Watch How a New Virtual Reality System Could Soon Revolutionize Forecasting Extreme Weather Events
The Maryland Blended Reality Center is working with NOAA, NASA and other UMD researchers to develop a 3D weather-mapping tool. UMIACS AR/VR researcher Eric Lee (in photo) spoke to Voice of America about the project. MORE
Could Your Robotic Vacuum be Listening to You?
Assistant professor Nirupam Roy demonstrates that household robotic vacuum cleaners can be remotely hacked for audio. MORE
Elmqvist Part of $5M NSF Award to Develop Immersive Training for Manufacturing Jobs
He joins a multi-institutional team designing innovative workforce training systems using AR, VR and XR. MORE
UMIACS Team Awarded $1.2M from Army Research Laboratory
Ramani Duraiswami and Nail Gumerov are developing innovative computational methods to simulate the effect of low-frequency electromagnetic fields on human organs. MORE
USM Maryland Momentum Fund Invests $500K in VisiSonics
The investment completes a financing round of more than $3.5 million for the University of Maryland-affiliated company developing spatial and personalized audio solutions. MORE
Carpuat and Frias-Martinez Selected for First Cohort of UMD Research Leader Fellows
The new program is designed to support up-and-coming researchers on the UMD campus. MORE
De Floriani and Plaisant Inducted into IEEE Visualization Academy
This is considered the highest and most prestigious honor in the field of computer visualization. MORE
Raschid Named IEEE 2021 Fellow
Louqia Raschid was honored for her contributions to data management, information integration and data mining. MORE
Resnik Recognized as 2020 ACL Fellow
He was noted for his significant contributions to symbolic-statistical methods for natural language processing, multi-linguality and the interdisciplinary study of language. MORE
Colwell Receives William Bowie Medal from American Geophysical Union
The renowned environmental microbiologist received the organization's highest award for her unselfish cooperation in research. MORE
Protecting Cryptographic Systems from Quantum Attacks
Assistant professor Xiaodi Wu is being funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to develop post-quantum cryptography tools. MORE
University of Maryland Contributes to National CSforALL Initiative
The Maryland Center for Women in Computing, supported by UMIACS, will offer workshops to girls interested in computing. MORE
Bridging the Knowledge Gap Against Adversarial Attacks
With funding from NIST, Soheil Feizi is developing new metrics to improve predictions and interpretations of adversarial attacks in machine learning. MORE
Hunt for Quantum Speedup Closes a Door But Opens a Window
QuICS researchers Daochen Wang (in photo) and Andrew Childs explore the current boundaries and potential advancements involving exponential quantum speedups. MORE
Helping AI Systems Sort Through Medical Data
Associate professor Jordan Boyd-Graber is developing new ideas to help aging AI systems sort through medical data more efficiently. MORE
Patro Comments on the Programming Language Rust in Nature
The computational biologist describes the multi-programming language as "absolutely phenomenal" due to its performance and safety. MORE

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