Velvet Bee's Honey Butter
Item # 4500 (12/8oz) - $2.00 off/cs
Item # 4501 (4/32oz) - $1.50 off/cs
Inside these jars of goodness lie 5 simple, high-quality ingredients. Velvet Bee's Honey Butter has a delicate flavor and a superb texture that perfectly drips, drizzles, smears and slathers onto any culinary concoction.
Spread onto waffles, drizzle on apples, or pair with your favorite blue cheese!
Fratelli Pinna
Truffle Brigante
Item # 2760 (3/3lb) - $.50 off/lb
Fresh Sardinian sheep milk and truffles from Umbria come together to create Brigante with Truffle. Wonderfully creamy with a delicious earthy flavor, this cheese is sophisticated - perfect for a classy fall picnic.
Deer Creek
"The Rattlesnake"
Item # 42121 (1/22lb) - $.75 off/lb
Item # 0880 (12/7oz) - $1.50 off/cs
*cuts available for pre-order*
The Rattlesnake is a roller coaster of flavors and emotions. Smooth, creamy, medium aged Cheddar is infused with premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers. Tequila brings warmth and sweetness to the mellow cheddar, and then come the Habaneros...
Vermont Creamery
Item # 40366 (6/5oz) - 10% off
Cremont, named for the "Cream of Vermont," is an award-winning double-cream aged cow and goat milk cheese with a luxurious smooth interior. A decadent addition to any cheeseboard; drizzle with honey or pair with roasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs.
Jasper Hill Little Hosmer
Item # 7017 (12/4oz) - $3.00 off/cs
*pre-order only*
Little Hosmer is a Jasper Hill original mini version of a new world-style brie. Beneath its thin bloomy rind lies a gooey, milky interior with flavo rs of c rème fraîche a nd toasted nuts. Little Hosmer is the perfect size for a picnic, or complement to a cheese board.
Emmi Fondue
Item # 33952 (12/14oz) - 15% off
*pre-order only*
Emmi fondue is made with premium Swiss cheese, wine and spices, all ready to serve for a hearty meal or cheesy snack. Fondue means simply "to melt", and that is all you have to do! So gather your friends and family and enjoy hot gooey goodness together. Dip crusty bread, fruit, meat or vegetables.
New AnnaMaria Pack Sizes!
AnnaMaria's Sauces
*6/16oz Pack Size now available!*
Item # 72020 Milano Tomato Sauce (Porcini & Orange Zest)
Item # 72021 Torino Tomato Sauce (Oregano & Basil)
Item # 72022 Pinerolo Tomato Sauce (Pancetta & Sage)
AnnaMaria's sauces are made in New Jersey with fresh, local ingredients. Every recipe is inspired by Italian traditions and cooked to perfection.
These sauces are sure to elevate any pasta, meat or fish dish.
Promotion effective on orders placed 10/1/19-10/31/19. Offers only available to customers in good credit standing. Promotion cannot be combined with any current sales incentive.
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