Medical Marijuana Control Program
Cultivator Interest Change
Applications Available
The MMCP “Interest Change” applications are now available to all cultivators who have received a certificate of operation. Provisional licensees are not permitted to seek interest changes. Current owners who seek to acquire additional interest in their business are required to utilize the ““Internal Interest Change” application. For individuals or businesses who do not currently have any ownership interest in an Ohio license and intend to acquire a new interest in an existing MMCP license, the applicant will use the “External Interest Change” application. The Ohio Administrative Code 3796:2-1-08 permits ownership changes only if the Department determines that the proposed ownership change complies with the rules promulgated in accordance with Chapter 3796 of the Revised Code. 
Please be sure to review the instructions completely before beginning the application process. The MMCP requires all requests for change of ownership to be submitted through the e-licensing inbox at mmcplicensing@com.state.oh.u s.

Processor applications will be available soon.

For questions regarding the applications, please contact Sydney King at .
Food Safety Inspection
The MMCP requires any processor who manufactures edibles to be subject to a food safety inspection conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in conjunction with Department of Commerce MMCP staff.

  • MMCP staff will schedule the food safety inspections as part of your certificate of operation inspection, and will escort the Agriculture inspectors through your facilities.
  • All inspection-related communications will be coordinated by MMCP staff. This means you will not receive a communication from Agriculture that details the results of the inspection.
  • The MMCP offers a draft food safety inspection checklist for guidance for pending food safety inspections by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Please send questions about the food safety inspections to Do not contact Agriculture.
Compliance Reminder
Names of Two Drivers Required in Medical Marijuana Transportation Vehicles

Per Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3796: 5-2-01 (C)(4), the vehicle transporting the medical marijuana or any product containing medical marijuana shall meet the following requirements:

  • Be staffed with a minimum of two employees registered with the department,
  • With at least one employee remaining with the vehicle at all times when the vehicle contains medical marijuana.

For any questions, please contact your MMCP Compliance Agent or .
Licensing Reminders
Background Reports and Employee Application Best Practice

The name provided to the MMCP must be the same name provided to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI). If the names are different, BCI will not provide the MMCP-required information needed to complete the application. In order to ensure the information is provided to the MMCP, all applicants should use their legal name. By using the legal name, it will decrease potential delays to receive an employee license.