Fratelli Pinna
Santa Teresa
Item # 1864 (2/5lb) - $.50 off/lb
Santa Teresa  Pecorino Sardo Dolce DOP  is a semi-soft sheep milk cheese imported from Sardinia, Italy. Highlights of lemon and thyme are balanced by the creamy texture of this delightful cheese.
Deer Creek "The Stag"
Item # 42104 (1/22lb) - $.60 off/lb
The Stag is an award-winning traditional bandaged-wrapped Cheddar from Wisconsin. Select vats of The Fawn are chosen for further aging, resulting in an intense and bold cheddar with a hint of crystalline crunch and driving toffee and butterscotch notes.
Vermont Creamery Bijou
Item # 40365 (6/(2/2oz) - 10% off
Bijou is a French-style button of goat cheese with a dense center and wrinkled Geotrichum rind. Bijou evolves with time, gaining a sharpness and complexity after thirty days. These little jewels start off creamy and tangy and become deliciously oozy with age.
Vermont Creamery
St. Albans
Item # 40001 (9/2.82oz) - 10% off
*pre-order only*
St. Albans is an aged cows milk cheese that is hand-shaped and aged for eleven days. These delicate cheese disks are packaged in their very own ceramic crocks, ready to warm and enjoy.
Jasper Hill Moses Sleeper
Item # 7008 (4/1.2lb) - $.75 off/lb
*pre-order only*
Moses Sleeper is an approachable and nuanced brie-style cheese. Beneath its thin, bloomy rind lies a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors: cauliflower, crème fraîche, and toasted nuts. Moses is perfect for a festive cheese board.
Kaltbach Le Cremeux
Item # 35420 (1/10lb) - $1.00 off/lb
*pre-order only*
Kaltbach Le Cremeux is cave-aged in the Alpine Valley of Switzerland, creating a unique and complex flavor. Sweet and unassuming at first, this semi-firm cheese keeps you coming back bite after bite.
Marieke Gouda Mature
Item # 34020 (1/16lb) - $1.00 off/lb
Marieke Penterman and her team handcraft traditional Dutch Goudas based on authentic cheesemaking methods of Marieke's homeland, the Netherlands. Raw cows milk from the family farm is used to create this award-winning cheese which is aged for 6-9 months. Marieke Gouda Mature is rich and bold with a subtle bite and caramel notes.
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