March 2020

Interclub Program
Training Attire

Please ensure your daughter is wearing a bodysuit (shorts/capri pants optional) to training every practice. No loose fitting clothing, t-shirts, or jewelry allowed. This is important as coaches are hands on with the athletes when spotting and we want to ensure both the athlete and coach are kept safe. Athletes are required to have their hair pulled back into a ponytail/bun/braids. If your daughter has bangs that block her eyes at any point, please use hair clips to pull them back.

Your daughter MUST bring a water bottle to training every day! Please ensure she comes with a full water bottle so that she does not have to leave to the water fountain frequently throughout the training sessions.  
Schedule and training over Spring Break

* The Interclub program runs until Saturday, July 4th 2020 * 

Regular training r uns over Spring Break. Coaches understand that some athletes may be missing some training those weeks due to vacations etc. Please let the coaches verbally know or send an email to Holly if you'll be missing more than one training practice. 
Regular training practices also occur when there is a competition, no trainings should be cancelled because of competitions. 
Reminder: there will be no training on statutory holidays, but Friday and Saturday trainings will still occur, even over long weekends.
Upcoming Charges

The following charges will be posted to family accounts on March 3rd:

  • Bodysuit charge for newly invited athletes or those who changed their mind to purchase at a cost of $110
  • Luau Cup registration fee will be posted at the cost of $90/$100 depending on level
  • Garden City registration fee will be posted at the cost of $105
  • February monthly training fee

Upcoming Competitions

The Spring Fever will take place March 14th - 15th

Good luck!
Can't get enough of Gymnastics? 

Flicka offers drop-in gym times on Saturdays! The Interclub coaches supervise these drop-ins and can be there if the athletes need to ask any questions. (They are supervising only and not allowed to one on one coach the athletes.)
Saturday's from 3:15-4:15pm and 4:15-5:15pm
Lost and Found

 We will be cleaning out our Lost and Found on the first Thursday of every month.

If your child has lost anything, please be sure to check before the first Thursday of the following month, and any items left behind will be donated to charity.

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