Recording Brainwaves to Measure Cybersickness in VR
A recently published paper by 2018 Ph.D. graduate Eric Krokos (pictured) and CMNS Dean Amitabh Varshney provides a quantifiable benchmark to help scientists better understand cybersickness and how to alleviate it. MORE
Cybersickness Study Links Brainwaves to Users' Symptoms
Watch the video to learn more about the groundbreaking research by Amitabh Varshney and Eric Krokos.
Researchers Develop Small Drones to Pollinate Crops
The RoboBeeHive project involves Yiannis Aloimonos, Cornelia Fermüller and their Perception and Robotics Group. MORE
UMD Team Wins "Best Demo" for Sound Localization System
Nirupam Roy and two Ph.D. students built a mini spatial acoustic sensing system that's nine times smaller and requires 100 times less power than traditional systems. MORE
MC2 Researchers Present 10 Papers at Security Symposiums
Their accepted papers cover a diverse array of security-related topics like cryptography, network security, malware, and human-centered security and privacy. MORE
De Floriani Completes Term as IEEE President, Seeks New Leadership Role
She is running for IEEE Division VIII Delegate, a position in which she will continue to advocate for forward-looking concepts. MORE
Gottesman Joins UMD as the First Brin Family Endowed Professor in Theoretical Computer Science
UMIACS' newest faculty member Daniel Gottesman is an expert in quantum computation and quantum information. MORE
Colwell Contributes to New Study Identifying Gut Microbiome Changes Long Before Celiac Onset
Researchers have found early, distinct changes that can determine which at-risk infants will develop the autoimmune disease. MORE
Lampropoulos Receives $540K NSF Award to Advance Proof Engineering Software and Protocols
His project aims to advance the development of large and evolving software verification projects that use proof assistants. MORE
Hicks Signs Off From Programming Languages Blog
Mike Hicks reflects on his two years as editor of ACM SIGPLAN's blog on programming languages perspectives. MORE
Manocha Featured in Federal News Network Podcast
Dinesh Manocha comments on the Biden administration's new task force for artificial intelligence. MORE
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Ransomware attacks. Journalists and political leaders targeted by spyware. State-sponsored hacking of U.S. corporations.

These headlines, and more, have dominated the recent news. MORE
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