Maryland Is Mapping the Quantum Frontier
UMD is expanding its footprint as the "Capital of Quantum" with new initiatives like the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation, which receives technical and administrative support from UMIACS. MORE
Pop Reappointed as Director
He plans to further strengthen UMIACS’ partnerships with federal agencies and clinicians at UMB. MORE
Jia-Bin Huang Joins UMIACS
The computer vision expert is popular on Twitter for posting threads of advice for graduate students. MORE
Cummings Reappointed as Director of CBCB for Five Years
He plans to continue promoting an inclusive culture and further increase the center’s diversity. MORE
Keeping the Money Moving at UMIACS
As Director of Finance, Petra Zapf manages more than $25 million in annual research funding. MORE
Supported by NSF, 10 undergraduates from around the country completed summer research internships in computational biology at UMD. MORE
Summer Interns Solve Algorithm and AI Problems
Supported by NSF, Brendan Iribe and Google, 22 undergraduates completed research internships in machine learning at UMD this summer. MORE
Goldstein Named Interim Director of UMD Center for Machine Learning
He plans to hire several new faculty, expand and modernize the center’s infrastructure, and establish a new postdoctoral research position. MORE
UMD Team Wins Award for Designing a Navigation Sensor for Mini Robots
Nirupam Roy and his Ph.D. students were recognized for their innovative work in developing a low-powered acoustic sensing system for miniature robots. MORE
New Computing Cluster Scales Up Infrastructure
The cluster is expanding infrastructure access to undergraduates while allowing machine learning faculty to tackle larger data sets with longer and more complicated algorithms. MORE
Ryan Receives Provost’s Academic Adviser of the Year Award
Alyssa Ryan, the assistant director of the Immersive Media Design program, is being recognized for her commitment and accessibility to students. MORE
Hicks Wins ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award
Michael Hicks is being recognized for his exemplary service and commitment to multiple ACM programming languages conferences, workshops, and publications. MORE
Mazurek Honored with Carnegie Mellon Alumni Award
She was this year's recipient of the CyLab Distinguished Alumni Award for her impactful achievements in security and privacy. MORE
Samet Wins Solid Modeling Association Bézier Award
He is receiving the association's highest honor for his longstanding work involving quadtrees and other multidimensional spatial data structures. MORE
Frias-Martinez Featured in Business Insider
Vanessa Frias-Martinez was interviewed by Business Insider as expert on the digital transformation of cities. MORE
MC2 Researchers Design First Comprehensive Security Framework for Vulnerable Populations
They hope that their framework will help researchers designing new studies and technologists building new systems. MORE
Hall Develops Device to Measure Gut Microbial Metabolism
Brantley Hall has been awarded NIH funding to develop a wearable device that could potentially lead to therapeutic interventions for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. MORE
CLIP Lab Presents Plethora of Papers and Workshops on Human-Centered Natural Language Processing
Faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and alumni were all represented at a top tier NLP conference in Seattle. MORE
Machine Learning Experts Present Multiple Papers and Workshops at ICML in Baltimore
The researchers—a mix of faculty, postdocs and students—presented 18 papers and were featured in 18 workshops. MORE
Can We Build a Quantum Clock that's Entirely Quantum?
In an essay published in NewScientist, QuICS Fellow Nicole Yunger Halpern explores the future of the quantum clock. MORE
Quantum-Safe Algorithms Face Off in NIST Cryptography Showdown
QuICS Co-Director Andrew Childs participated in a podcast highlighting quantum-proof online security algorithms. MORE

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