October 2017
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Don’t miss these seven thought-provoking sessions organized by the ILSI Research Foundation and ILSI branches at the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in Buenos Aires this October.

Hear from 28 international speakers who will share insights on current science and the way forward in nutrition. Please be sure to visit Booth #1 in the Retiro Room and follow @ILSIRF on twitter to learn more! 
Monday, October 16
Aging Gracefully: Staying Healthy & Well Late into Life will look at the mechanisms of aging, compare healthy aging indicators of different geographical regions, and use case studies to foster discussion on best practices and public health policies.
Tuesday, October 17
The Human Microbiome: Sharing Our Bodies will focus on the role of microbiota in health and their potential to mitigate disease and promote health. Presenters will consider the role microbiota play in nutrient metabolism, as well as if and how we can modify the diet to improve our individual microbiomes.

Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Update on Health & Safety focuses common frameworks for assessing the potential benefits and safety of low-calorie sweeteners (LCS). The latest systematic reviews examining the relationship of LCS intake with weight and glycemic response will be presented, along with research exploring the science of sweet taste and their implications for the use of LCS.
Wednesday, October 18
Physical Activity & Health: New Knowledge in Research & Technologies will explore the latest research on health benefits of physical activity, with a focus on new and innovative technologies that both promote physical activity and provide better methods for data collection and analysis.

Advancement of Global Food Composition Databases will present an overview of food composition databases around the world and will include case studies on new developments in strengthening these food composition databases to improve the quality of dietary assessment surveys
Thursday, October 19
Sodium Reduction & Considerations with Mineral Intakes will focus on challenges and opportunities in sodium reduction within the nutrition and public health communities.

Understanding Dietary Patterns: A Step toward Devising a Global Nutrition Strategy will focus on existing and new strategies for providing health guidance, with the aim of devising a global nutrition strategy. Speakers will explore the biology and culture of food choice, how food systems affect dietary patterns, and the strength of existing methods and data.
New presentations available from the South Asia Biosafety Conference

Interested in biotechnology applications for sustainable development, environmental risk assessment, and biosafety regulation? View the presentations from the plenary sessions at the 5 th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference, which was held September 11-13 in Bangalore and attended by over 185 participants from 11 countries. 
Join us for the ILSI Annual Meeting

ILSI’s mission is to provide science that improves human health and well-being, and safeguards the environment. In this digital age, you may be asking – why should I attend ILSI’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Bermuda? Because there is no substitute for the in-person engagement that has come to define ILSI’s Annual Meeting. Join scientific colleagues from academia, government, industry and civil society for state-of-the-science symposia, keynote lectures, networking events, and ILSI branch meetings.