Colwell Discusses Storied Career in Interview Highlighting Her Published Memoir
The Distinguished University Professor and first female director of the National Science Foundation recalls the ups and downs of her scientific career in a powerful new book. MORE
Zwicker Appointed Interim Chair of Computer Science
The noted computer graphics expert will lead one of the largest computer science programs in the country.
MC2 Postdocs and Graduate Students Accept New Positions
Seven researchers in the Maryland Cybersecurity Center have accepted prestigious positions in academia and industry. MORE
MC2 Has 13 Papers Accepted to Upcoming Cybersecurity Events
Faculty, students and postdocs from the Maryland Cybersecurity Center will present their research at two major events this month. MORE
Jacobs Named Director of UMD Center for Machine Learning
As the center's inaugural director, he is committed to expanding research, education and diversity. MORE
New MC2 Faculty Member is an
Expert in Secure Software Development
Research by Leonidas Lampropoulos focuses on using programming language abstractions to make it easier to write, debug, and reason about software. MORE
Hicks Blogs on Increasing the Impact of Programming Languages Research
The noted cybersecurity expert and blogger for ACM SIGPLAN makes recommendations to boost programming languages research. MORE
Fermüller and Aloimonos Imagine the Future of Microrobotics
Science Robotics published the researchers' commentary on designing active vision systems for insect-sized robots. MORE
Bera and Manocha Receive BBI Seed Funding
The UMIACS researchers look to identify and classify human emotion based on a person's gait. MORE
Wu Receives NSF Funding to Advance Remote Detection of COVID-19 Symptoms
In response to the recent surge in virtual healthcare, the digital forensics expert will develop video sensors to detect patients' symptoms remotely. MORE
MC2 Graduate Student Receives John Karat Award
Daniel Votipka–a fourth-year doctoral student in computer science–is being recognized for his excellence in research, and dedication to mentorship and community service. MORE
New Hartree Fellow Mines the Depths of Quantum Resource Theories
Qi Zhao is an expert in quantum resource theories—the mathematical tools that let researchers characterize and quantify the utility of quantum resources. MORE
El-Sayed Named Director of Honors College Integrated Life Sciences Program
The expert on host-pathogen interactions will lead one of the university's most competitive programs. MORE
Maryland Blended Reality Center Featured in Digital Market News
The news outlet named the center–funded by MPowering the State–as a leader in using augmented reality to improve health care. MORE
Vishkin Provides Leadership for ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architecture
He was recently elected to a four-year term as chair of the steering committee for the annual symposium run by the Association for Computing Machinery. MORE

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