New QuICS Fellow Ponders Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Everything Else
Nicole Yunger Halpern brings a vast intellectual curiosity to physics, from tackling abstract theory to collaborating with experimentalists. MORE
Nail Gumerov (1960–2022)
A senior research scientist who came to UMD in 2000, he was an expert in fluid mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetism, plasma physics, and nanoscience. MORE
Postdoc Sanket Receives Drones Ph.D. Thesis Award
The annual award recognizes a thesis that shows great potential and aligns with the mission of the academic journal Drones. MORE
Feizi Wins Young Investigator Award to Advance Reliable AI
He will study both natural and adversarial threats to robust machine learning algorithms. MORE
Ph.D. Candidate Mittal Named 2022 Adobe Research Fellow
The funding will support her work to improve deep learning algorithms that can interpret human emotions. MORE
UMD Joins U.S. Cyber Command's Academic Engagement Network
The initiative's goal is to create a robust and accessible pool of professionals who can assist CYBERCOM in its mission of defending critical U.S. information networks. MORE
Katz Named ACM Fellow
The honor is reserved for the top 1% of the organization's worldwide membership. Jonathan Katz was selected for his contributions to cryptographic protocol design and cryptography education. MORE
Manocha Receives Verisk AI Faculty Research Award
The funding will support his work using synthetic datasets to improve the accuracy of machine learning methods. MORE
Measuring How Malware Behaves in the Real World
In the first large-scale study of its kind, Tudor Dumitraș and Erin Avllazagaj examined malware behavior across 5.4 million hosts in 113 countries. MORE
QuICS Graduate Student Is Finalist for Hertz Fellowship
Out of more than 650 applicants, Elizabeth Bennewitz is one of 45 finalists with a chance of winning $250K for her studies. MORE
Optimizing Facebook Notifications for Blood Donations
An algorithm developed by John Dickerson and Duncan McElfresh successfully increased blood donations from Facebook users. MORE
Hajiaghayi Selected as Editor-in-Chief of Algorithmica
A reader since his undergraduate days, Mohammad Hajiaghayi says the journal Algorithmica sparked many of his ideas. MORE
UMD Team Receives Best Paper Award at NeurIPS 2021
They developed an algorithm that helps combat adversarial attacks on models with real-time sequential decision-making systems. MORE
Cummings Wins Seed Funding to Study Hearing Loss
The award will support his work using machine learning techniques to help untangle the myriad of causes behind hearing loss. MORE
MC2 Kicks off Third Year of Postdoctoral Fellowship
The program is designed to attract highly motivated candidates to conduct cutting-edge research at MC2. MORE
QuICS Team Wins 2021 NISQ Computing Paper Award
Their paper analyzes three major approaches to quantum optimization: adiabatic quantum computing, quantum annealing, and the quantum approximate optimization algorithm. MORE

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