Word of Mouth: Helping You Promote Healthy Smiles in the Workplace
Learn the most common causes for tooth decay and how to keep kids from grinding their teeth. Plus, find out which products are best for whitening your teeth and why you should talk to your dentist before you try whitening at home.
A healthy employee is a happy employee. To make sure your employees have access to quality oral and overall health information each month we created a Dental Health Resource Calendar. The calendar includes fun assets like articles, videos and Tooth Fairy Tips you can share. 
While science is still evolving, data suggests that oral health may play an essential role during the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to staying healthy. Learn how poor oral health can create complications for COVID-19 patients and what the studies have shown so far. 
For many young folks, entering the workforce is both exciting and daunting. Young workers often have to make big decisions about things like health and dental benefits. It's important for employers to play an active role in helping their young workforce feel empowered to make good decisions about their health.
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