Romano
Item #70000 (1/60lb wheel)
$0.50 off/lb
Firm and smooth with a savory, piquant finish. Produced with Sardinian sheep milk and aged for 9 months. Ideal for cooking, grating or serving as a table cheese. The sharpness of Pecorino Romano lends itself to be paired with robust reds like Chianti and makes it a bold flavor addition to pretty much any traditional Italian dish.
Over the Moon Blue
Item #46010 (1/6lb) - $0.50 off/lb
Crafted in Wisconsin, Over the Moon Blue is the perfect gateway blue - loved by blue skeptics and blue fanatics alike. This blue has a creamy, dense paste and a buttery, piquant flavor that is bold, but not over powering. Especially delicious when paired with Velvet Bee's Honey Butter - mmm!
Jasper Hill Little Hosmer
Item # 7017 (12/4oz) - $3.00 off/cs
*not stocked
Little Hosmer is a Jasper Hill original mini version of a new world-style brie. Beneath its thin bloomy rind lies a gooey, milky interior with flavors of crème fraîche and toasted nuts. Little Hosmer is the perfect size for a picnic, or complement to a cheese board.
Jasper Hill
Bayley Hazen Blue
#7002 (1/7lb) - $1.15 off/lb
*not stocked
Bayley Hazen Blue cheese is made from Jasper Hill Farm whole, high-quality, raw milk. Bayley has a fudge-like texture, toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice character. Its paste is dense, creamy and deliciously nutty.
Wisconsin Yellow Cheddar
Item #2009 (1/40lb) - $2.99 per lb
This classic Wisconsin cheddar has a sharp flavor and a balanced finish with a smooth texture. These 40lb blocks are perfect for slicing and shredding.
Carr Valley
Bessie's Blend
#4004 (1/10lb) - $1.00 off/lb
*not stocked
A wonderful combination of goat and cow milk. Wheels are cured for 4 months, which produces a firm texture and a nutty, pleasant flavor. Great for melting into sauces or eating on its own!
Carr Valley Mobay
Item #4012 (1/10lb) - $1.00 off/lb
*not stocked
A whimsically delicious take on the famous French cheese, Morbier. Carr Valley's version features a layer of sheep milk cheese and a layer of goat milk cheese separated by a layer of grape vine ash and pressed together. The flavor is both delicate and rustic. Taste each layer separately and then together for three different flavor profiles in one great cheese!
*not stocked - items that are not stocked require a two week lead time
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