Vermont Creamery
Item #40072 (12/8oz) - 10% off
Mascarpone is a ridiculously rich and velvety Italian-style cream cheese. Versatile and delicious in both savory and sweet dishes; add to a Tiramisu, or fold into a risotto.
Vermont Creamery
Crème Fraîche
Item #40002 (12/8oz) -10% off
Crème fraîche is a deliciously rich cultured cows' cream with a creamy texture and slightly tart, nutty flavor. The rich taste and unique cooking advantages bring depth of flavor to dips, baked goods, soups and more!
*Vermont Creamery items require a 2 week lead time*
Fratelli Pinna with Truffle
Item #2760 (3/3lb) - $0.50 off/lb
Earthy black truffles from Umbria are added to sweet, grassy and fresh Sardinian sheep milk, creating the sophisticated aroma and refined Italian personality of Brigante with Truffle. Just add bread, olives and Prosecco for a classy spread sure to please!
Kaltbach Le Crémeux
#35420 (1/10lb) - $1.00 off/lb
Kaltbach Le Crémeux develops a unique, complex flavor in the Kaltbach Cave. Sweet and unassuming at first, this semi-firm cheese keeps you coming back for another bite as the flavor and texture develops and becomes reminiscent of a soft cooked egg yolk in a bowl of ramen.
Roth Entertaining Board
Item #21188 (6/12oz) - $2.20 off/cs
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Specialty cheese made simple! This cheeseboard comes ready to assemble at home for a date night in or an easy appetizer. Complete with three of Roth's most popular cheeses - Grand Cru Reserve, Jalapeño Havarti and Van Gogh Gouda - a bamboo cutting board, and cheese markers for serving. Plus, each kit comes with pairing ideas to complete your gorgeous board.
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