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July 19, 2017
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Case Study:  Airlines

About a year ago on August 8, 2016, hundreds of thousands of Delta Air Lines passengers were affected by a  brief power failure at the carrier's Atlanta  hub. The outage quickly spiraled into a global aviation disaster - backup systems failed to kick in and caused a computer  system meltdown that resulted in more than 2,100 flights being canceled over a multiple-day  period at a staggering cost of $150 billion, the company later revealed.

Not surprisingly, passengers were inconvenienced and angered by the event, and freely shared
their frustrations with the world via social media. The incident - caused by a piece of failed switchgear - underscored the devastation that can result from aging infrastructure.

Don't let this happen to your business! Contact Titan Power today for a custom solution that fits your business' specific needs.
Lessons Learned
Despite the significant consequences of of Delta's downtime - some valuable lessons emerged, especially for IT professionals. To help prevent organizations from having a similar catastrophe, experts recommend the following measures:

1. Troubleshoot before turmoil

2. Review your IT environment on a regular basis

3. Don't tie all your critical functions to one system

4. Don't trust outdated equipment

5. Invest in a high-quality backup solution

More details on these can be found clicking here and going to page 5.
Interactive Power Outage Tracker
People often make the assumption that it takes a raging hurricane or a powerful thunderstorm to cause a power outage. In reality, anything from a squirrel chewing through a wire to a car accident that hits a utility pole, can cause an immediate power outage to your area.

The interactive Blackout Tracker from Eaton ® found here and by clicking the image below, allows you to  explore the various causes of power outages and the impacts they have. You may be surprised at how vulnerable the U.S. power grid is!

A recent investigation by Talari Networks assessed the price tag of a network outage at more than $9,000 per minute , with larger enterprises losing tens of millions of dollars every hour! Even worse, nine out of 10 large corporations reported that they had experienced at least one network outage in the past year, and 69% endured two or more - with the majority of outages lasting more than an hour. Despite both the physical and monetary damages from power outages, there is hope:  by investing in quality power protection solutions to safeguard critical systems, the risks and consequences can be significantly reduced.
I n today's business climate, there is an expectation for 100% uptime, making business continuity a chief concern. Let Titan Power evaluate your backup power system and recommend a solution that best fits your needs.

Titan Power carries Eaton power products, as well as numerous other manufacturers to help keep your business up and running. And if you already have a robust emergency power system, Titan Power can ensure that your batteries are reliable enough to support your equipment by performing regular Preventative Maintenance Inspections .
The Early Bird

The early bird catches the worm - and causes the outage!

In all fairness, it's not just the birds who are responsible for causing power outages. Although a flock of feathered friends did account for 38 of the 169 animal-related blackouts tracked by Eaton in 2016, other culprits included squirrels (the Number 1 nemesis), snakes, raccoons, beavers, frogs, and even a lion and a bear! Why do animals shoulder the blame for causing so many outages? When their bodies come in contact with a piece of energized equipment, it creates a short circuit. This diverts the path of electricity as it travels through the animal's body in search of a ground source. When the path is interrupted, special utility equipment senses this change and stops the flow of electricity, causing the blackout. 
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