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Seeking Mission Visionaries
Help with short-term project on FRS Mission & Vision  work

So much has changed since 2005. But not yet our Mission and Vision Statement .

Next fall, the Parish Board and Rev. Rebecca have agreed, the congregation will embark on an all-church process to create an updated mission and vision that will frame our agenda for the next several years.

The first step – right now – is to bring together a short-term task force to assess the many ways we might determine what we want our ministries to be and how best to get there, then make recommendations to the Board in May or June.

Interested in being part of this important effort?  See below for how to step up.

The need for a new vision and mission is pressing. The world has changed a lot since 2005, when the congregation’s collective imagination was last unleashed to create a mission and vision, and so has our church.  Many of our current 450-plus members have joined since then.  Average attendance at Sunday services has grown by almost 100, our pledge income has doubled, membership is growing fast – and we have selected and installed a new settled minister with new ideas and energy.

The task force that’s forming is expected to define the mission/vision process and is expected to present the Board with options on 1) what level of outside expert facilitation will be needed, including possibly an expert from the UUA regional office, and 2) how to encourage full participation by the congregation. Once this is done, the task force’s work will end, but some who serve on it may wish to apply to be part of another task force that will oversee the mission and vision process in the next church year.

Once the Parish Board selects an approach it will be put to the congregation for approval.  The board is committed to this process having an equity lens and will be looking for this in any facilitators.

If you are interested in being a part of this important team, please contact ,,, or .  Or better yet, talk to them in person on Sunday. People with an interest in organizational development or church culture are especially encouraged to come forward. The better the task force’s work, the more meaningful the process will be for all of us.

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