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Jasper Hill

Alpha Tolman

$2.00 off/lb

Item # 7001-14 (4/5lb)

# 7001 (1/29lb)

Holiday Special, pre-order only*

An Alpine-inspired Jasper Hill Original. Alpha Tolman has a buttery, fruit and nut flavor, developing bold meaty, caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The texture is dense and pliant, easily portioned and ideal for melting into a fondue.

$2.15 off/lb for 50 wheels or more

Fratelli Pinna

Brigante with Truffles

$0.50 off/lb

Item # 2760 (3/3lb)

Earthy black truffles from Umbria are added

to sweet, grassy, and fresh Sardinian sheep milk, creating the sophisticated aroma and refined Italian personality of Brigante with Truffle. Just add bread, olives, and Prosecco for a classy lunch.

Fratelli Pinna

Pecorino Pepato Quarters

$0.50 off/lb

Item # 80306 (4/9lb)

Pinna's Pecorino Pepato is made from the rich milk of sheep that roam freely in the Mediterranean countryside. Slice, crumble, or grate over polenta, pasta, or roasted veggies. Pair with Syrah or any full-bodied red wine.

Cowgirl Creamery

Mt Tam

$14.00 off/cs

Item # 7489 (12/7oz)

An organic American Original cheese recipe with all the lusciousness you expect from a triple cream along with a unique heart that upholds its texture. Mt Tam is produced with organic milk for a cheese that begins with a fudgy firmness ripening to buttery softness with flavors spanning from bright creme fraiche to complex and mushroomy.

Deer Creek

The Wild Boar

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 42148 (1/12lb)

Each bite transports your palate to the Wisconsin North with the savory truffles’ warm and woodsy notes coupled with mild, buttery cheese. This charming Jack finds its home on a board alongside figs, dates, and soppressata.

Deer Creek

The Indigo Bunting

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 42142 (1/6lb)

pre-order only*

Deer Creek adds a liberal amount of cow's milk cream to create. The Indigo Bunting's extraordinary velvety texture. This extreme decadence combined with a distinctive yet delicate Blue strain is a beauty to behold.

Deer Creek

The Doe

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 42101 (1/12lb)

Freshly ground whole vanilla bean is sprinkled into the cheese before hooping and aging to allow the flavors to mellow. The result is a uniquely perfumed velvety Cheddar that is savory with a sweetly woody finish.

Marieke Truffle Gouda

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 34025 (1/20lb)

A decadently rich Gouda with savory aromas. This farmstead cheese has woody flavor notes brimming at the surface. All Marieke Gouda is made using fresh raw milk from their family farm, each wheel handcrafted using the finest Old World techniques and aged to perfection on Dutch Pine planks for a minimum of 60 days.

Real Swiss Gruyere

$0.75 off/lb

Item # 920001 Wheel (1/70lb)

# 920002 Quarters (1/17lb)

# 920005 King Cuts (2/5lb)

Aged a minimum of 5 months, this savory and slightly sweet cheese is rich in flavor and steeped in traditions dating back to 1115. Bake into a luxurious mac and cheese or up your grilled cheese game!

Over the Moon Blue

$0.50 off/lb

Item # 46010 Wheel (1/6lb)

# 46025 Crumbles (2/5lb)

This creamy blue is rich and full-bodied without being overpowering - smooth and buttery, yet piquant. The perfect gateway blue, enjoyed by blue lovers and blue skeptics alike. Tangy with a clean finish, this cheese has it all! Exceptional paired with honey butter or a berry preserve. The same delectable flavor is also available in 5lb bags of crumbles!

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