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with WICD's Native Plant Sale !
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Will You Be Part of the 2019 Plant Sale Volunteer Team ?
Whidbey Island Conservation District's Native Bareroot Plant Sale pre-orders are coming in, and we're getting ready to schedule our intrepid volunteers to sort, bundle, and pack the orders. 

This year, we'll be packing orders at the Greenbank Farm "Barn A" located at 765 Wonn Rd. in Greenbank on Wednesday through Saturday, Feb. 20, 21, 22, and 23, 2019. We are also seeking some volunteers the day before plant ordering packing on Tuesday, February 19th at the WICD office.

Why Volunteer With Us?
Not only is it fun to bundle and sort alongside other plant enthusiasts and WICD staff, but v olunteers who ordered through our sale have the added perk of getting to take their orders home early. All volunteers receive a plant gift for their service upon completion of their shift - this year, we are offering a lovely succulent, Oregon Stonecrop ( Sedum oreganum ).

Volunteer shifts range typically from 2 to 3 hours and tasks vary by day, although most of the volunteering involves sorting, bundling, and organizing native plant sale orders. To learn more about what shifts are still available and the descriptions of each shift, visit or click the button below.
How Do I Register to Be a Volunteer on the WICD Volunteer Local Page?
After viewing the shifts at the link provided above, all it takes is three easy steps to register yourself as a volunteer with WICD.

  1. On the Volunteer Local page, select the shift(s) you'd like to attend by clicking the box(es) to the left of it.
  2. Answer the Registration Questions at the bottom of the page (including your email, name, phone number, etc.) You must complete all but the last question (which is optional) in order for your registration to be processed.
  3. Click the "Sign Up to Volunteer" button at the bottom to complete the registration process.

Important Note: You should receive a confirmation email within minutes in your inbox from Kelsi Mottet from the Volunteer Local page. Not seeing your confirmation email? Check your Junk or Spam filter, as it may have landed there.

Questions About Volunteering? Call Kelsi Mottet at (888) 678-4922.
We're in Need of Garden Carts!
Small wagons or carts help make our work flow much smoother during the native plant order packing, assisting us in transporting items around the Auditorium. Are you unable to volunteer with us, but you may have a garden cart that we could borrow? If so, call (888) 678-4922 to speak with Kelsi Mottet.
We're In Need of Shoe - Wine Case Sized Cardboard Boxes for Packaging Plant Orders!
We have found that having rigid cardboard boxes, shoe box sized to wine-case sized (sometimes larger, also okay) is really helpful for keeping plant orders organized. Are you unable to volunteer with us, but you may have a some cardboard boxes you could donate to help us? If so, call (888) 678-4922 to speak with Kelsi Mottet. Thank you!
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