CLIP Researchers Create Computational Models to Explore How Adults Learn New Languages
Fourth-year doctoral student Craig Thorburn and undergraduate Saahiti Potluri are working with Naomi Feldman to investigate mechanisms that help adults adapt their speech perception when learning a new language. MORE
Ming Lin Elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors
An innovator in virtual reality, computer graphics and robotics, she is the 5th faculty member in UMIACS and 10th at UMD to be inducted. MORE
State Matches $1.14M Iribe Professorship Gift
The funding will support two new endowed chairs focused on robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. MORE
Using Artificial Intelligence to Circumvent Censorship
Voice of America highlights research by Dave Levin and his Breakerspace students to detect and evade internet censorship.
CompSciConnect Celebrates
10 Years of Success
Supported by the Iribe Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion, the summer camp educates middle schoolers in technology and computing.
Rising Stars in Machine Learning Concludes Third Speaker Series
The program supports machine learning researchers from underrepresented groups. MORE
Sanket and Behnezhad Each Receive the Larry S. Davis Doctoral Dissertation Award
Their work was noted for its excellence in technical depth, potential impact and presentation quality. MORE
Examining the Efficacy of Topic Modeling Evaluations
CLIP researchers argue that topic model software developers should reassess how they use machine learning to evaluate their work. MORE
Robot Holds Social Distancing Violators Accountable
The Daily Mail reports on a robot developed by the GAMMA Lab that uses thermal imaging to enforce social distancing. MORE
MC2 Presents Six Papers at ACM Security Conference
The research covered hot topics like key management for cryptocurrencies, post-quantum cryptography and fuzzy message detection. MORE
Cleaveland Is Named IEEE Fellow
Rance Cleaveland, a leading scholar in software systems, has been awarded the highest grade of IEEE membership. MORE
Varshney to Serve on Steering Committee for National Advisory Council on Advancing XR Technologies
The steering committee is dedicated to advancing policy and practical considerations for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. MORE
He is being recognized for Sailfish, an open-source software tool that quantifies gene expression from RNA sequencing data. MORE
Metzler Wins $450K Air Force Young Investigator Award
He is using artificial intelligence to develop novel algorithms for fusing multimodal sensing data. MORE
Hartree Fellow Cultivates New Perspectives on Quantum
Theoretical quantum physicist Dominik Hangleiter is developing frameworks to identify problems where quantum computers can be proven to dominate. MORE
Developing an Emotional Assistant Driven by AI
With seed funding from the Brain and Behavior Institute, Aniket Bera is developing a digital assistant that can perceive, interpret and respond to emotions. MORE
UMIACS Faculty Support Undergrad Research Workshop
Eight faculty volunteered their expertise at the workshop "Tech + Research: Welcoming Women to Computing Research." MORE
Dumitras Discusses Malware on Cybersecurity Podcast
In the first large-scale study of its kind, security expert Tudor Dumitras examined how malware behaves in the real world. MORE
How ‘Home Alone’ Helped Unlock Brain Scan Data
Working with neuroscientists, Joseph Jaja developed a neural network algorithm that uncovered previously hidden brain activity while subjects watch funny and suspenseful movies. MORE
Miers Talks Cryptocurrency with WMAR Baltimore
Computer security expert Ian Miers explains cryptocurrency to Baltimore's local ABC affiliate. MORE
What the Physics of Crowds Can Tell Us About the Tragic Deaths at Astroworld
Dinesh Manocha, an expert in crowd behavior, was interviewed about the fatal Astroworld concert. MORE
Duraiswami’s Startup Collaborates on 3D Spatial Audio System to Improve Military Pilot Performance
The system was designed to increase pilots' situational awareness, reduce listener fatigue and improve reaction time. MORE

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